Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#17: Promise)

K: don’t do photoshoot in these clothes, men will ogle you.

Naira turned her back towards him looking at the mirror and smiled. He stared at her.

N: so aren’t you a man?
K: Main to pati(husband) hoon na.
She came towards him and encircled her arms around his neck.
N: don’t I look hot my s*xy dawn?

She lifted his collars to really make him look like a dawn.

K: Naira kya kar rahi ho? Go change your clothes baby doll.

N: when my dawn is with me, no one will dare to look at me.

K: hide yourself.

N: no.

K: are you mad?

N: yes, in your love.

He took her dupatta and covered her. Naira smiled.

N: kya faida? Shoot ke wakt to aisay nahi reh sakti na.

K: means you’re also uncomfortable right? I will talk to your boss.

N: Karthik stop.

She held his hand.

N: I will take care, tum bolo, kya kehnay aye thay?

K: I get tensed for you, you’re a model, you can be forced to wear such clothes against your wish and people can do anything with your photos in jealousy.

She smiled at her caring words and hugged him. He hugged her back.

N: aapke hotay huay mere saath kuch ho he nahi sakta Karthik.

He kissed her hair and she parted away from him. He still had her hand on her hair that covered the half of her back. He didn’t wanted to leave her there as he wasn’t willing anyone else to see her in those clothes.

N: the offer which I got because of which we were going together outside the country, that flight is cancelled, because there’s your concert too, so that’s why I told my boss to exceed the date.

K: OMG! The concert thing slipped out of my mind, koi song ready nahi hua hai ab tak, I am going now, bye, take care.

He kissed her forehead and she kissed his cheek in return.

K: I love u
N: I love u too.

She said and went to the mirror again and smiled at herself. He hugged her from back and looked at her through the mirror and her dupatta slid down from her shoulder. He held it before it slipped completely and tucked its one end around her waist and one the other side on her shoulder. The back of his palm touched her skin and she closed her eyes feeling his touch. He kept his arm around her shoulders side hugging her and she just kept on blushing.

K: bohat cute lagti ho blush kartay wakt.

She blushed to the darkest shade of red and looked down, he held her chin and made her look straight in his eyes and he leaned towards her and their faces were inches apart. Their lips slammed against each other as they shared a kiss, he moved her hair on her back and he had his hands on her waist. He moved her hair to her other shoulder and dropped a kiss on her shoulder. His hand shifted on her arms and moved on her back, a shiver went down her spine and they parted away as someone entered, it was Naira’s boss, Gayatri. Naira moved her hair to her back.

G: famous rockstar Karthik Dhanjani, OMG!

Naira entwined her hand with his hand as she came to him and hugged him. Naira rolled her eyes.

K: I am her husband.
G: oh sorry.

She held her ears.

N: it’s OK.
K: I was saying that can you please reselect her dress for shooting? She’s not comfortable.

G: yes why not? Naira you just wait, I will come.

She went and Naira smiled at him.
N: Karthik you’re so caring.
K: woh to main hoon.
N: when I married you, I thought I became a monster’s bride when you used to do romance with me in drunken state, but now I say that even if you’re a monster then you’re my monster.
K: am I a monster?
N: no but it felt so.
K: seriously?

He bursted into laughter. So her boss reselected her clothes for modelling and he went from there bidding a final bye. At afternoon, in his office, he completed writing the song and rehearsed it. Later he went somewhere and then went to pick Naira but this time he wasn’t in car, he was on bike. He messaged her to come out and she came within sometime and got surprised seeing him on bike.

N: where did it come from?
K: I bought it, kaisi hai?
N: awesome.
K: ready for a ride?
N: yes.

She sat behind him and kept her hands on his shoulders. He rode away with her. The strong breeze blew against her hair and she looked beautiful. She was enjoying very much, she ran her fingers in her hair and he smiled looking at her from the bike mirror.

K: yar aaj tumko un kapro mein dekh kar mujhe to jaise bin peete hi charr gayi.
Naira giggled.

N: you’re getting flirty day by day, kya baat hai?

K: pyaar hogaya hai tumse.

N: awww haha

K: so when’s the concert?

N: two days before valentine’s day.

K: oh OK, thank you for everything you did.

N: it’s my pleasure.

K: let’s go to beach right now, it will be so attractive in moonlight.

N: OK.

They went to seaside and sat by the sea shore. She kept her head on his shoulder and they held hands watching the moonlight.

K: Naira
N: hmm?
K: Hum kabhi ek dusre ko chhor k nahi jayengay, (he smiled and forwarded his hand) promise?
N: (she placed her hand on his palm and they smiled at each other) promise.

They both picked a stone and drew one pinky promise sign together and took a photograph of it and smiled at each other. He picked her taking her in his lap and stood up and went towards the sea drenching his feet. It started raining just then and both got drenched.

(A/N: won’t give two updates from now as I showed the proposal)

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