Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#16: The Celebration)

K: who are you both?
Girl: guess

Naira came to him, she was white saree, she stood in front of him and he just kept admiring her.

Girl: look I understand that your wife is very beautiful and you don’t see anything in front of her.

Naira blushed hard.
K: yes I don’t, by the way who are you?
Girl: arey guess kar na.

Even after guessing a lot, he couldn’t understand who are they so there was no option besides telling him.

N: Karthik, she’s Anshika, and he’s Varun, don’t you remember? They’re your childhood friends, you might’ve missed your childhood friends in all these years right? Look I found them.

K: (to Naira) what a pleasant surprise. (Then he says to Anshika and Varun) sorry yar, I couldn’t recognize you both, my wife gave me many surprises, but I never thought she will make me meet you both as well.

Anshika: we could see love for you in her eyes, you’re blessed.

Varun: han, bohat khoobsurat larki likhdi hai Bhagwan ne tere naseeb mein. (Then he jokingly said) Kaash ke mere naseeb mein hoti vo.

K: saalay, Jo bhi hojaye tu flirt karna nahi chhorega hai na? Meri hai vo sirf, apni nazre us se hatta le.

Naira smiled at his words as he possessively kept his arm around her waist. She could feel love developing in his heart for her.

Varun: aray mazak kar raha tha, now you won’t even hug us?

K: oops, sorry.

He hugged both of them and he saw his mother was also present there, he hugged her too. Then he went towards the cake with Naira but stopped as she was about to make him cut it.

K: Before cutting the cake, I would like to say something to you, the words you might’ve never expected from me maybe because you loved me and were happy by just being with me, whatever I am going to say is the truth.

N: say?

Karthik holds her hand and sits on his one knee.

K: I never realized,but I started loving you from the day I saw you, I feel like I have got the biggest pleasure one can ever get, when ma wasn’t there, you were there, you cared for me selflessly, loved me without expecting love from me, but I also feel the same for you Naira, seeing you smile, I smile, seeing you cry, my heart pricks, maybe this is what is known as love. I love you Naira, you’re the one for me.

He kissed her hand and she looked deep in his eyes. It’s said to love without expectations but the reality is that when we love a person, we do expect a little care from them in return. Naira also secretly expected care from him but never expressed it. She kept looking in his eyes and a smile crept on her face. He got his answer by her smile and he stood up and she hugged him encircling her arms around his neck. He hugged her back tighter and they forgot about their surroundings, it was as if the time stopped there.
N: I love you too.

They parted away from each other slowly. He cut the cake and firstly fed it to his mother, then Naira, she too fed him, then he fed it to his friends who in return applied cake’s cream on his face.

K: you devils, I won’t leave you both.

He runs after them like a child and soon it felt as it live tom and jerry is going on, Naira kept on admiring him. Her trance broke when she saw his friends approaching her with the cream and she started running and Karthik was also admiring her, he was lost in her, the elders were laughing on their fight. Karthik’s trance broke when he felt Naira running to him and she hid herself behind him.

K: arey achha hua tumlog agaye, main ne to masti ki hi nahi.

With this he applied the cream on their faces and laughed.

Varun: Karthik k bachay, ab humein laga di to bhabhi ko bhi laga.

K: no no, she hates it.

Varun: ohhh tujhe bara pata.

He laughed and did a high five with Anshika.

K: jealous?
Varun: nope

The celebrations continued and later it was time for everyone to head home. Naira and Karthik went bidding bye along with Anshika, Varun and Swarna. Karthik and Naira sat in front while Anshika, Varun and Swarna sat on the backseat. Karthik was driving and Naira was sleeping leaning to the back support of her seat. Karthik saw this and stopped the car suddenly.

S: kya hua?
K: maa Naira is sleeping and she didn’t even buckle her seatbelt, she’s falling, what if she accidentally bangs her head on window? She will get hurt.

He bent side ways towards her and buckled her seatbelt and started driving again.

Anshika: kuchh to hua hai kuchh hogaya hai.

She sung.

K: Stop, she will wake up.

Varun: are you her father?

K: when you will love someone then you’ll know, we reached your house.

He said after stopping the car and Varun got down the car and went waving to him, soon Anshika also went and now only the trio was left.

K: maa, aap humaray saath rahogi?

S: han.

K: maa I love you, aap ko drop kar k main aapka sab kuchh wahan le aaunga, bilkul pareshan mat hona.

Swarna smiled at his calm behavior and felt really happy. Soon they reached and Karthik got down the car and helped his mom out and dropped her till inside because she had pain in her knees. Karthik came out again for Naira, he went to her side of car and opened the door. He unbuckled her seatbelt and her head fell on his shoulder. He picked her in his arms and took her inside. When he reached their room with her in his arms, she woke up.
K: what happen?
N: I want to change my clothes but my body is paining.

He made her sit on bed and sat behind her.
K: where is it paining?
N: on my back.
K: I will make it fine.

He moved her hair in front and she smiled. He saw his name’s tattoo on her back. Firstly she just had one letter tattoo but now she got full name. It was visible only half so he slid down her dori and she closed her eyes to feel his touch. He kissed the tattoo and realized the pain was a drama to show him tattoo.

K: you’re good at giving surprises.
N: thank u
K: but you tolerated so much pain for me?
N: everything is fair in love.

She smiled and he kissed her cheek making her blush hard. She went to change her clothes and he went to take his mother’s belongings. Later when he came back, they slept in each other’s arms as usual. Next day, Karthik went to meet Naira at her workplace when he was free. He got to know she’s in changing room and was alone. He went inside and as he entered, he saw her wearing s*xy blouse with dori and lehenga. He went closer and she turned only to see possessiveness in him.

K: Naira, don’t do photoshoot in these clothes. Men will ogle you.

She looked on.

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