Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#13: Increasing Closeness)

In morning, Karthik and Naira were sleeping peacefully on one pillow cuddling to each other. His arm was around her waist and face was also closer to hers, her head was hidden in his chest, she too had her arm around him. She was still wearing the same clothes as the wore the last night, flowy crop top and jeans and somehow his hand was touching her bare skin. First only Naira loved to sleep cuddling to him but now he too loved being so close to her. Sun rays disturbed Karthik’s sleep. He woke up slowly and seeing himself so close to her, he moved away and as he saw that he was sleeping on the same pillow as hers, he went a little more far. Her hands weren’t leaving him, when he moved away, she gripped him tight.
Naira murmurs: kahan jarahay ho? Come closer na, plz.

He found it cute and went closer and drew his face closer to hers and just when he was about to kiss her, she woke up and he immediately moved away and turned his face. She sat up and hugged him.
N: good morning.
K: good morning.

He said still not facing her. She held his face.
N: kya hua?
K: kuchh nahi
N: feeling guilty for coming closer to me?
K: hmm
N: I myself asked you to come closer so no need to feel guilty.
K: I was saying to keep the concert the day after tomorrow.

N: ok, everything will be done, but when are you writing a new song?
K: it won’t take much time so don’t worry, it will be done before concert.
N: oh OK.

Later at night, Naira came back from workplace alone as Karthik said he will come by himself. She sat down to rest. Just then the doorbell rang and she went to answer the door, it was Naitik.

N: dad aap, andar aaiye na.

She moved back so that he can come in. He came inside and she closed the door. They sat on the couch and were planning something. The doorbell rang again and she again went to answer the door, it was Karthik, he was drunk again and he came inside with stumbling steps.
Karthik in drunk voice: hi baby doll.

Naitik is shocked to see his behavior.
N: Karthik come with me, I will take you to room.

She took his arm on her shoulders and quickly took him to their room and laid him on the bed. Just when she was about to go, he pulled her on top of him and held her waist, she fell on the other side of bed and he pulled her close.
Naira whispered: Karthik not now, dad yahan hain.

She said worriedly unaware of Naitik watching the whole scenario.
K: tumhare or mere beech koi dunia nahi or agar koi bhi aya, to hum usko nasht(finish) kardengay.

He said loudly and she palmed his mouth.
Naira whispered: achha baba theek hai, I agree, we’ll continue na, later, I will just come.

She quickly got up from the bed and saw Naitik at the door.

N: papa wo Karthik ki tabeyat zara kharab hai isliye he’s saying anything, aap bahar chaliye na, we’ll continue our discussion.

She took him out before he could answer and they settled on the couch.
Naira: so where were we?
Naitik: beta ab tum mujhse jhoot bhi bolne lagi?
She: nahi dad.
He: to abhi Jo tumne kaha wo kya tha? Maine dekha kis tarha vo tumhe baby doll bol raha tha, I didn’t knew about this, I m sorry beta, he’s troubling u because of us.

She: papa kya aap bhi? Mujhe unho ne sab pehle se bata dia tha is baaray mein, and by the way do u know anything about his family?

He: no I never asked.

She: lekin mujhe pata hai, he’s going through a very hard time now.

He: us mein tumhari kya galti hai?

She: papa please, didn’t u ever noticed the pain in his eyes?

He: dikha tha

She: imagine the same was with me and I needed someone, then when after much time I got someone then u take that someone from me, what will happen? I will have to bear double pain…same will be with him dad, he needs someone, I also can’t live without him.

She said and was on the verge of crying. Naitik nodded in positive.

He: I understand but he shouldn’t behave like that.

She: everything will be good, he’s traumatic right now, he’s not able to bear emotional pain and that’s why it happened.

He: and what was he doing with you on the bed?

She: he was calling me to sleep, we daily…

She stopped and looked here and there. He caressed her hair.

He: OK princess I m doing this for your happiness, if this happens again then I will take you from here.

Naira hugged him with tears in her eyes. He hugged her back understanding whatever she said.

N: dad I m happy with Karthik, I have seen the good side behind this side. He’s very good and he’s also happy with me.

He: don’t worry beta I won’t do anything without your wish.

N: I love u dad, how’s mom?

He: she’s fine, come to meet us also, we miss you a lot.

N: I will come. Dad, I want to celebrate Karthik’s birthday at our house, I want it to be special, he wouldn’t have celebrated it since much time.

Dad: tum Jo bolo, tum chaho to kahin or bhi hosakti hai.

Naira: really dad? Thank u.

Naitik went bidding bye and she went back to Karthik’s room. On seeing her, he got happy.

K: agai meri baby doll.

Naira giggled and signed him that just some more time, then she will come. She went to change and came back within sometime. She immediately laid down and he asked her to come close. She blushingly went closer snuggling into him and he kept his arm around her.
K: let’s get drunk together tomorrow after we get back from work.
N: OK.

They slept in the same position.

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