Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#12: A New Feeling n promo)

At morning, Naira woke up little early from Karthik and was looking for something on her laptop and when she finally found it, she smiled and closed the laptop.

N: plan A completed, time for plan B.

She looked at sleeping Karthik smilingly.
N: Karthik, I will give u everything which you’ve yearned for.

She kissed his forehead and Abeer smiled. She thought he might be dreaming. She was about to get up but he held her hand and pulled her. She saw his eyes open.
Naira says in heart: did he hear everything?
He ruffles her hair.
K: kya bol rahi thi?
N: kya? Kuchh bhi to nahi.

She again tried getting up but he held her by her waist. She looked at his arm around her waist and then at him.
K: hiding something?
N: no, and even if I am hiding, I will tell u na, afterwards.
K: when?
N: whenever I feel like.

She tried getting up again and his grip around her waist tightened.
K: batao na.
N: nahi
K: please.
N: nahi I won’t, you are looking hot.
K: umhm don’t try changing the topic.
N: did I say wrong?
K: Naira tell me, stop teasing.
N: surprise hai, bata doon gi surprise nahi rahega.
K: OK go.

He left her waist and she went. He sat up smiling to himself.
K: she is planning something for me but she won’t tell, she does so much for me, I should also do something for her, valentine’s day is after 15 days and I should give her some gift, but what?

He kept his hand on forehead sinking in the sea of thoughts. Then he got an idea.
K: she will really love it.

Naira came out of washroom wearing a waist cut out dress that reached her knees. She sat in front of the mirror drying her hair and Karthik was staring at her deep in thoughts. She felt his gaze on her and looks back at him.
N: am I looking hot?
K: obviously
N: I knew it.
K: will you mind if I ask you not to wear such clothes while going to job? I don’t know from which sight men at your workplace may be ogling you in my absence, tum samajh rahi ho na main kya kehraha hoon?

She smiled at his concern.

N: I won’t mind Karthik, aap bohat achhey insaan hain, I am lucky to have you.

She stood up and sat beside Karthik kissing his cheek and hugged him. He hugged her back.
Karthik says in heart: why do I feel so comfortable around her? Whenever she hugs me, she kisses me, I feel a different feeling, why? Have I started loving her as well?

She parted away from him and looked at him with love and cupped his cheeks.
N: achha listen.
K: hmm
N: which color u like?
K: blue
N: flavor?
K: why are you asking?
N: u tell na
K: chocolate.
N: bas yehe poochhna tha.

She went back to mirror and continued drying her hair. He went to freshen up and as usual, after breakfast, they went to their workplaces together. Naira took half day because she had some important work. After a long hectic day, she got free and was driving to an unknown place. She stopped after sometime outside a building of about four floors. She stepped down the car and went towards the elevator, as the door opened, she went inside and pressed the button of third floor. As she reached, she went outside towards a flat and rang the doorbell. As the lady opened the door, she greeted her.
Naira: aunty, main Naira

She took her blessings. Karthik was waiting for Naira playing his guitar when his friend Jawahar came inside.
Jawahar: hi Karthik
Karthik: hi.

He passed him a smile keeping his guitar away.
Jawahar: nahi nahi guitar bajatay huay bhi baat Karo koi masla nahi.

K: Jawahar yar we both have gone through same kind of pain, so just like I needed a friend and support, u became my friend and supported me, now can’t I talk with you?

Jawahar gave him a weak smile.

Jawahar: yeah right, let’s drink together, what say?

K: nahi, aaj tu akela pi le, main apne aapko or Naira ko hurt kardeta hoon apni craving k chakkar mein.

Jawahar: hmm, tu bohat lucky hai, tere pas Naira to hai, waise ek message denay aya tha, vo Anushka na…

K: ab uski baat mat kar, nafrat hai us se mujhe.

Jawahar: baat to sun, vo keh rahi thi k vo teri life se humesha k liye jarahi hai, apne kisi dost Viraj se shahdi kar rahi hai, or usne invitation card bhi diya hai tere liye.

He handed him a card and on seeing the date, he put away the card.

K: yar, 14th Feb, us din to main apni wife k saath hounga, jaane de isay.

Jawahar: arey wah

Karthik got a message by Naira to come out as she came to pick him.

K: achha m going, wo agai.

Jawahar: yar can u drop me? My car is not working.

K: Han chal.

They went outside together and Jawahar sat on the backseat.

K: Naira, I will drive, you shift here.

She reluctantly came out and shifted to passenger seat. He sat on driving seat.
Jawahar: sun Karthik, yeh Jo Teri wife hai na, patakha hai patakha.

Karthik gave him a deadly glare.

K: chup kar.

Naira giggled silently and Karthik drove annoyingly.

Jawahar: sach humesha karwa hota hai.

K: tujhe chalna hai na to chup chaap chal, meri wife se flirt mat kar.

Naira giggled more.

Jawahar: yar dekh, has rahi hai, oh sorry bhabhi I forgot to greet you, namaste.

He joined his palms and she did the same and greeted him in between her giggle. Karthik saw this and got annoyed. After sometime he stopped the car outside Jawahar’s house and soon only he and Naira were left in car.
N: Karthik
K: hmm?
N: are you angry on me?
K: no
N: I was just joking.

She kept her head on his shoulder.
K: I didn’t feel bad.
N: hmm, by the way your concert is on 14th Feb, you don’t have problem na?
K: exceed the date, that day I want to enjoy with you and not do concert.
N: OK.
They reached their house and they got out of the car. While walking towards the door, he saw her sleepy and was about to fall but he held her in his arms.
K: sambhal k.

She straightened herself and walked further with him. He unlocked the door and she stumbled again. He held her the second time.
N: I can walk, its okay.
K: you will fall, I will take you wait.
He picked her in his arms and she put her head on his chest. He took her inside and closed the door from his leg and went to room with her in his arms and tucked her on the bed and covered her. He sat on his side of bed and watched her fall asleep. She forwarded her hand and he gave her his hand and she slept immediately. He freed her hair from his other hand and ran his fingers in her hair and he too slept cuddling to her.

Promo: (not a part of this chapter, this will happen in upcoming chapters)
Naira and Karthik comes home drunk laughing hard. They close the door behind them and go to their room, she throws herself on the bed pulling him on top of her. They have an eyelock.

N: tell me once u love me…when u come close to me in drunk state, I really feel good.

K: really? Let’s make this night special.

She pulls him by his collars and looks at him smilingly.

(Who do u think Naira met)

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