Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#11: Nightmare &Love)

Swarna (Karthik’s mom): Karthik I miss you, I know I didn’t try to find you when you ran away, come back.

She reached out her arms in front asking for a hug. He moved forward and her image blurred.
K: Mumma.
He said running towards her and suddenly his dad (Manish) appeared from behind and he pulled her away.

Swarna: Please let me meet my son, please.
She pleaded.
Karthik’s dad (Manish): Your son is spoilt, let him go, he left us, he will come back if he wants to.

Karthik woke up from the dream with a jolt.
K: yeh kya tha? Did dad stop mom from meeting me? But why? Meri ma mujhse dad ki waja se mil nahi pai, that day I met her after so many days and behaved rudely, na he main ek achha insaan hoon, na he achha beta, main achha pati bhi nahi hoon.

He cried bitterly murmuring to himself. After his parents started fighting on petty things, he had hope that they may unite but that hope faded one day and he left them. When he got away, he always wanted someone who could love him as if he’s a kid, take care of him, comfort him when he’s scared, do anything for him but unfortunately when he got such person, he already had so many scars, he was afraid to love her back, to trust her. He could see all these qualities in her. Suddenly he felt movement on the bed and a hand on his shoulder.
N: kya hua?
K: I saw a bad dream.

He tells her the dream not facing her and she shifts a little closer to him rubbing her hand on his back and kept her other hand on his hand.

N: I think it’s something related to reality, I will find out only if you want me to find out.

K: of course I want to, but I will help you in it.

N: hmm ok, (she looks at the clock) do you want to sleep? There’s much time left to go office.

K: no, I can’t sleep after this dream.

She made him look at her and noticed his tears and immediately wiped them giving him a side hug taking his head on her shoulder patting his face from side.
N: everything will be OK, ro mat, sojao.

He laid down to sleep and she caressed his hair. Whenever she did that, it was like a magic spell that he got sleep immediately. She kissed his forehead as usual and she too slept. Later they both woke up and went to their workplace and as he went to his studio, she went to her dad’s cabin.

N: dad
Naitik: Naira tu, Karthik k saath aai?
N: Han vo bas abhi abhi studio gaya, or main uske saath one week k bad India k bahar jarahi hoon, I got an offer.
Naitik: ye to bohat achhi baat hai.
N: dad I want to ask for something.
Naitik: you can ask for anything.
N: can you arrange concert for Karthik? I want him to sing in front of the audience so that he gets confidence. I mean he’s talented but I really want to do this for him.

Naitik: anything for u princess, samjho k hogaya, or kuchh?
Naira smiled and hugged her dad.
N: thnx pa, love u.
Naitik: love u too princess.

She went from there giving him a flying kiss and collided with a girl while going and she was none other than Anushka. She pulled her holding her wrist.

N: ab kya chahti ho?
Anu: maafi
N: tum maafi maango gi?

She laughed sarcastically.

Anu: han, tumse, k tumko Karthik nahi mil sakta kiun k main ne usko tumhare naam ki chitthi likh di k tum us se alag hona chahti ho, kiun k wo bohat gussa karta hai na, isliye, or isliye bhi ke wo mujhse pyaar karta hai.

As Anushka finished saying, she noticed Naira smiling.

Anu: tum hass kyun rahi ho?

Naira turns her around and there was Karthik behind her who overheard everything.

K: mujhe to pehle hi pata tha k ye letter is ne likha hoga, I know her handwriting, Naira I trust you, and not her, isko samjhana mujhe bohat achhi tarha ata hai.

Anu: Karthik

He tore the letter and threw the pieces on her.
K: enjoy the paper rain.

He said and held Naira’s hand taking her away. Anushka ran away disappointed. Later after they were back to their home at night, they were sitting together on their bed.

N: do u have any idea where your friends went?
K: no
N: OK, have u ever done concerts?
K: concerts? No, I didn’t had courage to go in front of crowd, I have many complexes.
N: oh I was asking because I asked dad to arrange a concert for u.
K: i won’t mind doing it but I just need confidence.
N: u have it already, I will be there with u.
K: then I m completely OK with doing it.

He side hugged her. She smiled.

K: let’s play video games.
N: ok

They play together, Naira was sitting in Karthik’s arms, his arms were around her, his back touching his front and he resting his chin on her shoulder blade, she was enjoying, Karthik won.
K: look I won.
N: I am losing again and again.
K: just one more game.
N: (taking a yawn) OK

She took her joystick and they were playing and suddenly he felt her grip loosen on the joystick and her head fell on his chest, he saw her asleep.
K: Naira

He said shaking her a little.

N: ammmmm

She said in her sleep as he disturbed her. He keeps his arm around her waist sending shivers down his spine, he took her in his arms and made her sleep properly. He covered her and kissed her forehead. Then he blushed on what he did just now and went to kitchen. He opened the fridge and saw a big glass of chocolate milkshake with a chit, it said made with love for u. How does she always knows what I want? Thought Karthik and drank it, he smiled as it went down his throat. Next day, Naitik tells the concert date to Naira that was on 14th Feb and she planned many surprises for him, which will be very pleasant to him.

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