Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#10: Love Me Like You Do)

K: I will tell you about my past, I will tell everything.


K: but after we come back then

N: hmm

They go to office by Karthik’s car. He was driving and Naira was sitting beside him. He was lost in thoughts and suddenly she saw a truck coming their way. He didn’t noticed it, she put her hand on the steering wheel turning it in other direction and applied brake.

N: subha subha pi li kya?

K: no

N: I can drive, you come on my place.

She got out of the car and he too got out. They sat inside and she drove off. During the drive, her hair troubled her by coming on her face, he saw it and moved them away from her face tucking them behind her ear and a smile came on his face as he got a clear view of her face. She could see this from the corner of her eye and thought to tease him.

N: kisko dekh k muskura rahay ho?
K: (unknowingly) tumhe
N: mujhe? Kyun?
K: (realizing what he just said) I mean I was just…
N: just smiling to yourself in loneliness
K: no m not in loneliness, u r there na
N: han han, main bhi to yehe kehrahi hoon k main hoon na
K: kis liye?
N: dekhne k liye, don’t I look hot?

She said repeating his words and he blushed listening to familiar words.

N: bolo na, don’t I look hot?

He blushingly nodded in positive and she giggled.

N: oh God you’re so cute, I am teasing you.

He too laughed at her naughtiness and after sometime, the car stopped outside his office.

N: I will go after meeting dad…let’s go inside together.

He agreed and they got out of the car together, they walked inside and while walking, he felt like holding her hand, he stopped himself many times but couldn’t and held her hand and smiled. She looked at her hand then at him, seeing him smile, she too smiled. She could see his eyes twinkling and she too gripped his hand.

Mann yeh sahib ji
Jane hai sab ji
Phir bhi banaye bahane

Naina nawabi ji
Dekhe hai sab ji
Phir bhi na samjhe ishare

Mann yeh sahib ji
Haan karta bahane
Naina nawabi ji
Na samjhe ishare

Samjhe ishare
Dheere dheere
Naino ko dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere dheere
Bhayo re saibo

Dheere dheere
Naino ko dheere dheere
Apna sa dheere dheere
Lage re saibo

Surkhiyan hai hawaon mein
Do dilon ke milne ki
Ha haan arziya hai nazaron mein
Lamha yeh tham jane ki

O kaise hazuri ji
Yeh lab dikhaye
Chupi laga ke bhi
Gazab hai yeh dhaaye

Dheere dheere
Naino ko dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere dheere
Bhayo re saibo

Dheere dheere
Begana dheere dheere
Apna sa dheere dheere
Lage re saibo

Saibo, saibo…


Dheere (Aa….)

Dheere, dheere



He was slowly getting attracted to her, falling for her and had started trusting on her, he was getting love for her unknowingly and felt good holding her hand. They reached Naitik’s cabin and knocked. After his approval, they went inside still holding hands. As Naitik saw them, he smiled seeing their linked hands and them too and stood up to hug them. She greeted him and hugged her dad. He hugged her back.
K: Namaste papa ji

Naitik smiled hearing him call him papa ji and hugged him. Naira smiled at their bond. They parted away.

K: papa ji, thanks for making us marry, I am blessed to have your daughter as my wife, she’s the best life partner one can have.

Naitik felt proud of his daughter and stroke her hair. He kept his hands on their heads.

Naitik: bless you both beta, I am happy for you both, tum dono ko kabhi kisi ki nazar na lagay.

They smiled.

N: dad I am going bye, and Karthik take care.

K: I will.

They smiled and went out of there and Naitik told Akshara about them and she was really happy. Karthik dropped Naira till the door and hugged her bye. The day went normal for both of them. Today, Anushka didn’t came to his office and Karthik was also very calm. Whenever he was playing guitar, he would smile thinking about her. Later at night, Naira came to pick him and messaged him as usual. This time, she saw a happy Karthik. He came and stood outside the car, he bent to the window.

K: I will drive.
N: OK hottie.

He giggled and she came out and he went to other side and sat on the driving seat. She sat on the passenger seat. He drove off and after a drive of twenty minutes they reached their house. They got out and closed the door, Karthik locked the car and they went inside their house. As soon as they reached their room, they threw themselves on their bed as they were really tired. They remained silent for sometime and after a short while, Karthik broke the silence.

K: I want to tell about my past.
N: I am always here to listen, tell.
K: everything was normal till I was 15 years old, but one day, when I came back from school, everything was messed up in our house, my parents were fighting.

Karthik was unlocking the door of his house, he had returned from school, it was his last day. At that time, he used to live in a big lavish house with his parents, his mother loved him a lot, his father too loved him, but because he was more into other activities, he used to scold him. As he unlocked the door, he stopped at the entrance. His parents were fighting.

Mom: kya zaroorat hai roz roz uska mood kharab karne ki? Wo pyaar se bhi samajh sakta hai.

Dad: arey dheet hai, nahi samjhega.

Mom: aap aaram se baat kijiye. Samajh jayega.

K: kya samajh jaunga? Maa I know I study less, but I get my percentage in 80s, what else you want? When I am giving you what you want, let me also do what I want.

He stormed off to his room. His father always discouraged him but only because her mother used to encourage him, he would study. But till when a person can tolerate? Karthik was irritated, he was depressed. Now he used to stay outside the house during day time and return at night when he would be asleep. He had two friends, Anshika and Varun with who he used to share everything. But after some years they shifted elsewhere, he used to talk to them on internet but after some months he lost contact with them. Because of his father’s scoldings, he started developing complexes in him, he took the scoldings in negative and became a drunkard. He used to sit in room all day, later he fell in love with Anushka when he was at university level. At that time, his family wasn’t broken. But later when the fights grew, his mother filed divorce against his father and this affected him more. He started taking antidepressants and started developing anger in him. First Anushka somehow controlled his anger, but when it grew, she left him. He left from his parents house and became a successful singer and the size of the house didn’t mattered him at all, he started living in a small house. When Anushka was there, he was somehow a balanced personality but after she left, his anger grew more. But because God doesn’t leaves anyone alone, He immediately sent Naira in his life who loved him since much time, Karthik used to sing songs since his university level and Naira fell in love with his voice, then when he started doing his show, she loved him more. Things became a little better as he got married to Naira.
Fb end.

Karthik got quiet after telling her and it was as if sprinkling salt on old wounds. He felt her hand on his hand and held it immediately.
N: Karthik you are good, you shouldn’t have taken his scoldings in negative way but in positive way, and you are perfect in your own way, you shouldn’t feel low, I know it happens, in that period, a person is sensitive and I…I understand from your point of view, I am with you now, I will help you in finding yourself again, and in everything else, promise.

She got closer to him and he had tears in his eyes that everyone had parents and he didn’t had them. He held her tightly and blinked back a tear. After sometime, she parted away from him and went to change. When she came back, they both had dinner and retired back to their room.
N: Karthik
K: hmm?
N: when does your birthday comes?
K: 18th April and yours?
N: 30th May.
K: oh, but why are you asking?
N: just like that, I forgot to tell one thing, after one week I am going outside the country because I got an offer and I have agreed to it, so will you come with me?
K: sure.

Naira says in heart: isi bahaane he will be distracted.

N: how was your day?

K: it was good, I am sleepy, let’s sleep.


He switched off the light and both of them dozed off to sleep.

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