Kaira: She Completed Her Promise..! #One Shot..

Hello everyone. I m new on YRKKH page! I really love kaira a lot..! They r my heart beat..! I m writing first time on Kaira .. I wrote on twinj.. I m so nervous because I don’t know whether u’ll like it or not..! I just hope you all like it..!
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Here we go with an os..
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I, Kartik Goenka loves Naira a lot. She is my love my life my everything. No one can take her place and only she ruled my heart. She is the queen of my Kingdom. And I love her without any expectation without any conditions. She is the best thing ever happened to me. I m her Mendhak and she is my Sherni.
My thoughts were disturbed by a knock. “You don’t need to take permission for entering my room.!” I said because I know who was there. “Kartik how do you always know that I m here.?” “Because I Love You Baby..!” he said “Ufff just stop it! I am serious!” she said getting angry. I made her sit beside me on the bed and holds her hand. “Naira, because whenever you come near me na, or you are around me. Everything on this earth indicates and tell me that you are here.” She smiled. I pointed towards moon from the open window “This moon, this is the witness of our love and when we are together this moon shines brightly. Because it also knows that How much I love you, that even death can’t part us away..!Hamara pyaar aesa hai ke maut ko bhi hamaray pyaar se pyaar hojaye ga!” I said and she kept her hand on my mouth.
“Kartik never, never talk about death.! Kuch bhi bolty ho..!” She said childishly.
“Vo toh me ne is liye kaha tha ke meri khud ki nazar na lag jaaye!” I replied and she hugged me.
I hugged her even more tighter.
“Naira?” I said grabbing her attention. “Hmm?” she spoke. “I want to say something!” I said, “Say it?”
I stood up from the bed and holds my perfume as a mike.
I finished and she smiled. “Awwww…. That’s so sweet Kartik..! You love me this much?” she asked cutely
“More than my life Mrs. Would be Goenka” I said and she turned dark shade of crimson.
“Naira don’t blush this much? How would I control myself. Pehly hi itni mushkil se control kiya hua hai…!” I bit my tongue as I saw Maa entering with a mug.
Naira was laughing. I was embarrassed and looked down.

“Ohh.., continue Mr.Goenka.! Sorry if I disturbed your romance! I came with a coffee for Naira..!” Maa said
“Array Maa what was the need for that? Me khud bana leti agar mujhy zaroorat hoti!” Naira replied her
“Tumhe ye chodta toh tum kuch banati na..! Or wesy bhi I m not that type of mum-in-law who taunts their DIL..! After marriage or before marriage!” Maa said smilingly and again I was left embarrassed. And this Naira she is laughing. She have to pay for it! Be ready Ms.Singhania for your punishment!
“Maa but you are elder than me toh you shouldn’t do this.” Naira said. She love my mom just like she loves her mom. I love her for her everything.
“Arrray Naira don’t argue na.. I m saying take it! Shaadi ke baad toh tumhe hi kaam kerna hai.!” Maa said and Naira took the mug from her hands
“Sorry Kartik beta for disturbing your romance!” She said giggling and I saw Naira laughing at me.
Maa left the room and I quickly bolted the door.
“What?” she asked from me as I advanced towards her.
She moved back on the bed.
“You have to bear the punishment!” I said
“For what?” she asked being scared
“For laughing at me!” I said
“Kartik please sorry.. plsss stay away..!” she pleaded
I held her wrist and pulled her towards me. She lands up on my chest.
I holds her waist. She rest her hands on my chest.
“So ready Ms. Singhania?” I asked and she just nodded her head.
I captured her lips and soon we were fighting for the dominance.
After about 10 mnts we part away due to lack of oxygen.
“I LOVE YOU!” She said resting her head on my chest.
“I LOVE YOU TOO BABY!” I said kissing her hairs.

Few Days Later
The mansion was shown decorated beautifully with many lights flowers nd ballons.
In the hall there were many guests. Just then an announcement was heard.

‘Hello everyone, As you all know that today is the engagement of the biggest enemies of our college KARTIK GOENKA AND NAIRA SINGHANIA! Strange na! But its true they hated each other. They were the biggest enemies of each other in college. And now they are marrying each other! So a very huge round of applause for our Kaira.’
They both came on stage. Both looking extremely breath taking.
There families were standing at back.
Naira’s mother gave ring to her and she made him wear that! All clapped.
Then Kartik made her wear the ring! The ceremony was completed.
All left for their houses.
Next Day

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
Today is Promise Day and my birthday too. Last year on promise day Naira promised me that she will always celebrate my birthday with me.
I was decorating the place lost in my thoughts.
Flashback – (flashback is in third person’s voice)
Kaira were shown holding hands.
N – “Kartik today is your birthday and promise day too.!”
K – “So?”
N – (cupping his face) “So, I promise you today that I will always be there with you on your birthday, no matter what happens!”
He kissed her forehead.
K – “That’s why I love you! You always made me feel special that I mean something to someone!”
N – “Kartik you mean everything to me!” she said with a spark in her eyes.
And they both hugged each other!
Flashback ends
I came back to the real world when I realized Naira had arrived.
She was wearing a full white anarkali with white dupatta looking extremely beautiful.
She came to me and kissed my cheeks.
I pecked her lips.
Then we both cut the cake. And feed each other.
She said, “Kartik I m in a hurry.”
“What’s the hurry baby?”
I was sitting down when I received a call. It was of Naira’s mother.
I received the call. I could hear her sobbings.
“Maa what happened??” I asked
“Kartik, Naira was coming to you when she met with an accident and died. She is no more Kartik..!”

As long as you love me
As long as you love me
As long as you love me

We’re under pressure,
seven billion people in the world trying to fit in.
Keep it together,
smile on your face even though your heart is frowning
But hey now, you know girl,
We both know it’s a cruel world
But I will take my chances
As long as you love me
We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke
As long as you love me
I’ll be your platinum, I’ll be your silver, I’ll be your gold
As long as you love, love me, love me
As long as you love, love me, love me

My phone dropped from my hand. I looked up and saw her walking. Her dupatta was fluttering in the air.
She turned around, “I completed My promise Kartik! I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS DO..!” A tear escaped from her eye and she disappeared.
Tears made their way through my eyes.
“Yes, Naira you completed your promise! I LOVE YOU!” I said with a shaking voice and fell down on the ground.
I’ll be your soldier, fighting every second of the day for your dreams girl
I’ll be your whole world, you can be my Destiny’s Child on a scene girl
So don’t stress, don’t cry, we don’t need no wings to fly
Just take my hand
I don’t know if this makes sense but,you’re my Hallelujah
Give me a time and place,I’ll rendezvous it,i’ll fly you to it,
I’ll beat you there
Girl you know I got you
Us, trust…
A couple of things I can’t spell without you
Now we are on top of the world, ’cause that’s just how we do (do)
Used to tell me sky’s the limit, now the sky’s is our point of view (view)
Man now we stepping out like Whoa! (Oh God)
Camera’s point and shoot,

Ask me what’s my best side, I stand back and point at you you you
The one that I’ve argue with, I feel like I need a new girl to be bother with,
But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side,
It’s green where you water it
So I know,we got issues baby true true true
But I’d rather work on this with you
Than go ahead and start with someone new
As long as you love me
As long as you love me
We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broken
As long as you love me
I’ll be your platinum, I’ll be your silver, I’ll be your gold
As long as you love, love me, love me
As long as you love, love me, love me
I’ll be your silver, I’ll be your gold
love me, love me, love me
As long as you love, love me, love me
As long as you love, love me, love me
As long as you love me

THE END ……..

How was it guys??? Hoping to get good response of yours.. I just hope this didn’t bored you..!
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