Kaira {Chapter 8}

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Chapter 8

Naira’s POV

Journeys had never been so difficult for me. Today, this journey felt as if I am breaking my world apart, as I am reaching the airport. But I had to do this, I had to do this because my love had betrayed me. And this Naira Singhania can bare anything but can never bare betrayal.

Kartik’s POV

I had reached the airport but couldn’t find Naira anywhere. I had also checked the passengers list, which said that she had not arrived yet and that was relieving. I waited at the entrance of check counter. As the clock ticked faster my heart beat became faster. Today it was a do or die situation for me. Whether it’s that today I convince Naira, or die standing at the airport only.

Naira’s POV

I was lost in my thoughts, when suddenly the driver told me that we had arrived at the airport. I climbed down the seat and took my suitcase. The moment I stepped into the airport I felt a cool breeze blowing around me. I thought whether that cold breeze wanted to show me something but I neglected it and moved apart.

Kartik’s POV

I waited at the entrance gate as the passengers move. As I saw another baggage coming towards the gate , I moved my head a little up to see who it was but before I could take a glance, I bumped into a little child and all his chocolates fell down. I quickly kneeled down and picked up his chocolates. While I was picking them up, the lady with that baggage passed by me, I could only see her legs, but the moment I saw them I was shocked. She wore the payal I had given to Naira, and that’s when my mind clicked, it was Naira. I quickly called her out,


Naira’s POV

I was walking towards the counter when I heard some one calling my name. I turned to find out Kartik standing at the counter, on his knees. I was dumbfounded. Why didn’t Kartik leave me here even? I was leaving him behind just the way he had left me, so why couldn’t he let me live in peace ? Before I could say anything or move from my place he started,

“Naira, pyar na karne ke 2 hee wajah hoti, ek dil na hota ya tum na hoti. Baat agar mohabbat ke hoti tou main kabhi nhi harta, khel qismat ka hai daar lagta hai tumhe kho na doon. Agar aj tum ne meri baat nhi suni tou tumhara yeh mendhak tum se waada karta hai , keh yeh aj tumhare samne apni jaan de de gaa. ”

The whole airport looked at both of us. I was dumbstruck what to say.

Kartik’s POV

As I was speaking, I saw tears dwelled up in her eyes. I continued,

“Naira, you never gave me a chance to explain and you were leaving me? I couldn’t let you do this. Now you need to listen to me. All that you saw that day was just because of dadi. You remember that day in the garden, when I told Dadi’s got a heart attack, when I reached home the doctor told me that we need to obey to all dadi says until she is well and dadi told me that if I don’t get engaged, she won’t take her treatment. I thought to do the engagement, and then tell you everything, so that we could solve thus problem together but that day you came yourself and assumed everything. And the nobody let me meet you in the hospital even . What would I have done? Huh tell! All thanks to my BFF, who told me you are leaving today!”

As I was speaking all of a sudden, Naira broke down , fell on her knees and started crying. I quickly ran towards her, picked her up and curled her in my arms.

Naira’s POV

I just couldn’t speak. I felt very secure in his arms. It felt as if my world had returned back to me. Slowly and gradually Kartik took me and my bag to a side and even started crying like I was. I broke the hug, hit him a punch on his chest and said,

“Why didn’t you tell me all this? Huh? You know how deeply was I hurt looking you with that b****. ”

“Did you let me tell it to you?” He asked.

And I was in no state to reply. I just hugged him and continued to cry and that’s when I realized why Mishti smiled at my departure.

Kartik’s POV

Love you Keerti , were the words that came up to my mind. It was she who supported me the most. I just brought Naira up and said,

“Promise you would never leave me again like this?”

“Promise! ” she replied.

Precap: Singhania family to know about the patch up of Kaira. Goenka’s to know also.

*Guys, do tell me how you liked my Kaira milan. Next up is my Kaira engagement and wedding. All comments are acceptable ☺️ *

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