Kaira {Chapter 7}

Chapter 7:

Naira’s POV

I was very happy that my family was supporting me. Actually I was not happy but pretended to be because I knew that my family knew how much I loved Kartik and they knew what pain was I bearing. Everybody was happy about my departure except my little princess, Mishti. I went to her room and there I saw her crying. The moment I sat with her on the bed, she started,

“Why di? Why are you leaving me alone? It was BFF who did wrong with you na? I am always with you. Look for you I left him even. He told me that he would be very alone without me but still I left him, just to be with you, but that’s not fair , instead you are leaving!”

“Oh Mishti, stop crying! ” I told her while hugging her. I continued,

“Look Mishti, if you cry even I wouldn’t be able to leave. Please understand I need to go. I need to leave my past behind, just like Kartik made me his past and left me behind. You knew how much I loved your BFF, right? But still he did this. Now it’s very difficult for me to live her. And yeah, your BFF did wrong with me not you. Don’t leave him, I understand, he needs you the most.”

I wiped Mishti’s tears and left. I didn’t know why had I suggested Mishti not to leave Kartik after all that he had done to me. Might be just because I still loved him the most and it was he who had left me behind.

Kartik’s POV

I was in a very deep sleep, dreaming about Naira, when suddenly my phone destroyed it all. I wanted to kill up the person who was calling me, but when I looked at the screen, I was shocked . The screen said,

“Jaan’s home calling”

I just couldn’t believe it. Somebody was calling me from the Singhania Sadan. Within a second I picked up the phone, it was Mishti. Even I was very happy to talk to her . I just picked up the call but before I could say something Mishti started crying. I hurriedly said,

“Mishti baby why are you crying. Stop crying and tell me is everything good?”

She replied,

“BFF” while taking hiccups. ” BFF I am calling you from my room so that nobody listens to me. Please listen to me very carefully. Naira Di is leaving for London exactly after 4 hours. Every body is happy. But I am not. I kno how much she loves you, with whatever you did with her. Please stop her. I just don’t want her to leave. Even my daddy left and never came back to me. I can’t let Naira di leave me now.”

I was just startled. Naira leaving? London? Thousand questions in my mind.

“BFF, are you listening? ” Mishti cried from inside.

“Yeah Mishti okay! Don’t worry! I will stop her. You and I would definitely get the things we’ve lost. Now I am ending the call. Wait until I call you back. ” I replied and ended the call.

What the hell? That one incident was snatching my life from me. Naira was going to London, leaving me behind. How can she do this to me? I understand, that she I’d deeply hurt but how can she just go without listening to me! She has no right to do this with me! But what the hell am I going to do now? I just let her go. I needed to do something but it felt as if my brain was not immediately available to give me an idea. So I ended up calling Keerti.

I called Keerti and told her everything. Even she couldn’t believe all what had happened. She just told me that Kartik now is the time to just go and get hold of Naira even if she tries to free herself and tell her everything.

I knew Keerti was right at the moment. So I just grabbed up my bike keys and left for the airport because there were only 2 1/5 hours left for Naira’s flight.

Naira’s POV

It was time to bid a good bye to my family. I felt bad but I had to leave. I met everybody and finally left for airport. But while meeting Mishti, I felt something very odd. The Mishti that was crying on my departure winked me happily before I left. I felt something fishy but left home quietly.

Precap: Kartik and Naira to meet up at the airport. Now whether, this conversation would end there relationship or bring them back together.

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