Kaira {Chapter 6}

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Chapter 6:

Naira’s POV

God had always made my life so miserable. First I lost my family and today someone I loved the most. At a moment I wished to kill up that Sanjana who tried to steal my mendhak from me but suddenly the thought that struck my mind was that Kartik himself lied to me about not meeting up. It was not only Sanjana but Kartik also involved in it.

I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped,

“Am I less of something? Am I not good? Why does all the bad happen to me only? Don’t I deserve to live?”

“Yes, you do!” Someone said from behind.

There I saw Bhai standing at my door. I quickly went and hugged him because he was the one who understood me the most and could understand my pain because his girl friend Tara had also ditched him and ran away. He quietly took me to bed, sat beside me and said,

“Naira , asking God whether you are good or not is just a waste of time, because I know my sister is the best. It was that Kartik who did not deserve you. Dil tou karta uss Kartik ko ja kar mar daloon, jis ne teri yeh halat kardi hai.”

I quietly lied in his arms while sobbing and spoke up,

“Par Bhai main tou uss se bohat pyar karti Hun na! Main kya karoon ab? ”

“Nahi Naira. You can’t back off like this . You loved him but he didn’t deserve it and left you, now all you need to do is move on.” He continued.

“Yes, Bhai I have thought of something and I would tell it to you people tomorrow.” I added.

“Okay Naira but think wisely and good night, sleep well!” He said and left.

I had nodded him but I knew my nights were sleepless now. Wherever I looked I saw me and Kartik with all our cute little moments and I was frustrated. I felt to kill myself. I just couldn’t understand how would I handle the decision I had taken, but I had to do it.

Kartik’s POV

It was the 9th day since Naira had came back home from hospital. I would have at least called here hundred times but no response , her phone was switched off. I just couldn’t understand what to do . Even Mishti didn’t call me up since so many days, and now I was dying to meet up Naira, so I decided to go to Singhania’s mansion. I knew I couldn’t go in through the front door so I had a backup plan in my head. I just grabbed up my keys and left.

Naira’s POV

Lost in my thoughts as I was climbing down the stairs, I felt someone’s strong grip around be from behind. I turned to find Mishti hugging me from behind. She grabbed my hand before I could speak anything and took me to terrace. She made me sit on a seat and sat beside me. She started of,

” Naira di, do you mind sitting with me for a while here. Even you would feel relaxed. ”

I nodded her a no and happily sat with her because the cold breeze on the terrace made me feel as if I was somewhere from out of the world. Me and Mishti sat quietly when she said,

“Naira di, here your cellphone. It was with me.” And she handed me my cellphone.

As I unlocked it I could see hundreds of messages and calls from Kartik and nothing else. The moments of his engagement flashed up in my mind as I saw his name on the screen. I asked Mishti to throw the phone down from the terrace angrily and she obeyed what I had said. But the moment she went near the railing to throw the phone , I heard a word out from her mouth which left me blank, “BFF” . That was Kartik. I quickly stood up and went near her and there I saw Kartik coming towards our house on his bike.

I was dumbfounded. I just stood there. He didn’t come towards the gate but instead he came towards the pipe which came to the terrace. Without seeing me and Mishti standing up he caught hold of the pipe and started climbing it.

Kartik’s POV

I was just climbing it when I looked up. And there I saw Naira standing with tears filled in her eyes . Just staring at me . I lost my balance and fell down. I just looked at her painful eyes which stared at me and said,

“Naira jaan please listen to me. You said you would meet me but it’s like ten days since we didn’t meet. I want to talk to you and clear up all your misunderstandings about whatever you saw, please just listen to me once.”

I kept on speaking but Naira did not respond. She just stood there.

“Naira say something please. Please I am dying to listen to your voice. ”

And she ended up speaking but I couldn’t expect that her words would tear my heart apart. She said,

“Congratulations Mr Kartik Goenka.” And left crying. I could sense how deeply was she hurt.

It felt as if her words had stabbed me. I just grabbed up my helmet and left for home.

Naira’s POV

I just couldn’t believe what I had told him. His face reminded me of everything all over again. Why couldn’t he let me live in peace? I ran to my room and locked it up. There I lay on my bed crying, and not understanding what to do. I kept on crying and didn’t realize when I fell asleep.

Kartik’s POV

Why Krishnaji why? Why always the wring with me? I kept on thinking. My head ached very badly as I kept on reminding what Naira had said. And at that very moment my only hope was my bar. I went into it and started drinking to get a relief from pain and didn’t realize, when I slept in the bar only.


Naira’s POV

Early in the morning I got ready and climbed downstairs. I saw all of my family on there everyday work routines. I gave up a loud call,

“Attention everyone. I need to talk to you people .” And in a fraction of second everybody was around me . I started,

“Ma, papa and everybody . Please listen to me and try to understand. I have decided to go to London for sometime. I just want to leave my past behind and start a new life. I would surely come back in a year. Please try to understand . I hope nobody has a problem. My flight is exactly after five hours and I have done all of my packing.” The moment I finished my parents came up and said,

“It’s a very good decision Naira, and we are very happy for you. Go and start a new life.”

Everybody cheered up and hugged me and that’s when I realized, my family was my biggest support .

Precap: Kartik gets to know about Naira leaving and you know who must have told Kartik!

* I am sorry guys for posting it up late, but I promise now I’ll be regular. Do forgive me and please tell me how did you like the episode and give suggestions ?.

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      POV means point of view n it isn’t wrong to ask what you dunno so no need to feel stupid…

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