Kaira {Chapter 5}

Chapter 5

Kartik’s POV

Thousands questions rising up in my mind about Naira, but I had no body to answer me. It was impossible for me to drive in such a state of mind, but still I did, because I wanted to go meet Naira, tell her everything and clear up all the misunderstandings which she had in her mind. I reach up the hospital as soon as possible, but when I looked at the faces of Gayu, Akshara Ma’am and Naitik Sir, I knew Mishti had told them everything. I hurriedly went towards Gayu but before I could speak, she started,

“What the hell, do you think of your self, Mr Goenka. How dare do hurt my sister like this. Have you seen her condition? We have seen her in such a stage where she is fighting from life and death. Why did you do this to her, Kartik? She loved you so much.” She said while sobbing.

“Gayu, listen to me…” I tried to speak up but she didn’t let me speak.

“Oh please Kartik, just leave it. We know what Naira, saw at your house. And why are you here? You think we are going to let you meet Naira, then it’s a very big misunderstanding of yours. You can’t go in there. Just leave” she continued.

I was completely broken my Gayu’s words. My heart only wanted to see Naira, but I knew Gayu wouldn’t understand so I went to Ma’am at the very moment.

“Ma’am please listen to me. It’s a very big misunderstanding. Please let me meet Naira and…” I tried to continue but Ma’am made me cut up in between.

“What kind of a misunderstanding Kartik? Haven’t you seen this? ” she said while switching on the Tv. And there I saw a news headline going on where it said the son of famous business man, Manish Goenka, has been engaged. And that was the moment I realized that it was the same Manish Goenka that was bringing trouble in my life again.

I was completely broken down. My only wish was to go and see Naira. My eyes were dying for it and so was my heart. I was crying quietly at a corner, when someone patted my back, and it was Mishti. I wanted to hug her tight and cry because she was my only support, but she restricted mr to do so, and said,

“Look, right now I’m not your BFF. My di is in a lot of pain because of you, I am only here to give you a suggestion, might be di gets better if she see’s you, so there is a window up there which lead’s to Naira di’s room. Climb it up through the pipe, and go to her room.”

That’s why I love Mishti the most . I knew she was angry at that moment but I knew once Naira, was happy Mishti was automatically happy. I did as Mishti suggested and there I was in Naira’s room.

There lay Naira, pale on the bed, quiet. My Naira never looked good this way, I went near her to touch her, that’s the moment I heard her saying,

“Mendhak, why did you do this to me. I will die without you.” She was speaking all this in unconsciousness.

What worst would I wanted to see. I wanted to kill myself. Without saying a word, I went back through the window. The moment I reached outside Naira’s room, the nurse came out and told everybody that Naira has gained consciousness. I was very happy.

Everybody hurried inside. I could see Naira, through a small glass through the door, while she slowly moved her lips. I was just admiring her and fixing it into my heart, when she saw me. She just stared at me for a while and then called up Gayu. It was within a second Gayu came out and told me that Naira, just doesn’t want to see me at the moment, but she would surely talk to me , once she is back home. It was better if I leave now.

I knew it was right. Even it was not a suitable place for me to break down, so I just left.

Naira’s POV

I stabbed my heart and told Gayu di all this because I knew if I see him again and again, i would remember all of the things that I had seen, which would make me feel worse. I had told him that I would talk to him once I would come back home, but I knew it was next to impossible for me to do so, because I had already made up my mind, of what to do next.

Precap: Kartik, dying to talk and meet Naira. Naira’s decision.

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