Kaira {Chapter 4}

Chapter 4

Next day

Kartik’s POV

Today the day has arrived that I always waited for, but not with someone else. Only with my Naira. But I had to do all this just for Dadi’s sake. I had to get engaged with Sanjana whom dadi had chose for me, so that she takes her treatment properly, but at the same time, I couldn’t leave Naira back. The promise I made to my self was, “Kartik you are only getting engaged to Sanjana for dadi. You would never let Naira become your past.” And I knew I would never let this happen. So early in the morning , to get a good start of my day, I called up Naira. Not just for a good start, but I even needed to tell her that today I couldn’t meet her, and I needed to put up an excuse.

Naira’s POV

I had been restless whole night, just because Kartik was not well. Only for a moment had I tried to sleep, I heard my phone ringing. It was Kartik.

“Good Morning jaan!” , he said with a bright voice. I was glad to hear the old Kartik’s voice back.

“Good morning, I hope you are good now. How’s your head? Is it good? Or still the same?. Look Kartik why do you take so much stress. Its all going to be good.” I started with a feeble voice because I hadn’t slept for the whole night, and I knew he would understand all this by my voice.

“Naira, you haven’t slept the whole night na?”‘ He stated leaving all my questions behind. I didn’t answer.

“Why do you do this, jaan. I know it’s all my mistake. You were worried for me. Right?.” He said.

“Oh no! Kartik it’s not like that. You know my nature na?” I said giving up.

“Okay. Now you need to take rest. I called you up to tell that today you will rest and even I need to be with Dadi the whole day. So we’ll meet tomorrow.” He said.

“But Kartik.” I tried to protest.

“No Naira, no it’s and buts . What I said is done. We’ll meet up tomorrow. And that’s done.” He said while ending up the talk.

I agreed to home just because I had planned up with Mishti to go his home, as an excuse of office work, with his favorite cupcakes.

Kartik’s POV

A talk with Naira made me feel guilty. How much she loved me and what ever I want doing, with her was just not right. But I had to do it. Finally by passing all of time it’s was 2:00 pm. The time and mahurat for my engagement. I started to get ready as per Dadi’s wish.

Naira’s POV

I had asked Mishti to be ready by 1:45 pm so that we reach there by 2:00 pm and get back till 2:30 pm because at 2:45, it was Mishti’s tuition time. While, just calling her out, I saw Mishti coming down the stairs just dressed up as a princess, just because she was going to meet her BFF. We quickly left the house, but to my disgrace there was no car. I was terrified. I told Mishti that we could go in an auto. So we catched up one.

Kartik’s POV

I was definitely ready for the engagement, but had different thoughts in mind. I was not having good feelings. I felt that something bad would happen but kept my mind up because I needed to do it . I made up courage and walked downstairs, where I saw guests all around, with a small stage with a girl on it . I guessed it was Sanjana. Everyone was just waiting for me . I just climbed down and went to the stage.

Naira’s POV

It was my luck, that we had got the auto quickly. And there we were outside Goenka villa . Oh it was the first time I was here. I grabbed up Mishti’s hand and climbed a few stairs that led to the main gate.

Kartik’s POV

Dadi wanted me to put the ring first in Sanjana’s finger. I grabbed up the ring with killing my heart and was about to put it in Sanjana’s finger, i heard a voice,


I very shockingly looked up, and there I saw Naira and Mishti standing up on the main gate. My finger was just an inch away from Sanjana’s. I could see Naira’s eyes filled up with tears as she looked up on the banner on the stage which said, KARTIK WITH SANJANA.

Before I could give up a reaction. I saw my chachi going towards Naira. She asked her whom she wanted to meet. I couldn’t hear what Naira replied. But after this chachi told her that she had came to the wrong address. Naira held Mishti’s hand tightly and left that place. I wanted to go behind her and tell her everything, but I couldn’t. Dadi asked me to held up the ring and I did. I just couldn’t think of anything , while everybody hugged me with happiness. Tears rolled down my eyes as I thought what would Naira be thinking about me. I ran up to my room so that nobody notices me unhappy.

Naira’s POV

What,which,when,where,who. Thousands questions in mind as I was walking on the street with Mishti. Mishti didn’t ask me a single question because she understood what all had happened. I just couldn’t think of anything. My head was blasting. What was going was out of my thinking. Why did Kartik do this to me? Before I could think more, I couldn’t think what happened, and there I was on the street unconscious.

Kartik’s POV

I was restless. I had called on Naira’s phone 50 times but she didn’t pick it up. Now I was scared more than worried. Another attempt on the way and instead I hear up, my phone ringing. It was Mishti. When I picked up the phone she started crying. I asked her what happened? And she told me that while going back from my house, Naira fainted, in the middle of the road. Mishti called up the family members and now they are in City Hospital, and… She started crying again. I fell on the floor on my knees. I just couldn’t believe what I had heard. I asked Mishti and what? And she told me that the doctors have said that Naira has got a nervous breakdown. And if she doesn’t get consciousness in 4 hours, she can go in coma. The last sentence just broke me down. The whole world had fallen for me . I knew it was all because of what Naira had seen at my house. I wanted to kill myself for taking the decision of not telling anything to Naira. I knew she felt deceived and she had taken all this on her brain. By mind wasn’t working , all I did was got up and ran downstairs with my bike keys.

Precap: Kartik’s willingness to meet Naira, and Naira’s rejection.

*Guys do give me honest suggestions that how you like it and since my school is starting from tomorrow, so I won’t be able to write regularly but I need your love and support. *

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  1. Nice one but feeling very sad for naira and karthik…so pls unite kaira as soon as possible

    1. MinnieMouse

      I’m glad you liked it Soumya but honestly speaking i have a lot of time in uniting Kaira. Hope you understand ? Ty’s for your support

  2. It was really very good???. Pls pls continue soon.

    1. MinnieMouse

      Thank u so much ❤️ I would surely continue

  3. NYC!!!! Lookin forward to the next Eagerly…

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      Thank you ❤️

  4. Vrushy

    But please don’t prolong their seperation.Want to see them together again soon !!

    1. MinnieMouse

      Thanks. Ya I would surely think of smthg

  5. I do agree that ur ff is not bad. But a boy like karthik (as he is in yrkkh) can never do this to naira even for the sake of his dadi or anyone else in the world.

    1. MinnieMouse

      That’s why it’s an FF dear and not the actual YRRKH ?Anyways it’s your opinion

  6. Hales

    Nyc ! I hope kartik has a big relaizatiom tht just coz of dadi how badly he hurt naira!
    You poteayed it well yr! Keep writing ☺

    1. MinnieMouse

      Thank you very much Hales. Yes he would surely have a great realization. Thanks for supporting me ?☺️?

  7. Ahh I loved the episode though Painful it was I myself felt. Evry emotional reading it u wrote it very well dear…good going waiting for the next…
    If ur writing after a long gap plz do give. A link of the previous one
    Thank u dear

    1. MinnieMouse

      Thank you so much Shilpa. I am glad you liked it ?And yeah I have posted the next chapter you might be getting it till tomorrow morning. Sorry for the late update dear. I will surely try to be punctual ❤️

  8. Sethidisha002

    plz don’t separate kaira

    1. MinnieMouse

      Sethidisha002, I would surely have a Kaira Milan ☺️

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