Kaira {Chapter 3}


Chapter 3:

Naira’s POV

It seemed as if the world had stopped for a while. It was so peaceful and loving. I felt very secure in Kartik’s arms.

“Isn’t it amazing Kartik?” I asked

“Indeed the best!”, he replied.

Yes it was the best evening of our lives. All I was doing the whole time was thanking God in my heart for giving me Kartik and making my life just like a fairy tale. To me it seemed as if I, Cinderella had found the perfect shoe for me. Hahahahahaha, I knew even my examples sound awful.

We were just enjoying the beautiful sunset when suddenly his phone rang.

“Oh it’s Keerti.” He said

I was happy because Keerti was the only person Kartik liked in his family but still he had not told Keerti about me. I layed extremely silent while he picked up the phone. And the next thing I heard from his mouth was,

“What? I’m coming there as soon as possible.”

“What happened Kartik?”, I asked.

“Naira, dadi has got a heart attack! I need to go to the hospital now! I’ll see if you later darling, bye!” He said and drove off like wind.

Kartik’s POV

I just couldn’t believe what I heard. Dadi was the only person close to my heart. I couldn’t let anything happen to her. I drove to City Hospital as soon as possible but due to traffic I was late.

As soon as I reached I found Keerti outside the hospital who told me that dadi just had a minor heart attack and now she is taken back home and she wants to meet me desperately. I hurried back home but didn’t knew something terrible awaited.

The moment I reached home I saw my so-called father standing at the door, he asked me to go meet dadi as she said she won’t have medicine until she talks to me. I went to dadi. She asked me to sit beside her and asked me for a promise, that whatever she says I would obey her. Dadi was my only family, the moment she asked me for a promise, I gave it within a second.

Dadi started,

“Kitoo, I don’t know how much time would I live now…”

I interrupted but she didn’t let me continue,

“Kitoo, I want you to marry before I die.” I wasn’t pretty shocked because the thought that came to my mind was, Kartik now it’s the time to blast up about Naira.

“I have even selected a girl for you. She is the best and matches the standards of Goenka’s. If you want you can meet her. Tomorrow is the best mahurat for your engagement.”

I was dumbfounded. “Par dadi”, I tried to protest.

“Nahi kitoo tumhe meri Kasam. Iss bar tum kuch nhi bolo gay. Hum humesha tumhari baat sunte hain. Iss bar tum suno. Kal tumhari mangni hai aur yeh humara akhri faisla hai.”

What do I do? It seemed as if the world had stopped for me, for a moment. I couldn’t leave Naira. I love her and even she loves me more. If I tell her all this she would die. It seemed as if my head was blasting. I didn’t knew what to do. I couldn’t tell Naira all this because after so long she had came out of all the trauma, it was just not possible to tell Naira all this.

It seemed as if my head was blasting. Dadi ne mujhe apni kasam de di thee. The only idea that came to my mind was that I should do the engagement tomorrow so that dadi gets chilled out and then I would talk to that girl that I can’t marry her and even I would tell Naira all this. At that moment with all that stress, the only thing I needed was to hear Naira’s voice, so I called her up.

Naira’s POV

I was so worried. He wasn’t picking up my call since long. I just hoped dadi was fine. In all my worries while I was talking to my self, suddenly my phone rang. It was mendhak.

“Where the hell have you been Kartik? I am calling you since so long. How is dadi now?” I started with a long list of questions.

“Oh Naira, relax everything is good, dadi is fine, and I couldn’t take your call because I was with her. Now can you please stop all this. I just called because I was very stressed out and my head pained. I just called so that I could hear your voice and feel better.”, he replied and yes, actually his voice did look tired to me.

“Kartik are you alright?, should I come there? Look now you made me worried, now I’ll be worried the whole night. Why do you take so much stress?” , I replied while sobbing

“No, Naira please no. Don’t cry. I’m not that bad. Should I come and show that to you. Please don’t be worried. I’m good. ” , he replied.

“Okay, now just sleep , you need a good sleep.” I told him.

“Okay, jaan good night, love you bye.”, he replied sweetly.

“Bye, good night, love you too, and sleep well.” And I ended up the call.

Kartik’s POV

I had just replied her that I would sleep but didn’t how would I spend this night. I only had the believe that my lord would make everything good for me. The only thing I hoped was I could pull out both Naira and dadi properly. I was just praying to God and didn’t knew when I fell asleep.

*Precap: Kartik is having his engagement and suddenly Naira bashes into his house. Naira’s reaction.*

*Guys, I hope you people’s like it. I would post the next part once Telly update starts to accept it probably after New Years. Please do tell me how you liked it.?*

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      Hales honestly speaking I don’t have a story in mind. It’s just short ideas. The moment I sit for writing a chapter, I get more good ideas. So you see I can’t promise you for a twist but surely something worth reading. ?

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    Very very good but didn’t you tell about a bomb explosion or maybe it was another ff..anyway keep rocking

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      TvFan 1 it was me only who wrote about the bomb, but by the means of bomb I meant that the bomb Dadi would blast upon Kartik of marriage not an actual bomb!

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