Kaira {Chapter 2}

Chapter 2:
Kartik’s POV

It had been just like 25 minutes since I was waiting for her in the lounge at her house, just because she had asked for 5 minutes but I knew this lazy bums was never going to be on time. When I was now unable to resist I called out,

“Naira, are you coming or should I leave alone?”

“Oh come on! You should make a habit of waiting mendhak till you are with me” she replied.

I knew Naira still had to take time, so to kick out my boredom I switched on the television. It had only been a second or two when I heard someone whistling. The whistling part was not new to me but what freaked me out was that we were alone at home, then who the hell was whistling?

Before I could think further I saw Naira standing on the staircase whistling to grab up my attention. I was mesmerized. The Naira I had loved , was just damn different, and the Naira that stood infront of me was definitely different. A knee short white dress, decent heels with a little make up. She looked amazing.

“Ma’am are you the Naira I’m finding cause the Naira I know likes her pj’s more then all these rubbish {What she actually called all these dresses when I asked her to wear them.}, I exclaimed

“Oh mendhak. You see I thought to surprise you today’ she replied

“But my surprise would be more better”, I murmured.

Naira’s POV

Soon we started to leave. I was very excited to know what Kartik had planned for today but he was not ready to even give me a hint.

“Please Kartik tell me where are we going?” I asked stubbornly

“If I tell you that then what’s the surprise, huh?” He replied with a naughty smile on his face.

It took us around 10 minutes to reach where Kartik had planned our meet up. But before I could get down, he got hold of me and tied up my eyes with a black cloth.

“Oh Kartik what the hell is this?” I asked.

“Wait darling something very special awaits” he added.

He grabbed my hand and asked me to follow him.

Kartik’s POV

I was very near to my plan execution. Now it was time to un wrap everything. I asked Naira to stand where I made her stand, bowed down on my knees, took out a beautiful ring from my pocket which I had bought and then asked her to open her eyes.

Naira’s POV

The moment I opened my eyes it looked as if I was standing in heaven. It was a beautiful garden, fully decorated with flowers and candles. There lay a small heart shaped table in between and before I could speak something I saw Kartik on his knees. Before I could say something, he started,

“Naira, I never knew what love was before I saw you in rishikesh, I knew we had a fight the first time we met but that day made me realize even I could fall in love. You have made my life like a non meltable ice cream Naira. Please I was never the same before. I myself say that this Kartik was an angry man before he met you, he never knew what life was before he met you, and that’s why today I say that can you please make my life complete my junglee billi. Kyu keh ab yeh Kartik jesa bhi hai sirf tumhara ho keh rehna chahta hai.”

I was dumbstruck. Tears filled up my eyes. I just couldn’t speak. I just nodded him a yes, brought him up from his knees and hugged him tightly. He too gave in. That was the moment I wanted to complete his wish. I broke up the hug, cupped up his face and gave him a kiss on his lips, he was damn shocked.

I finished up the kiss and said,

“That’s my style of confession mendhak.”

He smiled and kissed me once again. I could feel the happiness inside him.

We then had some snacks and layed up in the garden on the grass in each other’s arms. Having a romantic talk and only having one wish in heart that this day should never end.

*Precap: The blasting of bomb that would split KAIRA up.*

Guys I have tried to write a long episode please give me honest suggestions, how you liked it. Thanks 😊


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