Kaira {Chapter 1}

Chapter 1-
Naira’s POV
Life had never been so beautiful and magical before. My mornings were never so bright until I met up my frog prince, my cutie pie, my mendhak. He made my life very magnificent. I had never spoke up to him about his presence so openly but had kept all these secrets into my heart.
I had surely changed since I returned back to my family but this mendhak turned this junglee billi into a girl, a girl which started to have feelings.
But today definitely marked up to be the best day of my life. Today, this day made me and my mendhak enter into the third year of our relationship. I am very happy.

The scene shifts to a very handsome guy getting ready in front of the mirror wearing a black tuxedo.

Kartik’s POV
Oh god I hope I look good, I exclaimed. Today I had to look really awesome, not because I had to impress my jaan, she is already impressed. But I had to give her a small little surprise which she never thought of. I hope she likes it and doesn’t get angry on me.
“Oh Kartik Bhaiyya don’t worry you look good”, to my extent I saw my to little brothers commenting me and giggling. Well it was the first complement I had got. Without thinking what they actually meant I headed towards Singhania house to pick up my darling.

The scene finishes on Naira standing outside the cupboard in half screen and Kartik getting into the car in half screen.

*Precap: Nairas sweet little confession and Kartik’s surprise*

*Guys please tell me how you liked it. And do give me suggestions*


  1. Rosa

    Hey plz do continue writing cuz its awsum..
    beautifully inspired by Miss vrushys ff it would be wonderful 2 read both da ffs.

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