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Some days passes like this. It was fresh morning.

Scene05: Udaipur Railway Station

Rahul was waiting for someone and has unique smile on his face; his phone rings.

Rahul : Yes Mom ?

Akshara : Train came or not ?

Rahul : Not yet , I’ll bring her safe don’t worry.

Akshara : Oky firstly take her to Goenka Villa ,Dadi will give you address.

Rahul said yes and ends the call.

Later , Train arrived on platform where Rahul was waiting. A graceful marwadi lady (Red-Black Ghagara Choli & tattoo on her body) steps down from train with her trunk (suitcase).
Rahul goes to her and took blessing and says “Gani Khamma Dadi Cool”

“Gani Khamma Chhora”Shankari tai said in her typical marwadi tone.
Rahul takes bags and started walking outside.

Shankari tai : Chhora , ke kare ho ? (Son, what are you doing ?)

Rahul : Study dadi.

They left in car.

Scene06: Goenka Villa

All are on breakfast table.

Suwarna : Maa said that some Shankari tai was going to come today with proposal for Karthik.

Manish : Oky !! Do preparations for her welcome.

Sanskar : Dad , we’ve important meeting today.

Swara : Sanskar , you’ll never change always business.!!

Sagar : Right mom , we should send him to office with his all stuffs, he didn’t care for you and his son.
Sanskar : Oky Sorry !!

Sagar : U better be , waise chachu kaisi wife chahiye?

Karthik : Chotu , she must be cute like you , smart like you…

Sagar : bas bas pata nahi kis zamane ki lines bol rahe ho !!

Everyone smiles.

“Ladki aaisi honi chahiye jise dekhte hi mere dil ki dhadkan badh jaye ,uski aankhon mein itna nasha ho jise dekhte hi mein madhosh ho jao , uski awaz mein itna soor ho ho ki ,mere dil aur dimaag se tansion chala jaye.” Karthik said.

Sagar : yeh hui na baat asli hero wali.

Manish : I know you are watching more SRK films now a days.

Sagar : Dadu dekhni padti hai warna ladki kaise mere piche padengi.

Everyone laughs.

Suwarna : Sanskar ,he is totally gone on you.

Karthik : Bhabhi, chotu is in express train jaldi bahu aa jayengi.

Swara : Karthik , pehli tum le aao phir uski bari.

Sagar: yaa chachu.

Karthik leaves to meet Sparsh.

Scene07:Slums Area.

Naira was busy in giving treatments and medicine.

Karthik and Sparsh arrives there and went to kitli for tea.

Karthik : uncle , two full masala chai.

They sits on bench.

Sparsh : Whats going on ?

Karthik : Same proposal and office.

Sparsh : Oky.

Karthik : Wow so beautiful (karthik said when he sees naira)

Sparsh : What but her face is not visible.

“person can beautiful by heart also not only by outer beauty”karthik said.

Sparsh : yes.

They drinks tea.

Scene08:Goenka Villa

Everyone is sitting in hall.

“Gani Khamma” Shankri tai said when she enters in villa. (Rahul is in car only)

Goenka stands up and greet her.

Manish : Ji aap ?
Shankari Tai : Ji , mein Shankari.

Suwarna : Ohh yes maa said about you please sit.

Shanakri tai sits on her bajath(stool she carries with her always like show).

Swara takes blessing and request her to sit on sofa.

Shankari Tai : khush reh beta , ji nahi itni izzat di wahi kafi hai.

Suwarna : Swara go and bring tea and snacks.

Shankari tai : No need to bring anything sit.

Shankari tai gives Naira’s pic to manish and says she is Naira Singhania , daughter of Naitik Singhania who has hotels business , Naira is educated girl she is cardiologist and serving for slums .Family has good reputation in Udaipur.

Manish : yes , I heard about their name , we also arranged our meeting sometimes in their hotel , which hotel ?

Sanskar : Hotel Krishna and Hotel Abhinandan.

Shankari : yes .

Goenka sees Naira’s picture and they likes her.

Swara : looking cute hnn sanskar.

Sanskar : Yaa Swara.

Sagar joins Karthik pic with Naira and says now Chachu and Chachi are looking good.

All smiles.

Suwarna gives karthik pic to Shankari tai.

Scene09: Singhania Sadan

Rahul and Tai arrives .

NaKsh takes blessing from tai.

Tai was about to sit on her bajath ,but rahul sit.
Tai : Chhora har bar tu baith jata hain.

Rahul : Hnn so sit on sofa like always you know na aap hamari dadi ho aise hi nahi bolte dadi aapko.

Akshara : yaa.

Tai : Where is ladoo?
Naitik : She is at slums.

Akshara : How is your health ?

Tai : Tagdi hai tabiyat tum log itna pyar jo karte ho.

Tai gave karthik’s pic to naitik.
Akshara : Looking smart and good.

Naitik : Tai , is he son of that manish goenka?

Rahul : yes papa, he is kind hearted also she loves his family more.
Naitik : how do you know ?

Rahul : see his eyes, his eyes speaks a lot.

Naitik : Oky we will talk with naira then we will fix meeting with them.

Akshara : Tai , go in room and take rest , you had a long journey I will arrange lunch in sometime.
PRECAP : First meeting of Naira & Karthik.
I know boaring chapter hain but bear with this.Sorry for late.
Share suggestion what u want in first meeting.

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