Kaira : An Arranged Ishq By Fenu (Chapter-01)


Hello Friends !! Fenil is back with new story !! Hope you will liked it.
My Friend Hales and many more want Arranged marriage wali story so i m here.

Karthik Goenka: A successful, young, handsome businessman . Just joins his family business. Loves his family very much. Age: 27

Naira Singhania: A cute, beautiful, nice, amiable but diffident girl. A very meritorious student and a doctor . Serve treatment in some slums. Age:25

Suwarna and Manish Goenka: Parents of Sanskar and Karthik Goenka.

Akshara and Naitik Singhania: Parents of Naira & Rahul Singhania.

Sanskar Goenka : Beautiful Soul ,Loves his family and his wife Swara a lot. Age-29

Rahul Singhania : Sweet boy. Age : 21

Swara Goenka: Wife of Sanskar Goenka , Sister of Keerti.

Sagar Goenka: Son of Swara and Sanskar. Age-5

Sparsh Desai: Friend of Karthik.Age: 27

It was a warming morning with a mild sunshine. A cute girl is showing in her balcony without her face. She is watering her plants in her little but a beauteous garden. The garden was full of various flowers. The girl was smiling at the flowers looking like they were her children who are playing. Suddenly a fresh breeze comes and the smooth and silky hair of the girl comes in front of her face. She gently places the hair behind her ears and now her face appears. Then her mother calls her………….

Akshara: Naira, is your bro still sleeping? Just wake up him. Otherwise he will get a slap from me at this age just like he has got till this age also.

Naira: Ok, mom….….Rahul… Rahul..wake up or I will pour water on u….Rahul…Rahul…… I am counting from 10.. 10…9…8..7…6..5..4..

Rahul: NO,di, plz 10 mins more , will bring more plants for u today..plz

Naira: No

Splashes !!

Rahul: Oh Dii. What did u do?? I told u na that I will give u bribe.

Naira: So , u thought that I will be trapped just like every time?? Not at all, my little bro. Now, wake up..

Rahul: yea Dii bhi na. pata nahi kab jayegi sasural..yea jaye to main bach jayu isse..uff…Now I have to wake up..


After 3 days……in Naira’s room

Naira: ma, u here? Do u need something?

Akshara: oo..Naira. Today a family is coming to see u for marriage in the evening.

Naira: umm..ok

Akshara: ok, my princess. Be ready.. Plz go for shopping and buy some new dresses for u .. And also plz go to the parlor .

Naira: No,maa. I don’t wanna go. If they like me the way I am, only then I will marry. Otherwise I wont . I hope that u will support me in this matter.

Naitik: Ur mother support u or not, I’ll definitely support u, my princess..

Rahul: And also the prince charming will support u….

Akshara: Hence what will the queen do? She also has to support the princess.

Naira: Rahul!! And prince charming !!! Yeh to ek bandar hain..

Rahul: I’m not saying anything just bcz my mood is very happy 2day..

Naira: Sooo happy!!! By the way. Maa, I have to go to slum today…I will be at home at the right time.

Akshara: Aaj bhi!!! Ok..tum mere baat sunti ho kaha!! U’re such a briliant student plus a cardiologist..hence u serve the slum dwellers like a medicine doctor…

Naira: Ohho..maa.. I want to better their lifestyle and also wanna provide them with better

treatment..aap sab ko to heart ki bimari nehi hoti hain..to isme ab mein kya karoon?

Aur last time when papa had a heart attack, then I decided that I will be a cardiologist..

Akshara: Yeah, beta.. I know..Ok but don’t be late.

Naira: Ok, the queen.

So,guyz…How is it?
I think it’s a boring one..I need ur consent whether I should continue or not…!!!!
So plz let me know AND criticism is always invited…So, don’t hesitate..Bye

Fenil here

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    No not boring at all very interesting nobody has written a story on arranged marriage eagerly waiting for next

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Shivaya Dear
      Glad that u liked it.

  2. Fenil

    Sorry there is mistake.
    Sister of keerti is type by mistake i didn’t proof reading.

  3. Vinni05

    It’s very interesting one not at all boring
    Eagerly waiting for next one
    Pls upload asap

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Vinni
      Glad that u liked it.

  4. Kairalover

    awesome….it is a very interesting story, loved it to the core, plz post next soon

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Aswah Dear
      Glad that u liked it.

  5. Aadya

    Hii Fenil Bhaiya(since you are older than me) I have read your other story as well and both of them are fantastic you are an amazing writer. Can’t wait to read more of them!

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Aadya Dear
      i know u read all story of mine , i thought u r busy so i never try to contact with u .
      glad that u liked it,

      1. Aadya

        Thank you Bhaiya

  6. very nice ff pls continue its very interesting

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Tridha Dear
      glad that u liked it.
      will try to post soon

  7. Faheemaibu

    Bhai, it’s not a boring story tbh. I loved it. And will love it if you upload further.

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear
      Glad that u liked it.
      will try to post soon

  8. Ipshita1217dA

    Bhaiya it’s not at all boring please write the next part soon please…..

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Ipsiii Dear (hope u have no prob)
      glad that u liked it.
      will try

  9. I think i read this type of ff any place and only character r change all concept r same but i suggests u to continue. I will be with u

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Diya Dear
      Glad that u liked it.
      if u had really read this story then tell me i will cancel this.
      i will continue Thanks.

  10. Sry for that i write in comment. I don’t think wat i write just write and if u don’t like my comment sry once again

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Diya
      No need to say sorry oky .
      its your right to comment.
      i never feel bad of any of the comments

  11. Neha_Pheonix

    Oh! Superb one
    Interesting start
    Really, Bhai ur FF speaks of emotions..and good character that u have
    Cardiologist, helping people visiting slums- Nice
    Waiting for next

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Neha
      Glad that u liked it.
      will try to post soon.

  12. Lasyashree.10

    Fenu!!!!! It’s superb!!! Doctor… Cardiologist ???

    Hehehe total part is awesome… A complete family story… Infact I love family stories you know… The scene of rahul akshara naira and naithik is awesome…. Great family bonding…. And yea thank god dadi goenka nahi hein iss me….. And this is gooooodd… Fell for your ff!!! Fenu…..This is marvellous story … Accept it or I’ll break your face…. Hehehe comment on some ff after sooo sooo long…. Hehehe so lost the grip of commenting….Hehehe bye… Love you bfffff….. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Fenil

      yaa i know what u liked
      Thanks BFF
      Glad that u liked it.
      hahaah u loose grip on comments

  13. Hales

    Wow fenu…yaar i really loved it! I always wanted this concept for kaira ….arrange marriage concept?
    Really looking forward to it … post soon?

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Hales
      I started this only for u .
      i know that u want this from long time so.
      Glad that u liked it.
      will try to post soon.

  14. Soumya85

    Wow bhaiya seems interesting
    I love this type of ff with big family
    Pls do continue
    Loved it
    Waiting for next episode

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Bhootni
      Glad that u loved it.
      will try

  15. Wow bhaiya amazing idea…
    Nice concept of arrange marriage…
    I’m looking forward for it…waiting for next plss update soon….

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Mahimaa
      Glad that u liked it.
      will try to post next soon

  16. wow.very interesting and I love the bonding between naira & rahul.
    Eagerly waiting for next update.

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear
      Glad that u liked it.

  17. sanaya kapoor

    Fenil it was awsm I loved it you seems to be a great writer my stories are nothing in front of you I wish I could also be like u and one more thing I love this chapter you are like a inspiration for me and everyone

    1. Fenil

      Aww Thank u Sanaya Dear.
      i love your stories also pls update them soon.
      Glad that u liked it.
      Its great thing for me or other writers when they said we are inspirations for them.

  18. LopaFleek

    Damn Awesome, keep writing

    1. Fenil

      thanks Nikita Dear
      Glad that u liked it.

  19. Good introduction of naira character .. Nice story ..

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Dear
      Glad that u liked it.

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