Kahin Teri khamoshiyan Jeet Na Jaaye Pyaar Se – episode-1

Hey ppl this is my first ff….i expect lots of love nd support frm u ppl…plz let me know what u think abt it frankly in d comments section…

A court is shown…the lawyers of both sides are busy preparing themselves for d hearing…
Just then d judge arrives..nd everyone rises… They get seated once d judge has taken his place

Judge: let d hearing begin
A tall nd a handsome guy…wid a perfect physique…nd a charming personality stands up nd says:
Your honour, I m shravan malhotra…lawyer of Mr. Anurag dixit

Just then a beautiful young lady stands up nd says… Your honour , I m suman, suman kashyap..lawyer of d defence..

Shravan looks at her …nd her confidence nd d fire to win burning in her eyes….catches his attention..but he sweeps away all d thoughts from his mind…as he readies himself to begin d case hearing…

Shravan: My lord this is a very simple case. My client married this woman.. ( he points towards a lady in her mid 30s) Ms. Ananya around 10 years back.. Nd got divorced just a year back due to some personal problems… Nd now Ms. Ananya has applied for d custody of their only daughter Ira who is now 8 years old…. I just want to ask Ms. Ananya how can she be so selfish and shameless that even after knowing that she can’t afford a proper upbringing for her daughter…she has applied for her custody….

Suman: Objection Your Honour….I would like to remind Mr. Malhotra…that we r not here to discuss the character of my client…

Shravan: ( interrupts her) of course we r Ms. Kashyap…your Honour ..this lady will never think about her daughter as she is a selfish woman…even when she got divorced from my client…she forced my client into giving her a huge amount of 1,00,000. She can only think about herself …..

Suman: I must say Mr. Malhotra I m really impresses by ur efforts…( and she smiles towards him as she says this) but unfortunately your honour ….Mr.Malhotra is wrong in one thing here… Yes my client did ask for money from Mr. Anurag…but that was not for herself…that was for her daughter
( at this Shravan laughs sarcastically)
Yes my lord….my client asked for this money so that she could start her own business…nd can fulfil every wish of her daughter ….and as far as I know she told this to ur client Mr. Malhotra…( at this Shravan gets shocked… Nd looks towards Anurag… Who looks tensed and tries to divert his eyers from shravan)
Suman continues: and one more thing Mr. Malhotra….since u r discussing d character of my client ….I would like to tell u….in fact ask u…did u find d reason to know why our clients for divorced..? No problem I will help u out in this….bcoz ur client used to beat Ananya… After being back every night in a drunken state…this started around 2 years back when he incurred a huge loss in his business.. A year back when my client thought that she can’t take it anymore…she asked for divorce….nd she even wanted to save her daughter from all this so she applied for her custody… So bfr pointing a finger at my client…u should just check whether ur hands r clean or not…
She gets a clap from d ppl sitting in d court….Shravan is both amazed nd shocked…he has never seen a girl so fearless…so passionate….nd is shocked to know that his client had lied to him..abt this…

In d end d judgement is given in favour of suman….Shravan is sad that his client lied to him..abt so many things…nd bcoz of those lies..he lost d case…but he is happy that truth has won…..as he looks towards suman…he sees her as a perfect blend of a fearless warrior nd a fragile princess… He was not attracted by her perfect features…but how confident she was in what she did…she was independent…passionate..nd at d same time so gentle nd caring…Shravan had never seen a girl like her….she was different nd at d same time blended to perfectly wid ppl around her….

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    It’s gud u can continue

  2. LovelyLady

    awsm strt…….
    the convo in court room was vrry good…….
    hope their love story wll strt vry soon….

  3. WeirdSister

    Thank you!! Will try to post d next update soon

  4. nice story

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow really nice and different

  6. WeirdSister

    Thankyoy….m happy that u ppl liked it!

  7. Please open a different forum for all the FF its very irritating to search for the actual update amongst these endless ff’s. I am here to read the written update and not a ff, there are hardly any updates in time. You should deliver what you started for first.

    1. LovelyLady

      dear avneet kaur… hv u any manner… hw cn u say against ff on an ff page….
      hm sb ff bahut pyar se likhte h…. n fr your kind unfrmation madam.. there is an optn of fltr on this site by which u can fnd only updates…..
      aur apko isse bhi jyada takleef h to telly updates walo ko contact karo

      n lstly plz nvr cmmnt on any ff page…. it us my hmbl request

    2. dear avneet everybody has their own perception n u r free to feel so .. if u found it irritating u could have applied some brain n used d filter option instead of writing dis much long comment.. anyway u should be polite just lyk me! 😀 😉

  8. Hey..its really..amazed..me about you..u said that..its ur first ff ..and u started a story which seems to be mostly based on court drama..by this intro..?
    Really..its impressive..go a head…
    And all the best for a great success friend..☺☺

  9. Madhuri

    It is so nice and different concept.i liked it???

  10. Amazing. I like it very much. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  11. WeirdSister

    Thnx a lot sona nd madhuri!!! I means a lot to me!!

  12. WeirdSister

    Thnx bhagyashri!! Will try to post soon:-)

  13. Weirdsister u are an awesome writer plz continue

  14. the argument part was awesome… really amazing… u r so much into law! ✌

  15. WeirdSister

    Thnx devgyani nd sumo….m so happy to c all d comments from u ppl….!! 🙂

  16. It’s just amazingggggg….!!!!!

  17. It was nice. Keep writing.

  18. WeirdSister

    Thank you maria nd shalini!

  19. Awesome

  20. nice start

  21. wowwwww nyc start keep it up

  22. Hey,amazing, keep it up,I also want same lawyer sumo in show also bt I know it couldn’t happen bt truly amazing nd keep it up ,superb ???

  23. WeirdSister

    Thank you kashfia..ankita..angel..nd kittu!! 🙂

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