kahin Teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaaye pyaar se- acknowledgements


To begin wid…a small poem by me…

D day I met u…my life came back to me…
From d moment I laid my eyes on u..that was all they wanted to c..
How can I forget those dark eyes…..
Which seemed so deep, endless like a sky….
That laughter..that smile….
That hand…holding which I could walk a mile…
I d darkness….u d moon…
I never thought that I’d loose u so soon…
But u live…nd always will…in me..
No matter how far we may be…
Silence may try… But win never…
Coz me and u will be together forever…

Kahin Teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaaye pyaar se…..this line…it touched me so much when I first heard it….it defines love so well….silence can never win over love…coz love doesn’t need words….but if we allow them to win…then that’s our failure not love’s… Love is undefined..unjustified…it just happens…many of u didnt expect a sad ending…but that was what my story was about…that true love is till eternity…’FOREVER’…this word has some connection wid love…wid relations…it tells us that they never die..even if we do…I know I m being…too boring…but I really did want to tell u all…d purpose…d motive of my story..it was not to tell how one falls in love…it was about how one fulfils love…love is a promise…of being together….even when we r not….

This is d first story I hve ever written…it will always be close to my heart….
I dunno..if any of u know..that my story wasn’t originally meant to be n ff …that also of shraman….I never wrote it in that sense….but when I first came to this site..I found u ppl so warm..so welcoming..that I thought that I really should write something..if not for me…for all of u…nd it gives me a lot lot of satisfaction….if I hve been to bring even an inch of happiness…to u ppl…words will never be enough to express how thankful I m to u ppl….for all that u gave me…but still I will try to Thank each nd everyone of u….
So here I begin…
Lovely lady
Luv ur ff
Preety banu
Shanza sarfaraz
Dino mino
Anu _u

I really wish that in one epi…all of u had commented together..I would hve felt blessed….but its fine….!!
Luv u all lots nd lots…
Sorry if I missed anyone….
U ppl r so warm nd welcoming that it feels truly amazing to be a part of this family…..u all were…are nd will always be my first readers….nd never ever in my life I can repay u for d advices…suggestions that u hve given me…..coz all of it..motivated me to do better…!!!
May god bless u all wid all d happiness…nd love…nd may u keep smiling foreva….even in d most difficult times….!!!

Goodbye….will always be wid u all as a loyal reader of ur ffs….nd m so sorry if I hve ever hurt or dissapointed any of u…!!!

Once again…luv u all!!!

P.S- I would even like to thank my friend……WeirdSister 2…at school… Who has bore all my nonsense talks about my stories wid patience…!!! Luv u too…idiot!

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  1. Lots n lots of love from me too u r amazing i have always said that u write so well that we can even imagine what the person is going through and for that i wanna give u a title u r the “emotion queen” and yeah one more thing the poetry is awesome i just loved it i wish i was with u so that i can give u a tight hug and never mind here is a virtual hug from me to you…..god bless u…..be happy in life and plz come back soon with another ff babye live u ❤❤❤❤❤❤???????? i gonna miss u alot ???????

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thank you so much naina…luv u !!
      Nd my story wouldn’t hve been complete if I couldn’t find readers like u here…!!
      U make me feel blessed!!
      Virtual hug nd kisses from my side too!!!???

  2. Nandini aka Nandu

    Aee… thank you so so much ws di. (I forgot ur real name. Pls mention ut again.) Well, even i wish that we all woukd have commented all together. But stay happy di lots of love for u. U r too sweet that u r posting acknowldegement. Too sweet. And all the love u got,trust me u really deserved it dear!! May god bless you with divine blessings and love. It is so strange that we people are sitting round the corner in different parts of the world, but still know each other, yet unknowingly. Lots of love. Keep writing. God bless u!!

    1. WeirdSister

      Niyati..! My name
      Nd thankyou so much nandini….!!
      Yaah u r right…as I said we r together…being far!!
      Luv u lots nd lots dear..!!
      Wish u all d best for ur life!
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        Sure we are. U have a beautiful name di. But we have something in common the N-N funda. Wait, wht u r just 2 years older to me?? I always thought that u were elder to me, atleast more than this. Lots of love di.

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Ahhhhhh !!! What an emotional speech u gave .. u left me speechless .. really I can say now that u r born to b a writer .. ur way of writing nd portraying the emotions is so much real .. nd after reading this .. m really speechless .. I hv no words to praise u .. words hi khatam ho gye hn .. nd wanna tell u something .. it would be funny bt u mentioned my name thrice .. I mean that PERRY ,, that SHANZA SARFRAZ nd now FATIMA .. they all r me .. ???? .. bcz I commented wid different phones that’s y I changes me names bt now it’s FATIMA ..
    nd plzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzz it’s a HUMBLE request that plzzzz don’t stop writing .. plzzzz come back wid another ff .. nd I m sure that will also b appreciated even more .. nd I can say that u r one of the best writers I hv ever read ..
    Ummmmmm I think mera comment zyada hi lamba ho gaya .. soo
    Take care ..
    Stay blessed ..
    Nd come back ..

    1. WeirdSister

      Oops Fatima..I didn’t know that sorry…!!??
      Thank you so much dear…!!!
      Luv u loads nd loads….
      May god bless u!!!

      1. Fatimagulesarfraz

        No no it’s ok ..

  4. Marie

    Hello niyati….!! Well wat to say yr….u r just sooo amazing yr…! I m feeling so blessed to have such an intelligent n brilliant sis lyk u…n ur ff omg I never ever love sad endings cause they r sad…..bt ur ff it’s so close to my Heart….u ff have a sad ending….I can’t n never say that I didn’t lyk it…..thorough it WS sad bt still toooo amazing….I saved ur last ep…n I read it daily feels the emotions….m so touch …! U described everything so perfectly we can’t wish more than that…….I knw may be these r short words to describe ur talent…but trust me u r awesome…!! U deserve more than this…..these small word infront of ur talent r noting bt phir Bhi…..consider them as ur sis love….. I love u sooooooo much se Bhi ziada …!! May god always keeps u happy….!!
    N do cm wid second ff…!!
    Hahahah lamba ho Gaya…!
    Take care..!
    Acha u r not going anywhere na…..? Be here wid us….
    Gonna miss ur ff a lot..!
    Love u.!

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so so much marie…!!!
      I m blushing!!!!???
      May u stay blessed…!!!
      Keep smiling….
      Nd luv u lots nd lots!!!??

  5. Sharmansangel

    Hey Di it’s riya I can’t express how am I feeling now your story was so different from other but the thing is that you left us so early you were going on so well but you ended it and I will not forgive you for this and ur punishment is to write a new ff ASAP
    Lots of love???
    Sad riya

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh riya…! I m sorry dear!!
      But I will try to be back soon!!

  6. Sumo

    so finally, niyati it is I was always curious to kno ur name… now I kno.. so niyati!
    u have been a writer who had maturity in her story inspite of being so young.. ( ur in 10th rite?)
    n above all the magic of ur dialogues always prove how much passionate u r about writing.. n yessss d thing I loved the most was “the court room dialogues” dudeeee dat part of ur story was my personal favorite.. love u n always will..
    come soon with onother story.. ????????

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much sumo!!!
      Yup I m in 10th…!
      U r just amazing…!!
      All d best for ur studies..!
      Luv u a lot…can’t express how much..
      Keep smiling….!
      Nd I say it again… Make us proud..!!!???????

  7. Nikita

    i love you! you were and will be one of the most amazing writers of EDKV..! pls come back soon, and this time, with a bang!! And yea, if you’re trying to private msg me, im sorry, im having problems, and tellyupdates deleted your msg.. so can you msg me again?

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you Nikita…yaah I hve been trying to reach u..I wanted u to read my last epi nd comment…!
      Luv u dear…!!???

      1. Nikita

        Yep, I did rread and comment.. This Telly Updates, it has been currently ignoring my comments and not posting them.. Anyways, I’ll write it here..

        It was amazing..the way you portrayed Shravan’s feeling was mind blowing.. I couldn’t stop but cry at the last episode.. That letter.. It killed me.. Sumo is Shravan’s forever.. I love you di.. Nd I mean it..

  8. hey Niyati i apologise 4 being a silent reader as i was too engrossed in studies . i read your ff from the very first day but in the mid was detached and finally when i read the last epi my eyes were filled wid water. truly love is eternal and silence can never win over love. stay well , stay blessed and pls come up wid another story. ur a wonderful writer.

    1. WeirdSister

      Thankyou deotima…nd its fine…!
      All d best for future..!!
      May u find all d success…!!
      Luv u !!

  9. Saying goodbye to such a great person is something beyond impossible.
    M gonna miss u n ur ff both. Trust me, the blend of emotions and words, oh, and wnat not! I’ve never seen such a thing before. I feel bleesed as to have come across a person like u in my life. Gratitude to the Good Heavens and TU….
    Coming to the point….I’ll really….no what I? We all will love it if u again come up with a beautiful story. Thanku so much for presenting sucha beautiful acknowledgement post.
    I love u and will forver do. Don’t forget, I love u more than I love ur ff. Hope to see you soon. Take care??

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh laddoo…luv u too dear..!!
      I hve really liked ur comments a lot from d beginning…nd this one also touched me…!!!
      Hugs nd kisses from my side to u…!!
      Keep smiling…!!??

  10. Neeti

    Niyati di you always made me emotional.
    First in your ff, then in your poem and lastly in your lines.
    Why did you end your ff why…..why:-(;-(.
    Really aap hamari niyati me the.
    And for me you are ES, Emotional Sister and yeah write another ff asap, warna me apke ghar se apko utha le aungi.
    And mujhe ap ka nam abhi pata chala :-P.
    Thanks for giving us such a beautiful ff.
    Sry agar zyada laga apko bt for me this is a small way to thank you.
    Agar dusra ff likho to luv <3 <3 <3 <3 from Neeti.

    1. WeirdSister

      Thankyou Neeti…!!!
      Hahaha…!! U will pick me up from my home!!!???
      I will try to be back soon!!
      Luv u
      May u be happy always…!!☺☺

      1. Neeti

        No i will not pick you bt i will kidnap you.
        And cant stay happy bcs my results are very bad, i did not get A+ in two subjects but i got total 81 percent.
        Nt try, you hv to b back soon, (in chulbul pandey style)-warna hum apke phn me itne ched kar denge ki ap ko pata hi nahi chale ga ki button konsa he ched konsa he.
        Lots of dhamki…i mean pyaar- Neeti

    2. WeirdSister

      Oh my god Neeti….u rr a filmoholic….!!!
      Don’t worry…u will do good next time!!!??

      1. Neeti

        Maine dabaang bhi nai dekhi nai dekha dabaang 2 ( i mean pura film) bas suna hain maine

  11. Neeti

    Are maine last me likha tha “na likho to narajgi :[email protected] %-) ;-> ” woh prt TU walo ne post nahi kiya.

  12. Zuha Fatima

    Hey sissy!
    Firstly i am sorry I was not able to comment on your last part as I was a bit busy with my school projects as school is opening this monday which is 8th August!
    Well sister this FF was utterly amazing! And what happened if it was a sad ending, the content lying in the story and writer’s devotion matters! You are an amazing writer and keep going like this! Do come up with more amazing stories!
    And yes silence can never win over love!

    Keep smiling 🙂 my sweet 😉 weirdsister 🙂

    Stay blessed…Take care!

    And last but not the least I love you far more than I love your writings 🙂


    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much zuha…!!
      Luv u…
      Keep smiling…!

  13. So much thnx for this mind blowing ff

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx devgyani…!!

  14. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Kaash…my itni late nahi huyi hothi..????????
    Kaash koi mere liye bhi..koi shabdh chod liya hotha..??????????????
    Abh my kya kahu..mere dil ki harbaath…yaha pey..har kisiney pehley hi keh daali..???????????????
    About the ff..I agree with above all..issey zyadha abh mere pass kuch bacha hi nahi..Kenney k liye..?????????????
    About..my dear sis..neeyati…☺☺☺☺
    Well..I just wana meet u once in my life time..
    But..i know its highly..impossible..☺☺??so..I JUST WISH THE GOD THAT..
    Written by
    And I can remember ur ff then..☺☺☺☺?????????????????
    U may feel that..I’m saying over now..but..
    This is how much u touched my heart with ur writing skills..☺☺☺
    And I really wish this for you..from my whole heart…??????????
    With lots of love…
    Urs sona di?

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh sona…thank you so so much…for such a heart touching comment….
      I love u so much….
      I felt grt knowing that u believe that I can write a full fledged story…well I m writing one now…like…its supposed to be a book…so its gonna take a lot of time…!!!
      May god bless u wid lots nd lots of happiness nd success…!
      Keep smiling foreva…nd stay d same!!!????

  15. Wow I miss your ff..just come back with
    Another story…

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thnx lily..I will try to be back..!!

  16. very srprised to my nm also
    kyuki mai kai ffs me slnt reader bni hui thi
    do karsn the
    ek ki meri keypad kharab ho gya h typ krne me bahut prblm hoti h
    aur dusra ki nya cllg h ., bahut assgnmnt rshta h
    i m sry to all
    plz frgv me evryone

    1. WeirdSister

      U r one of my first readers lovely lady…how can I forget u…
      So thank you…. Luv u!!

  17. Prettypreeti

    Oh ho di amazing writer u r a very special and unique writer love u
    Ty for keeping my name in ur list and at 9 no
    Ty sweeto
    Love u
    I m telling you have to come with next ff soon
    Its a humble request
    A dhamki warning also
    amazing writer u r
    Come back ok pleasssseeeee
    Sorry for commenting late actually was busy in studies and papers were going on please pray for my good marks
    Ty for praying
    Take care
    Love u
    And don’t forget to come back
    Love u
    Emotional kr diya merit sisssu me mujhe

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much preeti….!
      Nd no 9??
      I hvnt judged ppl….all r d same for me…
      Nd I will definetly pray for u…
      Luv u…
      Keep smiling…?????

    2. Prettypreeti

      Oh ws I know everyone is equal for u and Me actually my role no in class is 9 so just mix it with that
      Love u

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