kahin teri kamoshiyan pyaar se na jeete (Part 7)


Shia was in her room. Flashback was shown. Hw amaan and she was best frnds . but Suzan was jealous of them. So rehan and Suzan plot a plan against shia.to separate both of them . one day birthday party of shia. Amaan planned a surprise party in some hotel. Suzan came running and was scared and her dress was torn . and was in a bad state. Amaan and everyone ask abt her. She sys this is becoz of shia . everyone Wer super shocked . Suzan sys tht some goons Wer trying to molest me . and however I was saved. Rehan come with some goons they r noneother than their seniors. They sy tht shia said to mmisbehave with suzan so she will spend night with them and also paid money for tht. Shia shouts it’s a lie and sys I cannot tht cheap things. And y will I do tht. Suzan sys becoz u r jealous of me and amaan and. Cannot tolerate amaan with me so.shia slaps suzan and sys u r lieing and she tries to explain to amaan and he slaps her hard. She is shocked as everyone. Suzan smiles victoriously. Amaan sys I never thought u would stoop so low. And pushes her. She cries and is shattered. Everyone blames her.and goes. She runs and run while crying but seniors they r same who blamed her. Stops her and misbehave with and try to molest her. She was scared and they talk cheap things.they sy tht u care so much for amaan but he sent us to u. Shia is terribly shocked. Comes close to her and ask for kiss . she pushes them and runs to her home.flashback ends. Shia is crying and sying tht y did this amaan and cries badly.

Next day in college.
Amaan is coming towards shia and asks abt tht incident. Shia sys it’s none of his business and goes but he holds her hand and asks again. She asks him to leave her hand. But he doesn’t . she asks y asking it as u don’t know anything wat u did with me tht night. He asks wat I did. Wen she was abt reveal she stops . she ask him to leave her hand he leaves it she goes. He thinks wat I did tht she reacted this way . ya I know tht I slapped her but it was her wrong. She had to bear.

Kabir comes to shia and directly ask abt tht party. Shia sys ask with ua bro. Kabir sys but he donno anything as he was late for the party. Shia was shocked hearing it and was angry. She goes frm ther angrily. Zara comes ther sys tht don’t make my sis angry and talk respectly and sweetly.He asks is she a miss world. She sys it’s her birthday month so keep calm. He sys don’t sy to me sy to ua sis. And goes . she sys how rude?.

Precap: amaan remembers abt her birthday and is in this month. Shia comes to him.

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  1. Nice episode….post nxt epi soon

  2. Awesome episode, wowwww past revealed. …Suzane was the real culprit who planned to separate amaan n shia with her dirty tricks. ..so cheap n disgusting girl…..I hope shia n aman know Suzanne’s reality soon …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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