kahin teri kamoshiyan pyaar se na jeete (Part 6)


Epi. 6
In college

Everyone gives the amount and is excited for tomorrow. Amaan is happy tht shia is also coming.Zara and kabir sees each other and smiles. Rehan and suzan smile evilly as they r planning something against shia. Amaan and kabir plans hw to find abt shia’s change behavior.

Next day . everyone is ready and is in bus for trip. Everybody is happy . and plays games and atlast reach the place it’s very cold . every get down the bus. And built tent as ther is no rooms available. They sit in bone fire and plus some games and goes to their respective and sleeps.
It’s morning and is ready for hiking . they cilmbs small hills. And also go to a palace. At night wen they Wer returning some goons attack the bus. And kidnaps shia. Zara shouts and trie s to stop but they hit her and she falls. Kabir helps her and amaan goes behind the goons as Zara and kabir accompany him. They follow goons . goons Misbehave with shia and tries get close to her but amaan reaches ther at a time. He fight with goons. And they run. Shia is crying badly . he calms her down but she doesn’t and faints. He gets worried . kabir and Zara comes ther and helps him. Zara cries.kabir consoles her. Everybody comes ther. They get into the bus . they take her to hospital.

In hospital
Doctor sys she got faint becoz of shock. Zara asks but hw can it be . doctor sys she was afraid or scared of something. Take care of her. Rehan and Suzan gets angry as their plan failed. Amaan is sad as others. They r going back becoz of this incident. Shia get conscious and remembers wat had happened and gts scared but Zara calms her . they r going back .
Next day morning they reach college and all heads to go to their home. And is holiday.

At home
Zara asks wat happened . but shia rushes to her and shuts the door. And cries. Ther in amaan is tensed of tht incident. And thinks y she ws soo scared . tht even goons didn’t touch her .

Precap: amaan asks shia abt the incident.

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  1. Awesome, lovely episode. …aman saved shia…really good…nice guy….but same question in have, why she was so scared…precap is very interesting. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you

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