kahin teri kamoshiyan pyaar se na jeete (Part 5)


Epi 5
In college
Shia ws coming towards her class someone pulls her and shuts her mouth. It’s none other than amaan. She scold him.and he asks her to stop this drama and wat happened to her y she is acting like this. She asks him to leave and let her go. While she ws leaving he pulls her and pins her to the wall surrounds her and goes closes to her . she pushes him , he gets hurt by the nail and his hand bleeds . she sees it she shows as she ignored and is not concerned & sys don’t ever try to touch or come near me . she runs. Amaan sys she is not his shia and the flashback hw shia used to take care of him wen he used to fall frm cycle.etc etc. It ends. He thinks she changed alot.
Shia runs to washroom and cries badly and thinks he got hurt by me and thinks to go but then sys y am concerned abt him who is responsible for her condition.

Scene 2
Zara and kabir are walking together and kabir asks abt shia and sys ua sis soo arrogant. She sys no she is not she is loving sweet and cares me alot. But now adays she changed and tears rolling frm her eyes. He makes her to sit and wipes her tears. And asks wat had happened to her do u know anything . she sys no but wen she came frm tht party she ws crying badly. I asked her but she ran to her room and started shouting she won’t leave tht person who is responsible for this . flashback ends. Zara mite ua bro know abt this . kabir says ab Bhai ko bathaa Na padega akir us kya hua tha??? ( only bro should sy wat had happened on tht day.)

Scene 3
Amman’s home
Kabir comes to amaan sys wat had Zara said everything abt shia. And asks him abt tht party. Amaan sys even he donno wen I reached ther late shia had already left . l asked wit every one everybody said the same tht she left early. Even I wanna know wat had happened and I…………and stops and thinks it’s not ryt time to say. And goes frm ther . kabir sys something is ther tht bro don’t wanna say. He calls Zara sys amaan doesn’t know anything. Zara gets sad and end calls..

Next day in college
Principal announces tht ther is trip of three days to go for Kashmir . everyone is excited. And Tomorrow is last day to give amount and ua name. Zara sys I will definitely go. They comes home and Zara sys I will go. But shia sys we r not going any where . Zara sys atleast let me go. Shia sys no ineed ua saftey Zara sys to shia to come. But she denies Zara emotionally blackmails and atlast she accepts. Ther two brothers are ready for the trip.

Precap: amaan and kabir plan and ther Suzan and rehan plan against shia.

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