kahin teri kamoshiyan pyaar se na jeete (Part 4)


Everyone are excited. Shia and amaan remember a past were shia ws insulted in front of everyone. Shia goes from there. Everyone in their respective home are confused wat to wear in party.Suzan is going for shopping. Zara with shia selecting her dress. Shia goes to her room and opens the cupboard and sees the dress which ws gifted by amaan in school days. She remembers the past gets angry and closes the door in a rage. Everyone is ready and reaches the party venue. Everyone compliment each other and goes inside. Ther Zara is waiting for shia. And kabir comes and compliment her. By the time shia comes and every one looks at her she is looking beautiful in dark blue and white gown . amaan sees this and get mesmerized by her beauty. Suzan gets angry. And jealous.shia comes to Zara. Zara sys ua lookin awesome di!!. Shia sys even u too. Here is the entry of rehan. And sees shia and goes to her so ua shia changed alot and shia remembers hw rehan used to trouble her in schooldays. Suzan is getting angry tht rehan went to tht behenji. Song plays and everyone starts dancing kabir and Zara , amaan and Suzan, rehan asks shia for dance and goes with him . wen rehan turns her while dancing she looses her balance and fall amaan sees this and catches her in time. They share an eye lock . they realises and leave each other. Shia goes frm ther . rehan want to spend time with her in bed so he gives her drink which ws mixed alcohol in her drink . she knows his plan and wen she is about to take the drink Zara calls and she goes. Rehan gets angry. Suzan comes to him and he flirts with her. A drunken boy comes and misbehave with shia . amaan stops him and the boy goes frm ther. Shia asks him y r u doing this. Amaan am doing this for humanity not for u . and don’t think tht am trying to become ua frnd. She sys Y I will think . and am not interested to become ua frnd and goes. Amaan sees her and goes. All enjoy the party and reaches. Everyone is tired. And sleeps.

Next day in college: Suzan and rehan are planning to make shia get trapped. With ria and neha. After the classes Zara goes home fast as shia has to do some presentation so she goes to library and starts her presentation. Suzan and rehan locks the door and goes. Shia finishes her presentation and wen she ws abt to go light offs she ws scared of dark. She runs towards the door but door is locked outside. She gets scared and suffocates. She asks for help. And takes her mobile.and calls Zara but Zara is not picking her call. She again shouts for help. Amaan who was passing by heard her . asks is any one is ther she sys yes its me shia and sys I’m scares of dark please help and suffocates. Amaan remembers hw shia is scared of dark and suffocates. He immediately opens the door and sees her unconscious and lifts and takes her outside for air. He spills water and wakes her up. She wakes up and is scared. He sys her to calm down .she gets up to go and sys thanks to him. And goes . he also leaves frm. Shia comes home and shres the incident happened in college. Shia knows who locked her tht is Suzan and rehan as school days. Zara thank God amaan came for ua rescue. Shia goes .

Amaan remembers the past hw he rescued her before in school days like today. And ther shia thinks abt same.

Precap: shia to hurt amaan.

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