kahin teri kamoshiyan pyaar se na jeete (Part 3)


Epi 3

Amaan gets shocked and gets angry thinking abt the past. Shia sits. Suzan says tht behenji has become modern and says unbelievable. After class get over . Nisha comes to shia and shouts shia !!! And hugs her. Amaan see them and go frm ther shia goes back and asks him stop. She says tht now u got to know who am l??? And haa never try to be frnd wit me l am not tht shia who was ua frnd and sits silently wen u make fun of me in front of ua frnds. Amaan : mujhe bi tumse dosti karne ki koyi shock nahi hai in angry tone. She says mujhe bi todi Na tum jaise ladke SE dosti karni jise dosti ka MATLAB bi nahi pata. He says jaise tumhe pata hai Na miss shia. She goes frm ther and scolds him in her mind. He stare her. Seniors were troubling zara and kabir comes ther and rescue her . she thanks him and become frnds. He asks is she new in this college . she says yes and even my sis joined wit me in this college. He asks who is ua sis .she asks why?? He says simply . she says shia. And goes frm ther. He says shia and says behenji

Amaan was thinking abt shia hw she changed in these two years . and how she talked with him in tht manner. He says y I am thinking abt her. By tht kabir comes and says hey bro u knw shia amaan says I know shia came . kabir sys wat u know , amaan says ya and had talk also. Kabir sys hw is she? Amaan says I dot wanna talk abt her and goes frm ther
. kabir says wat happened to him??? Zara sees amaan and says amaan here and runs calling his name . amaan sees and asks u here Zara . ya even di is here . he says ya I know.
He asks wat happened to her she changed a lot . she says even I donno the reason sorry. She goes frm ther. Zara and shia reaches home and Zara sys I made new frnd di. And says i saw amaan in college and asked abt u di!!. Di even I want ask something wat happened tht u changed a lot say di please di even amaan asked with me. Shia looks at her and scolds her never ever ask this question to me again and goes frm ther . shia enters the room and lock the door and cries becoz amaan I became like this I won’t stay quiet. And take my revenge. She remember abt her past hw amaan would take care wen she ws fallen sick hw they enjoyed together in their childhood and breakdown. Amaan in his house still thinking abt shia . his mom comes ther and asks him is anything troubling him . he says no mom. She says I know u if want to share u can share it I don’t mind . he says it nothing and goes. Kabir comes and asks is everything OK . amaan says no shia changed a lot she ws not tht shia who ws loving , cute and silent. She has become arrogant , and changed her get up also and hates me even. kabir sys hmmmm! I thought u hate her and dont like her even u hve soft corner towards her. Amaan sys its nothin lidat. Kabir sys i know everything . amaan says leave it. And come hve dinner. They hve dinner goes to their room and sleeps. Even two sisters also .

Next day: they reach college and zara and kabir look at eachother. Ther shia and amaan look each other . and looks away. Suzan comes to amaan and hugs . shia feels akward and goes frm . kabir comes to shis and sys hi . she also respond . kabir says u looks nice in this get up . she says thnks and goes frm ther. Zara comes and asks wat wer u talkin and he says notin. And goes . she thinks wat happened to him. Principal calls everyone and sys thers a freshers party we want everyone to join the party. Zara , kabir , nisha, suzan neha ria and everyone wer excited for the party . shia and amaan look at each other.

Precap: everyone selecting their dresses and confused. Shia enters the party everyone looks at her and her beauty.

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  1. Awesome episode, so Armaan had soft corner for shia….good….precap is very exciting n interesting …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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