kahin teri kamoshiyan pyaar se na jeete (Part 2)


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Epi 2

Shia enters to the college and Zara’s says college is awesome di !! Shia says after all a I selected the college . everyone sees shia and the boys starts teasing shia and Zara . shia gets angry and scolds them . the boys stops and get shocked by her daring and no girls would dare them to scold . they are very cheap and spoilt boys. She goes frm ther and says to Zara tht to got to her class it will be late if she don’t go . Zara says OK and be careful tht bys are very cheap here . shia say OK my sweet sis , now go . Zara smiles and go . shia ws thinking about her school days and ws hurted by tht boy comes dashes with her and the both falls they share an eyelock everyone stares at them , he is mesmerized by her beauty and she is shocked to see him as he is none other than amaan . he says sorry she still in shock and remembers how he used to hurt her and make fun of her. She says amaan . he already had gone frm ther . she thinks tht now I will take every pain of me by hurting u amaan . amaan thinks who ws tht girl and seems like he saw her before by tht time Suzan come wit her two chipko frnds neha and ria and asks amaan wat r thinking amaan .he sys I was thinking abt u Suzan . and thinks wen I will get rid of her . she says oh really baby. Shia comes ther and sees them together and thinks oh Suzan so she is gf of amaan . she thinks hw Suzan ws making away frm her bestie amaan in schooldays . amaan sees and comes to her and asks do we know each other she thinks so he didn’t recognize me it’s better tht he didn’t . he asks again . she says asks yourself . and goes frm ther. He says ajeeb ladki he yaaar !!! And goes back of her suza sees this and gets angry and asks neh and ria who is tht girl and hw amaan went back of her they says don’t know and we will find every info and her. Shia enters the class sits he also comes and sits near her and she sees this ask him y r u back of me . he says I want to know who are u ? And let us be frnds she don’t respond and the professor enters the class and they wish him Suzan is burning inside tht amaan used to sit wit now he is sitting wit tht girl who is she?? Professor asks shia to introduce as she is new girl she stands and intro herself . amaan is shocked by hearing her name . and even everybody who are frnds in school days.

Precap: amaan is hurt. Zara and kabir meet and become frnds .

Will amaan hate after knowing she is shia and be frnd wit her stay tuned to know in next update thank u.

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  1. Hey , how was the update

  2. Awesome episode, loved the plot ….keep it up ….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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