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Kahi Toh Hoga – Part 2


For Shona it was her 1st love..The feelings were new and everything was flower blooming..

Shona in her under graduation met Kush..a boy totally different from Shona..Shona was east..Kush was west..slowly slowly The east met the west..and dnt knw wen they fall in love with each other..Kush was a loving nd too much caring partner…shona was fully in Love with Kush..

Shona started helping Kush in many ways..she used go make notes for Kush..there was something more Dan friendship..

once Shona was listening a song from the movie kal Ho na Ho..nd suddenly she started writing the lyrics..

Aisa Jo koi kahi hai
bas woh hi sabse hasin hai



bt she was not knowing the whole song so she just has puted fill in the blanks..

One day she saw dat fill up was completed

Aisa Jo koi kahi hai

BAs woh hi sabse hasin hai

Us haath ko tum thaam lo

woh meherba kal Ho na ho

It was completed by Kush..

Their friendship started blooming Wen Shona teaching accounts to her friends along with Kush..Their they started interacting..
Kush actions toward Shona were slowly it became special..nd important..Kush proposed giving a chocolate 🍫..nd told her to eat it..shona kept fat chocolate kush forced her to open right der..

Shona final opened dat chocolate bt was surprised to see dat der was no chocolate inside instead der were cardboard pieces attached to each other and folded in four parts as soon as she opened der were pics of both of Dem..nd down also written as “I LOVE U”

For Shona it was the most shocking thing wasn’t like Shona was not in love with the thing was Shona was totally different from everyone..for her everything in lyf was serious..

She was a gal lyk for one men..only..if she loves one she wanted to marry him only

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Plz let me know should i continue or not.Thanks for reading :-*

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