Hello … a big thanks to all who read and who commented… was really very … many of u thought it same as a movie.. and ya to some extent it is.. yet i am gonna add some my spice and bring it in front of you…
The episode begins with a girl entering in college. Alll boys are getting flat on her.
Girl: where is principal’s cabin..
Boy: hmm… go right then from stairs go up and on very right side there is the cabin.
Girl: thank u .
Boy: my pleasure…
The girl leaves and the boy giggles…
The girl goes as he said and finds a store room there.
Girl: he said a lie. She gets worried.
Sanskar is passing from there . He stops seeing her worried..
Sanskar: do u need any help.
Girl: i wanted to meet principal but one boy told me….
Sanskar: forget it.. come i will take u.
Sanskar: here it is.
Girl: thanks… btw… i am ragini.
Sanskar: sanskar. Nice meeting u . He leaves.

In cafe.
Swara: guys everyone listen…. neha and tarun r getting engaged.. and everyone in college is invited.
Everyone cheers
Sanskar: whats going on?
Swara: neha and tarun r getting engaged.
Laksh: and he didnt informed us yet.
Sanskar: today he is gone.
Laksh: i will not leave him..
They run behind tarun.
Tarun: i am sorry bhai..
Laksh: how dare u.
Tarun: i request u both to leave pls.
Sanskar: ok.
They all look at each other and laugh.
Sanskar: btw.. where is the engagement.
Tarun: maheshwari mansion.
Sanskar: it is about30 km from kolkata.
Tarun: ya… i loved such places.
Laksh: we know only u can be so mad.
Tarun: shut up lucky.
Swara and neha goes there.
Neha: swara we have to go for shopping.
Swara: we all will go.
Neha: gr8 . It would be fun.
Sanskar: guys i will just come.
He goes to attend a call.
He meets ragini there.
Sanskar: hi. Is ur work done.
Ragini: yes.
Sanskar: new student.
Ragini nods.
Sanskar: have u made any frnd yet.

Ragini: no.
Sanskar: come wid me.
They go.
Sanskar: see everyone. She is ragini. A new student. And ragini she is swara,neha… he is laksh ,tarun.
Ragini: hi.
Everyone: hi.
Swara: new in college.
Ragini: yes.
Swara: so frnds.
Ragini: frnds.
.they all sit and talk

Precap: maheshwari mansion…
Thanks for reading…

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  1. Nicee…waitng fr nxt

    1. Shloka

      Thank u … i will try updating

  2. superb update soom

    1. Shloka

      Thankvery much ..
      Will soon update

  3. Piyali

    amazing update darling, i loved ragini’s entry and she made friends too quite interesting..maheshwari mansion,……seems a secret……….ok a request , assign someone the characters of tarun and neha , it would be easy to imagine……………update soonish……….love you…..be happy……..

    1. Shloka

      Thank pihu….
      I too was thinking … lets see who fits better for these roles…..
      Thanks for commenting

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    Great. ❤️ Waiting to read

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      Thank u very much shana
      I will surely update very soon

  5. yay love rags

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      …. u r urely gonna see a beautiful character of ragini.
      Keep reading

  6. ragini entry- is Nice

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