Hi … guys how are you all.. i am writing this mystorious story…. hope u people like it and support ne in it.actually i read it once and it got printed in my mind… so here is the first episode.
So here it goes….
The scene begins wid a book launch ceremony…… a book which has some mystery .. the book is ‘kahi-ankahi battein’ ….
A book by proffesor – siddhant das.
There we see a grouo of 5 students of same college talking… 2 girls and 3 boys
Swara: hey guys r u gonna read proff. Sid’s books
Laksh: what rubbish shona… i am not even gonna touch it.
Sanskar: same here… forget about it …
Neha: u people r so rude.
Tarun: oh if u wanna read go and read it.
Neha: i wiill surelly read.
Swara: stop fighting guys. Lets go there… sir is calling us.
Sanskar: ofcourse …sir ki chamchi…
Swara gives an angry look to sanskar.
Laksh: stop it both of you….
Tarun: come on guys…. stop it lets go.

They all gets collected around proff. Siddhant…..
Sid: so my dear students…i have one edition of my book for everyone… i hope u people will read it and like it too
Sanskar whispers to laksh…: like it… what do this man thinks himself…… j.k rowling… that v r gonna read his harry porters edition.
Everyone in their grp laughs… and swara punches him…
Sanskar: ouch…

Everyone present in ceremony. Looks at him…
Sidd: what happened sanskar??why ouch
Sanskar: not ouch sir …. i said wow… i am surely gonna read it.. and it must be amazing only… coz u have written.
Sid:oh so sweeet of my boy.
All his grp member laugh.
After some time . They all sit on one table.
Swara: kahi ankahi batein. Kisi film ke title jaisa nahi lagta.
Sanskar : swara dont ever dare to talk about it now. Or i will kill u.
Laksh: what do u actually want swara. May we take this book as a subject…
Swara: u both r always behind cutting my words.
Laksh: we r not a barber.
Swara slaps laksh.
Everyone laughs.
Laksh: what was this?
Swara: a gift.
Laksh: wait i will give 1 to u too.
Swara- i will complain sid sir.
Laksh: ok .. ok… i am not doing anything…

Precap: entry of a beautiful girl in college…. who is she?????? Is she… i know what u all must be thinking… and to some extent it is right….

Thanks everyone… for giving ur time …thank u… hope u people will be liking it…
Ur comments will decide future of this ff… and guys about pairs… u will soon come to know ….


  1. Megha123

    |Registered Member

    Hmmm……interesting…..Is she ragini ??? & is she always ghost coz I think it is similar to a movie anyway eagerly waiting for nxt part

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