KAHI ANKAHI BAAT (episode 2)


“Nothing is impossible… as the word impossible itself says….I M POSSIBLE….so never lose heart..”
I was very happy seeing the response of everyone…. just keep reading and supporting me….
The third episode begins with everyone in college…
Ragini: wow u all r so good.
Swara: thanks ragini
Ragini: u people must be knowing each other since long right…
Laksh: since childhood.
Ragini: wow…great ..
Tarun: but i came to this grp 2 yrs bfor…and they made me a part of this unseperable crew..
Ragini: so happy to get such frnds today
Sanskar: btw… u r coming with us na.
Ragini: but where
Neha: to our engagement
Ragini: oh when is it???
Neha: tomorrow…and u will surely come.
Ragini: but where…
Tarun: maheshwari mansion…
Ragini: u mean that khandar… which has been closed since 20 yrs.
Neha: ya … tarun loves such places..
Ragini: strange choice…
laksh: ya. And u will be coming..
Ragini: but how will i ??
Sanskar: no problem. I will pick u.
Ragini: thank u very much sanskar. She smiles looking at him. Sanskar too smiles.
Swara looks at this and feels litte strange.
Tarun: u people r coming with me today only na.
Laksh: ofcourse bhai..
Sanskar: we will leave after college. Because i have to come home early in morning .
Tarun: as u say ..my lord.
Everyone laughs.
After college.
Ragini goes to sanskar.
Ragini: sanskar …. thank u .
Sanskar: for??
Ragini: bcoz of u i got so many frnds.
Sanskar: pleasure is all mine.
Saying this he smiles and leaves.ragini stands there smiling.
At maheshwari mansion.
Tarun: welcome bhai. See i got it decorated.
Laksh: hmm.. it no more looks like a khandar.
Sanskar: it looks good now.
Tarun: what will we do now??
Laksh: party
Sanskar: no laksh very bad idea.
Tarun: no sanskar its good.
Sanskar: ok as u both say
Laksh: only we 3 and…
Sanskar- and.
Tarun: no laksh.
Laksh: yes pls…
Tarun: i am ready but..
They both look at sanskar
Sanskar: what… i will never say yes
Tarun: no even for me.
Sanskar: u r backmailing me.
Tarun: bhai pls
Sanskar: okay….. but just dance and all.
Laksh- ok ok.
They all get ready for party. Lights r off. Suddenly song starts.
A girl is dancing there.
A servant sees and is shocked…
He leaves from there. The girl notices him.
All of them dance with that girl.
Next day. In morning.
Tarun: shyam..(the same servant)
Another one comes and says: he has gone back to his town for some work
Tarun: ok. But make all arrangements good.
Here swara,laksh,sanskar,neha and tarun . All r in mm.
Swara: wow it looks so royal
Neha: i too loved it
Swara: when will be the guests arriving. Actually v need to get ready.
Tarin: about 2 hrs.
Laksh: oh… so sad.
Tarun: why
Laksh: how will these girls now get ready in a short span of 2 yrs..
Swara: o .. wait i will tell u.
Swara throws all cushions of sofa on laksh.
Laksh fianally says sorry
Neha: and guys what about ragini.
Sanskar: oh i forgot … dont worry i am going home. I will bring her too .
Swara: come soon.
Sanskar: ya.
Sanskar gets ready at his home and goes to pick ragini.
Ragini comes on door. She is looking gorgeous in blue -golden lehnga.
Sanskar: looking beautiful.
Ragini: thank u
They sit. Sanskar is driving…
Suddenly it starts thundering out… there is storm and thunder lightning.
Sanskar: oh i think weather is not good. Hope we reach bfor it starts raining.
Ragini nods. Suddenly there is a noise and ragini holds sanskar hand tightly. She closes her eyes.
Sanskar: ragini dont worry. Nothing will happen. See we r about. To reach.
Ragini nods
They reach mm.
At mm.
Swara: oh sanksar see we got matching matching again.
Sanskar: swara u r looking beautiful… he looks while swara is looking at him.
They both share an eyelock disturb by ragini.
Ragini: yes swara u r looking gorgeous.
Swara: u too.
They both hug and as they hug it starts raining out…
Swaragini song plays……
A drop of tear escapes from ragini ‘s eye.
Precap: at mm.
Why did the nature responded in that way??? How r swaragini related??? What is their relation???

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  1. Fantastic part dear….waitng for precap eagerly….loved ragini 😉 😉

    1. Shloka

      Thank u very much dear…….

  2. nice love ragini hope she’s not negative

    1. Shloka

      Thank u very much…. i cant promise u of negative or positive… but ragini have an amazing role in my ff…. and she is such a versatile actress that it will be very easy for us to imagine her

  3. So_ni


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      Thank u very much…

  4. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dr…pls dnt make ragini negative

    1. Shloka

      Thank u .
      dont worry whatever ragini will do she will be a shining star of my ff

    1. Shloka

      Thanks … keep reading

  5. Shana98

    Perfect ??

    1. Shloka

      Thank u very much

  6. Piyali

    hey darling , it was really an amazing update , i loved swalak , ragsan and swasan scenes , please no love triangle , i hate them yaar , specially if they are between the leads …… swaragini have a connection , its interesting , nature , bhooot-pret and all haan , i love mystery but it is hard to digest so please post next one soon………..love you……be happy……..

    1. Shloka

      Thank u so much pihu……. ya its a mysterious story….
      Thanks for commenting it made my day

    1. Shloka

      Thank u very much. Keep reading

  7. Perfect but don’t show ragini in negative angle it’s my request

    1. Shloka

      Ragini will be a shining star in my ff….
      Thats what i can promise…
      Thanks for reading..

  8. Mica

    awesome story shloka

    1. Shloka

      Thank u very much dear… keep reading

    1. Shloka

      Thanks j…. keep reading

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