Kahen teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaye pyar se (edkv) – Epi 5

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So lets begin
He felt a moment in his life less body and chain of his thoughts broke down. People has gathered around to rescue him. He was aware of everything going on that how some people take him to the hospital and now he was lying in opreation theater.
Suman drived back to home as her condition was not good, an unknow fear was flowing in her nerves, she was restless without any visible reason. All she wanted is to see shravan once, but she knew that it would not be possible because there was a distance of miles between them. Currently she is in london, reaching home she made her way to a room. Which was all dark only the slight brightness on moonlight was scattered, she took out a photo of hers with shravan and got teary eyed.recalling past
Suman,s pov,
Sometimes you go through so much pain that you feel that there is no more life left in you.
You feel yourself trapped in such darkness that no light can replace.
Somewhat like this only i was feeling when mom and dad passed away in car accident and nanu brought me with him in india.
I was 14 and was finding it very difficult to overcome my loss, though everyone take care of me alot nanu, mama, mami, musi musaji everyone used to love me alot. And preeti and anoj bhaiya take me as their sister but sometimes i felt alone like really alone. I dont use to talk with anyone much i just spend my whole day in my room.
When one day nanu asked me to come with them in the birthday party of nirmala,s aunty son. Nirmala aunty just treat me like mom, she is really nice. Still i didnt wanted to go but as nanu insisted i could not deny.
I wore a white frok that dad brought for me last year and went with them, there a met aaliya nirmala,s aunty daughter which was such a cute kid that i spent a quite good time with her, but later i was not feeling well so i came back.
After few days i got admission in high school, and everything started to change since the first day of high school. My loneliness disappered by thoughts of someone, someones smile brings  happiness in my painful life.and that someone was………….
It was our first day of high school, wheather was quite pleasent it was raining slightly.
And on the very first i got some really good friends, talking with them we reached at notice board where already a bunch of stundents was present.some how i managed to get in and check my section then i tried to get out of that crowd but i collide with some one “i am sorry” i said without looking at other person and walked away.
Along with my friends i walked into the class and reserve the seats, then we stood outside talking about random things.
Just then i felt my hand being pulled with someone, looking down i realised that my bracelet got stuck with someone, blazer. I looked up and the world aroud me stopped.
I was lost in his features, i haven,t seen such a charming boy ever, he seemed like a prince of fairy tale. His eyes met with mines and i imediately lower my gaze tring to take my bracelet, he tried the same and our hands got touched i immediately withdraw my hand, as if i got electric shock,i felt his gaze on me later he solved that i started walking in with my friend when i heard
“After having magnetic effect on girls heart and mind iam attracting their acessories as well”
With a chuckle.
I turned to see him and he also turned
When my friend spoke “true that! I haven,t seen a charming guy like you” i sawing him smiling and i rolled my eyes though i totally agree with her but i just cant show.
“And what you think ms?” I widened my eyes and said hesitantly “about what?”
“About me” i dont get any answer to his question so i turned to go but he jumped infront of me
“What?” I asked
When he forwarded his hand “frnds?”
I so wanted to be but i recalled mamiji,s words “suman beta! Stay away form boys, boys here are really spoiled” though i knew that he was not among those but i dont wana die hearing mamiji,s taunts.
“Frnds! With you? Never i dont want to get close to spoil brats like you”
I walked in without hearing any other thing from him.

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  1. Fenil

    Awww Such heart to heart connection you manage to show between SharMan.
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        hey , i m Boy.

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  2. nice epi
    post asap

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      Thankyou soooo much for commenting harshita!?
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  3. Superb episode. Nice pov of Suman.
    Keep it up. Post next episode soon.

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      Thankyou so much reema?

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