Kahen teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaye pyar se (edkv) – Epi 4

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So here you go,
The first day of high school,
I entered in by the main gate,with a bag hanging on my shoulder. It was early morning,but it had bit of dark appearance. As it was raining slightly and clouds were not allowing any ray of sun to reach. Cool breeze was blowing that disperse my hair My one hand griped the strip of my bag while other i put in pocket of my pants.

I was in white shirt with blue coat over it and blue pants, this was uniform of our high school.
The environment around was bustle and busy, what else you can expect on first day? Everyone was busy in world of their own. On my way i came across to so many groups of students. Some were chatting and laughing, some were crowded before notice board to see their sections, some group of boys were busy in checking out girls and so on.

Not paying attention to any other thing i moved towards notice board,where a large crowd was already present. Despite of my great height i could not get a glance of notice board man!. There i also meet my some frnds after talking with them for while, one of my friend said.
Pushkar: seriously! I think these will take forever to move from here. (Pointing towrads crowd)
Ajay: excatly! We cant waste more time, lets try to get in.
I nodded and we tried to get some space, when i finaly reached near notice board.
Shravan- A(section)
” hey buddy! Check out ours also” ajay screamed from back.
And i looked for their names.

I was done by now and tried to move out, but this crowd of students. God! They were not even giving a space to let me out. I was moving here and there bit but actually i was still there. When someone collides with my back.
I turned and her hair started flying before my eyes.
Between her flying hair i traced her eyes, that seems to be familiar one. Among that noise her voice appeared as melody when she almost whispered “sorry”.
I got numb i could not move a bit and she made her way to get out by my side. I kept looking at her until she got disappered from my sight.

“Shravan! Lets go we are getting late” pushkar said shaking me by my arm.
“Yeah lets go”.
On the way to our class i kept thinking about her, she was the same girl i saw in party. She is like normal girls then why she affects me so much that my eyes just want to see her when she is around.

U r getting mad shravan. This girl will drive you crazy, stay away from her. I scolded myself and tried to throughout my thoughts when she again appeared coming out of the class, with a smile on her face, she was talking with her frnds. I just stared her lips which moved as she speaks and smiled time by time.

“GOD shravan! Behave your self” my mind scolded, i rolled my eyes and looked away.
She was standing at entrance with her friends so i decided to go into the class, without looking at her.i crossed by her without looking at her And to some extent i got successfull but then i felt my hand stoped by something, i think it got stuck in something, looking at back i found that button of my coat sleeves got stuck in someone,s bracelet. I lifted my eyes up and again it was her. her eyes looked at our hands first and then moved upto my face inoccently. Then comes an eyelock We looked in eachothers eyes for the first time and i felt like world has stoped around me.

But it was not enough to make me crazy i really lost my sense when our hands touched trying to solve that tangle. she immediately back off her hand i looked at her for while and again continue to solve that as she was getting uncomfortable.
Finally i freed her bracelet, avoiding another eye contact she passed by my side. When something tiggers in me to speak. that small moment was precious for me and i did not wanted that it get unnoticed by her.
” after having magnetic effect on girls heart and mind, i am attracting girls accessories” i chukled while pushkar was confused.

I turned to see her and her eyes were already at me.
She was quite when her friend said “true that! I have never seen charming boy like you ever” and she rolled her eyes at her friend.
” and what you think ms?” I asked her.

“About what?” She said hesitantly
“About me!” I raised my eyebrow.
She smiled sarcasticaly and turn to go when i jumed infront of her and blocked her way.
“What?” She said raising her both eyebrows

“Frnds?” I forwarded my hand.
“Frnds with you? Never. I dont want to get close with spoil brat like you so please stay away” she pulled her frnd along with her and goes in the class.
Spoil brat!!!!!!! Ahhhh shravan what image you have set before her. I messed up everything damn!.
I scolded myself and goes in.

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