Kahen teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaye pyar se (edkv) – Epi 3

Hey lovely readers,
Finally here with 3rd part, appologies for being late and thankyou for your support.

From this part u will get to read their teenage story:
Hey lovely readers,
Here is part 3 for you all.
Thankyou for your support and votes, i seriously love you all.
From this chapter their teenage story will start:
He was exhaling each breathe with difficulty,blood flowing from his head injury and wounds all over the body were so extreme that tears start flowing through his eyes. He was in griveous pain,he slowly wriggle out of that turn over car and laid down on road.
He thought that these were his last breathes, in few seconds he will quit the life,slowly slowly his vision gets blured and darkness filled his eyes. Now he is laying on that road in a pool of blood with little consciousness.
And he started reliving his life in those few minutes perhaps his last.
“”””””It was my 16th birthday, i woke up from my slumber as mom,s voice reached at my ear Happy birthday to you…” followed by dad “happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear shravan” i dont think there could be better start of my birthday than this. I opened my eyes with smile and sits on bed, i was left suprised by surroundings. My room was beautifully decorated,after looking around i shifted my gaze at door where mom,dad and aliya were standing. Mom was having cake in hands both stepped towards me while aliya runs and huged me wishing happy birthday. she is 4 years younger to me and i love her more than anything.
“Thankyou! Princess” i exclaimed and then mom and dad wished me one by one.
After cutting the cake and spending some time together, mom and dad aheads to leave and mom stoped by the door and said”oh i forgot to tell you. There is party tonight for you. so dont plan anything with friends. Instead call them here.”
“Ok” i smiled.
“And yeah urvashi is also coming… you remember i told you about her? Dad added
“Oh yeah! Offcourse i remember” i said.
“I should also ask tiwari ji to bring suman. If she will come and meet people her mind will change from her loss” she muttered more to herself.
“Yeah! You are right” dad said
And both goes out. Aliya followed them.
Latter i sat on the bed checking my cell phone which was showing so many texts and calls of my frnds,class mates etc. I sighed and placed my mobile back. i dont know why people surrounds me like that, as bees surrounds sweets, people surrounds me mostly girls.
Being topper and charming guy of school i have gained great popularity. But i am not the one who wants to seek attention of everyone, who wants to be the one about whom girls gossip everytime. I want some privacy in my life i like to be alone. Thats why i maintain distance from everyone, only four people are my priorty mom,dad, aliya and nanu. Nanu is mom,s bestfried priya,s aunty father. He is like father to mom so in that sense my nanu. Dad also respect him alot as he helped him in every possible way to become a successfull lawyer.
There are two other people as well, about whom i have been hearing alot these days. Suman & urvashi. Urvashi is daughter of mr.kapoor dad’s best friend, they used to live in other town first but now they have shifted here and she is joining the same high school as i. So dad wants me to help her if she needs any. While suman is priya aunty,s daughter. Uncle and aunty passed away in accident recently so nanu bring her here from london.
Though i have visited nanu many times but never met her, mom used to tell that she has become very quiet after that incident and didnot even comes out of her room. Lets see if she comes in party.
At night i got ready in white t-shirt and blue jeans, and joined everyone downstairs. everyone wished me and then i sat in corner with few of my frnds when dad called me.
Dad:shravan! Meet kapoor uncle.
I looked at the men nearly of dad,s age he was in three piece.
Shravan:hello uncle.
Dad:and shravan. She is urvashi.
I shifted my gaze towards a girl standing nearby.
She was dressed in pink frok upto her kness and her hair were set in bun with a crown on her head. I have seen many barbie doll girls like her. So she didn,t attracted me much.
Urvashi:happy birthday shravan.
She forwarded the gift towards me.
I took gift from her.
Dad:go! intoduced her to your frnds.
Shravan: yeah!… come!
I introduced her to my frnds and they start talking.
While my mind was lost somewhere i felt like i dont belong to them, i was totally out of their conversation.
I looked around when i saw aliya playing with a girl, she was having her back towards me so i could not see her face,she was in white frok. Unkownigly i started moving towards her, i dont know what it was.? But there was something which was attracting me towards her.
“Shravan” i stoped in mid way as mom called me and turned.
“Cut the cake now”.
“Coming mom” i said and again turned to direction of that girl but she was not there. I looked here and there but could not find her. So i moved towards mom.
Black choclate cake was placed before me and my mouth was watering seeing it.
I leand to blew the candles and closed my eyes to make a wish”i dont have anything to ask you God. You have blessed me with everything i want. I am thankful to you for everything. I always ask you something on my birthday, but on this bless me with the thing that is better for me”. I made wish and open my eyes and found an angel infront of me. she was the same girl i saw earlier with aaliya, this time her face was clearly visible. I was surrounded by crowd and by small space i got her glance. She was siting alone on the far away placed couch lost in her thoughts.
As people infront of me moved bit, my eyes failed to reach her and i straighten up and cuted the cake.
I made dad aliya mom and nanu eat the cake and somehow managed to escape from there but again she vanished from there. I looked for her everywhere but could not find her at last i went to aaliaya.
Shravan: princess! Who was the girl with whom you were playing?
Aaliya:which girl.?
Shravan: the one in white frok?
Aaliya: oh that!!!! I dont know. I just met her.
Shravan: you asked her name?
Shravan:ok do you know where is she?
Aaliya: i think she left and why are you interrogating me. Leave me!
Aaliya leaves.
I spent few days thinking about her when finally she came infront of me once again. on the very first day of high school.

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