Kahen teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaye pyar se (edkv) – Epi 2

Hey peeps!
Its areesha back with second part of story.
But before to start two things:
1st, biggggggggg thankyou for your love and support you guyz are great.
2nd, this part contain some moments that can make you slight uncomfortable. But those were demand of situation and i had to write those.

Now here you go,
Shravan entered into his cabin and was left suprised by environment. Everything was decorated with flowers, taking small steps and movings his eyes at every corner of his cabin,he moves towards his table, where beautiful bouquet was placed. He put his files on table and took that bouquet with confused expression on his face.
There was note sticked to that saying:
“To my love.
Blood starts circulating throughout his body rapidly and he turned red in anger.
“Good morning!” He heard from behind and turned.
A pure modish girl was standing at door,she was dressed in westren dress coming down till her knees,her silky straight hair were hanging over her waist,her eyes were made dark with eyeliner and mascara.

Seeing her he throwed that bouquet slightly back on table and stared her with no emotion.
She walked up to him very close and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her high heels matched her hieght with his.
“You dont meet me,so i thought to come and meet you” she whispered looking into his eyes.
He didnt uttered a word. “Did you like the suprise?”
He smiled and griped her waist,her eyes grew big in shock as she was not expecting this response.
She thought that he is changing and very soon he will accept her.
She smiled and he ran his fingers through her hairs. He leaned forward their lips were few inches apart,he felt her body lifelessly cold,she closed her eyes and he stoped at that moment. He looked at her disgusted and pushed her away.
She was shocked at this sudden jerk and looked at him.
“You will never get,what you want from me. And who the hell let you enter in my cabin?” He said with high pitch.
“Who have guts to stop shravan malothra’s fiance” she said with smirk, not minding what happened few seconds ago. as she was used to it. His this behaviour was not new for her. Without wasting one more second.

He removed all decoration infront of her and called peon throwing that bouquet down also “throw this all out”.
Peon took all the things and left, he took the file and start reading,while she was still standing he turned his head at right where she was standing,with open file in his hands.
” will you go by yourself? Or should i ask someone to throw you out as well?” He said coldly.
“You are insulting me shravan” she said irked.
He laughed at her ” oh! So you feel insult also?”
He closed his file and moving towards her he said
“Insult is felt by those who have some respect,and i dont think you have any self respect. If you had,than you would not have agree to marry me”. He stands infront of her.
” i agreed to marry you. Beacuse i love you” she said.
“Oh yeah! Despite of the fact that i love sumo. I told you clearly before engagment that i love sumo and will love her only till my last breath”. He said.
“Thats why i not let her to trap you. She was not upto your standard shravan….” before she could complete shravan raised his voice.
“Enough! Not a single word more. I am leaving for meeting and when i come back i dont want you to be here” saying this he left out.
” i had loved you since ages and i,ll make you mine at any cost” she said.

At night he was driving back to home when his phone rang. Showing caller id ‘Nanu’, (grandfather of sumo and has very close relation to shravan,s dad. He helped him alot in his career as he is lawyer by his profession also like shravan and his dad) he parked the car at a side and picked the call.
Shravan:hello nanu! How are you.
From other side voice of an old man emerges.
Nanu: i am good son! How are you?
Shravan: i am fine.
Nanu:actually i called you, because i want you to pick a file from here. Its ramnath’s important file. and he is out of town.
Shravan get lost for while.
Shravan:aah! Ok i,ll pick it.
He turned the car towards sumo,s house. Though he didn,t want to but he had no choice.
He reached there and opening the main gate he comes in. In that house they had so many memories and walking through lawn,all were flashing back before him.
The laughs they had together,the fights they had, the moments the had shared. Everything was striking his mind. Walking through the streets of past he reached at the door and knocked.
A lil boy opened the door from inside.
Shravan smiled.
Shravan:hey dabbu(sumo,s cousin) how are you?
(Shravan messed his hairs in love by running fingers throw them.
Dabu: iam good (innocently)
Shravan: is there no one at home?
Dabu: no! All has gone to attend wedding.
Shravan: nanu?
Dabu: there is no nanu… but dadu.
Shravan smiles
Shravan: ok then go and inform him that shravan has came.
Dabbu runs inside and shravan stood there he did not stepped in .

After a while dabu came with a file.
Dabu:nanu is sleeping but he told me,before going to bed, to give you this
Shravan takes the file from him and leaves.
While getting in the car he again looked at the house.
He was driving and once again the door to his past was opened.
(It had been 8 years to our friendship ,and that day i finally decided to confess my feelings to sumo.
I bought a dress for her and sent her that dress with a note to meet me at 9pm.
She called me to inquired that what was i upto?
And i told her clearly that i want to confess something.
It was 8:50 and i was walking along pool side, waiting for her, i was feeling nervous that how would i express my love for her. And then she came.
She appeared like a fairy,she was looking beautiful in the dress i bought for her,with curl hairs and slight makeup she was looking most beautiful girl.
Slowly she walked upto me. She was nervous too it was clear from her face and she smiled at me “hi” she said.
I holded her hand and placed a kiss at her hand,while she blushed “you are looking beautiful” i said and her cheeks turned more red. I holded her other hand as well. Now her both hands were in my hands and looking into her eyes i moved closer to her at a moment a felt that she tried to escape her hands from mine but i griped them and continued to getting close to her. She closed her eyes and whispered in her ear”I LOVE YOU SUMO,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”
she opens her eyes and they were teary now,she hugged me so. suddenly that i lost my balance but then i also reciprocate the hug.
” i have been waiting to hear this from you since years. I love you too”she said and i broke the hug,i bring out the ring from my pocket and she looked at me suprised.
“May i?” I asked her and she nodded.
I knee downed and slide the ring over her finger.
Again i kissed her hand and this time she managed to escape.
She walked away and looked around with an awe at decorations. “This is so beautiful shravan”she exclaimed.
“Not more than you” i whispered from back and she got restless,i hold her by her waist and move her hair at a side “shravan” she said with a slow voice.
“Shhhh” i whispered and placed a kiss at her neck.
And she turned her face towards me i cupped her face and she closed her eyes i moved close to her……)
Sudden loud voice of horn,and light striking his eyes broke the chain of his thoughts but he could not balanced his car. And met with a accident.
A file was holded by her hand,while her other hand was turning the pages of file. Those hands were beautified by different accessories and in middle finger there was ring. Exactly same as the one which shravan made wear sumo.her eyes were moving at file when they suddenly stop.she felt no life in her for a second.and start sweating.
Sitting at Opposite side her collegue asked” what happened?are you ok?
“I dont know! I am feeling restless all of of sudden” voice came while her eyes were moving restlessly.
She got up and stands by window to have some fresh air and look out side.


so how was this?
Lemme know through comments.
Next update will be on next monday.
Till then take care


Ps: avoid all kind of grammatical and typing errors as no proof read.

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  1. Fenil

    Fabulous Chappy.

    Lovely proposal of SharMan.loved it.:*:*:*

    Good answer to that Urvashi.:)):)):)):D

    Magnetic Heart connection u showed between them in last part.

    1. _areesha

      Thankyou so much for commenting fenil!
      Iam delighted to hear that u liked it.?

  2. Wooh it’s just amazing. Nice episode and it’s very much interesting. It’s too good.
    And shravan’s love confession is too romantic.

    Hey this is Reema. Sorry for not commenting on your very much first episode. But I read that one too. That’s also awesome one.
    So keep continue. Loved your ff concept.
    You wrote very well so keep writing.
    Loads of love and bye…

    1. _areesha

      Hey reema! Thankyou so much for commenting.
      And i am soo gald that you are liking it.?

  3. good start fiction , but more dialogue is interesting,keep it up !

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  4. Omg omg Omg its awsome areesha di plzz update soon and yes the first wpi is also fantastic .. & emotional too ? I want to see sharman together forever ?

    1. _areesha

      Thankyou so much hina! Glad that you are enjoying the story?

  5. Tooooooooooo good !!!!!
    finally sumo’s entry !!!!!!
    and shravan met with accident!!!!!!!why !!!

    1. _areesha

      Thankyou so much angelsumo! Some twists and turns are necessary no? So it was a small twist.?

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