Kahen teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaye pyar se (edkv) – Epi 1

Hey peeps!
Its areesha here, with a shraman fanfiction for you all. Its very first time that i am writing any story, i do have weird imaginations in my mind all time but i never tried to write so its my first attempt.
It may not be thatttt much good but i promise i will try my best to make it worthy to read.
Feel free to criticize or appreciate. Your support means ALOT.

Lets have a glimpse at story first.
Shravan:i love you sumo! I love you so much.
Sumo: i have been waiting to hear this from you since years. I love you too.

And their friendship turned into realationship that was made perfect by both of them.

But what if he could not fulfil his promise to be by her side forever?

Will she ever forgive him?

Or he will be left alone in darkness without her?

will destiny plays a game to unite them?

Or they will be seperated forever?

So here the story begins.
He ran his fingers through knob and the door got opened allowing his entrance into room.
Room was all dark. Stepping in he felt like he is stepping not in his room but in hell of darkness. As his life is all dark now.

He moved his intense red eyes around and made his way to window,which was bringing only light inside.he throwed his blazer on left couch which was hanging on his arm before.
He put his hands in pockets of his pants and stands besides window.
He was feeling..he was feeling everything the darkness in which he was trapped,the silence that was playing around and those waves of wind that were echoing.
As the breeze hits his face,he closed his eyes.
“I,ll be always with you shravan. Always! i may get lost somewhere appearntly but even then also,those breathes that i have taken in this air will surround you and made you feel my presence around you”her voice echoed in his mind and he opened his eyes.
He looked up at sky with blured vision. It seems like moon was reflecting his situation both were standing alone in darkness,the only difference was that moon had his shine and he has lost all his shine.
After moon his eyes fills image of stars,that were flickering and sparkling with shine.

“Stars really fascinates me.they look so beautiful,i always feel an immesne peace by looking at them” he recalled her words.
“And i feel peace by looking at you” he also recalled his words.
He closed his eyes and tears made his way down to his cheeks.Her smiling face flashes before him.

“Hii”he heared her voice and opened his eyes.
He found her standing infront of him.
“I told you. I,ll be always around whenever you will need me” she said with a smile.
Smile also played on his lips, with eyes filled with tears his face was expressing such expression that can melt any heart.
“I really miss you sumo” he said with deep breath.
She comes near to him”i am alllllways with you.HERE!…” She said placing her hand on his chest where his heart was beating.
“We are connected to two worlds. In one we exist and other exist in us in the form of our thoughts and thinking. May not in former but in later iam always with you” she smiled.
He griped her hand between his hands and place his head on them”please come back sumo.comeback!”he said between sobs.
“Its too late shravan” she said with teary eyes and get disappeared before he could lift his head.
He looked here and there finding her traces but he knew that it was his illusion only.
He feels suffocated,he found it difficult to stand on his feet. He walked deadly towards bed and sit there burying his face in his hands.
He cried out his heart and whole room started echoing with his sobs.
He take out her photo from table and cried louder.

In morning,
He woke up and starts getting ready for office.

When someone knocks at door.
“Good morning bhai”
He turned and found his sister standing with sweet smile

“Good morning aliya!” he replied with gentle smile.

Shravan:you woke up early today?(he brushed his hairs)
Aliaya:yeah! Mom made me to wake up.
(She sighed and sits on bed)
Shravan:but why?(he goes towards table to pick his files)
Aliaya:because she wants me to talk to you.
As you dont talk to her.(she gets sad)
Shravan goes to her and stands infront.
Shravan:about what?
Aaliya: about……….. urvashi bhabi.(she said hesitantly)
Shravan fumes in anger and turn his face away.
Shravan: I DONT WANT TO TALK ON THAT TOPIC (he said harshly)
Aaliya:bhai! If you dislike her that much. Then why you even let that alliance happen?
You admit or not but she is your fiance now.
Shravan:i agreed to this marriage. Because i am not as selfish as my parents are. Tell your mom that iam not intrested in her so called daughter in law. So dont expect anything from me.
And you aaliaya! You know everything still you came here to talk to me.
(His eyes turned red in anger) dont bring that topic again infront of me.
he stromed out of the room, aaliya looks on sadly.
Aaliya:why did he burst on me? What wrong i said?(in mind)

So, how was this so far. Liked it?
Pleaseee let me know via comments.


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  1. Lauren

    It’s awesome dii loved it… post nxt soon

    1. _areesha

      Thanku so much! Will try to post soon

  2. TUFriendsForever

    Awesomeee somo is dead???????? n sharavan in pain darkness?????? beautiful writing n your vocabulary is too good.angry sharavan ?????? when urvasi talks comes.i liked it.Keep writing n upload the next epi today itself plsssssss

    1. _areesha

      Ohh thanku so much. Your word means alot ? and i,ll try to post really soon.

  3. Prettypreeti

    Hi areesha..nice to meet u and loved to read the 1st epi..and emotional feeling wala epi likha dear aapne and the way u wrote was really beautiful and amazing and loved the titl of story is awesome coz it is my fav line from title song..nicely written and shravo was so cute bring sumo back fast..
    loved it
    keep it up

    1. _areesha

      Hey prettypreeti! Thanku so much… thats my fv8 line too? thanku so much for commenting.
      Will post very soon.

  4. Fenil

    superb start.
    loved it to the core.
    another new work on Sharman…Don’t stop writing seeing less comments.
    U have different writing style loved it.
    will wait for next.

    1. _areesha

      Thanku soooooo much fenil! For such support,it means alot.
      Will surely try to post soon.

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow this is damn interesting i think I saw u publishing it on wattpad and finally someone wrote a ff on EDKV on this website After many days

    1. _areesha

      Hey thanku so much for commenting. Ypu i have posted it on wattpad as well.

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