Kahani Hamari Review: Deprived concept; Falls short of expectations


And TV’s Adhuri Kahani Hamari which was a supernatural love story took a leap and came up with Season 2 having new characters and a fresh concept. The show changed its title to Kahani Hamari Dil Dosti Deewanepan Ki. Karan Wahi made his comeback in fiction shows with this And Tv’s venture.


Kahani Hamari shows the tale of Radhika’s rebirth as Gauri. Gauri is a simple girl who meets two best buddies turned foes. The story revolves around the two guys falling in love with Gauri, and the twists related to the circumstances. The show is a romantic love drama and does not seem to have any supernatural Naagins or Daayans in it as of now.

Main Characters:

Gauri:kahani15 Radhika’s next life begins as Gauri. Gauri is a hard working girl, who studies and does part time job to support her mother. Radhika is a homely person and very down to earth. She is bold, courageous and a strong girl. She is determined to get a good job even when she loses jobs frequently. Gauri has a pleasant personality and believes in friendship. Gauri befriends Shivin and Ahaan. She regrets to see the differences between them. She decides to bring them together.

Ahaan also belongs to a rich business family like Shivin. He is aggressive and reacts to situations without evaluating well. He is quick decision maker and acts immature at times. Ahaan is very close to Shivin. Ahaan believes that they can be rivals by birth, but are friends by choice. But circumstances make them turn enemies. Ahaan regrets to have Shivin in his life and calls their friendship the biggest mistake of his life.


Shivan Raichand is a rich, smart, handsome and cool attitude guy. He is good at heart and often misunderstood by everyone. He likes to hangout with his best friend Ahaan. Ahaan happens to be his dad’s rival’s son. Shivan tries keeping good friendship with Ahaan, but their friendship breaks by a huge misunderstanding. Shivin regrets to lose Ahaan’s trust and constantly makes efforts to clear the matter.


Karan Wahi as Shivin Raichand
Rhea Sharma as Gauri
Reyansh Chaddha as Ahaan Wadhera
Krissann Barretto as Ria Kapoor

Story So Far:

kahani8Gauri wakes up after a horrifying dream of Manu and Madhav’s love story. She tells her mother about the same dream she gets always. Gauri then prepares to go for her job. Ahaan and Shiven, the sons of two rivals chill at night and talk high about their friendship. Gauri works as a Pizza delivery girl, but she ends up reaching late. She gets fired from her job. She gets to know that her mother too has lost her job. Ahaan passes by on his bike and hits Gauri’s mother. Ahaan leaves from the place and Gauri does not see his face.

kahani7Ahaan meets up Shivin and is disappointed to learn that his mother has left him, and Shivin was unable to stop her. He gets anger over the situation and injures himself severely. Shivin rushes towards a medical store on Ahaan’s bike. Gauri sees Shivin riding that bike and thinks he has hit his mother. She argues with him and asks for justice instead money. Ahaan’s mother ‘s news reaches the media. Shivin takes Gauri along to prove he did not hit her mother. He asks her to think other’s problems can be bigger than hers too. Shivin takes Gauri along and meets Ahaan.

kahani20Ahaan holds Shivin responsible for leaking the sensitive matter to the media and ends friendship with him. Ahaan’s father tries to create differences between Ahaan and Shivin. Ahaan blames Shivin of speaking about his mother’s affair to the media and blames himself for befriending a traitor like him. Shivin realizes that his mother revealed about Ahaan’s mother to the media. Shivin blames his mother to become cause of his friendship’s end. Gauri finds out that her mother has mortgaged some of her jewelry. She goes with her mother to get documents checked. Gauri’s mother mortgaged the house for Akshay’s sake. Akshay is Gauri’s brother, who is in need of money.

kahani30Gauri reaches Akshay’s house and finds a goon Pedro there. Pedro tells her that Akshay used to buy drugs for him. Gauri gets shocked knowing this. She then finds out from the university staff that Akshay is removed from college because of drug pedaling crime. Akshay meets Gauri and tells her that money is the only thing important for him now. He runs away with the money and does not care for Gauri and their mother. Gauri feels hurt by Akshay’s act and feels Akshay cheated their family.

kahani35Ahaan recalls the media making news about his mother and gets angry. The goons surround Gauri and do not let her leave. Gauri’s mother calls her. Gauri thinks of telling the truth to her mother. Shivin helps Gauri and rescues Gauri from the goons. Gauri refuses to go with Shivin. She starts asking him questions to know him. Later, she agrees to go with him. They both get saved from the goons.

kahani31Shivin takes Gauri to his house. He tells her that he stays alone. She gets thinking that he stays alone and she can’t take risk to go with him. He warns her about the goons finding her. She warns him not to misbehave with her. She starts suspecting Shivin to be working for some goons. She then realizes that she was wrong to misunderstand Shivin’s intentions.

kahani10She gets to know Shivin is rich industrialist Mr. Raichand’s son. Shivin explains to Gauri that money is not everything. He explains her the life’s fact and asks her to be thankful for being alive. Gauri thinks rich people easily tell this and does not realize middle people’s problems. She thinks of her mother and gets sad. She tells Shivin that she can’t trust him, as he has broken his best friend Ahaan’s trust.

kahani32Shivin gets angry on Gauri and is hurt by her words. He makes her understand that it was not his mistake. He asks her not to say anything without knowing the entire truth. Gauri realizes her mistake and apologizes to him. She tells Shivin that she can’t trust anyone after her brother betrayed her. Shivin’s parents decide to get him married soon. Gauri spots her brother giving huge amount to someone.

Our Take:

Karan Wahi and Nikhil Chadda/Reyansh Chadda are the good things in the show. Rhea Sharma as Gauri still needs to climb many steps to make her portrayal convincing. Supporting cast is just okay. The concept is too weak and very much known. There is nothing new to offer. Being a sequel to a supernatural rebirth drama, this one falls short of anything worth mentioning.

kahani3Adhuri Kahani Humari was an average runner. With new characters and actors in its sequel/post leap track, the story looks out of form. Chemistry between Karan and Nikhil in their Dosti scenes is very much appreciable. Few characters just bounce with no proper scenes. You can just find bitter friendship, fights between best buddies, close to nil romance, goons running around to get leads together… Show lacks mostly by its concept.


A weak attempt by And TV. Karan Wahi’s fans can watch the show expecting the romance between Shivin and Gauri. The show does not live up to expectations. Just a passé remake.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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  1. it’s not as bad as it’s described but goodness is required in heart anyways shivan and gauri’s jodi looks good what will happen next remains always a question

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