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Precap: characters meet

the scene starts with ahan kia and shivin going to lesson theey r in the same lesson as gauri when they go in ahan and kia take the last two seats and the only space is next to gauri so shivin sits they

shivin= hi can I sit here

gauri = yeah sure

shivin=by the way i’m shivin and you r

gauri=nice name i’m gauri

shivin=r u new here cuz I have not scene you here before

gauri= yeah(gauri is nervous)

shivin sees this and forwords his and says friends gauri looks at him and then shakes his hand. they both get and electric shot and quickly let go of each others hands

2nd scene

ahan and kia are talking to each other and r not paying attention teacher sees this and says

teacher=ahan what did I just say

ahan =I don’t know

teacher= well then you and kia can both leave my classroom

ahan and kia leave the classroom and go to the cantine

they get a drink and go but kia is about to fall and ahan catches her just in time. kia has closed her eyes but opens them to see that ahan has catched her in time they have an eye lock ahan breaks the eye lock and says

ahan= i’m sorry

kia it is okay

lesson hs finished gauri and shivin come out and they both go to they next lesson they r not together


shivin is thinking about gauri whilst thinking he says beautifull ahan hears this and says waths beautifull shivin gets out of day dream and says I was talking about and does not know what to say and keeps quite
ahan=were you talking about gauri
shivin=uh no I was talking about …….uh…uh…
ahan =what is this stammering for

what will be shivin answers

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  1. Nys??…..i lykd it i think u shd cntinue aftr de C’rial v can cntinue dis pairs thru ff oly…go ahead…nd bring surprises nd shocking…it will b prfct!!

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