Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-9)


Epi – 9

Heloooo dear friends. and thank u soooooo much for comments …. I’m coming with new episode I hope u like it.. Sorry sorry sorry for late but here I’ll give u my best ….

@Swara’s house。。。。。

Swara reading her book …
Her bhabhi calling swaraaaaa….
Swara – yes bhabhi I’m. Coming….

She is daughter of Sujata Rao and Ram Rao.
Swara have 3 brothers Rishi, Dev, kunj
Rishi married with Tanu,
Dev married with Radhika,
Kunj is unmarried ….
Tanu has a cute naughty son named Arnav (3 year)
Radhika has a cute daughter like her named Pari (2 year)
Kunj love his both nephew Arnav and Pari.
Swara is a small sister of all brother, so her brothers love sooo much..
She also love her brother , bhabhi and nephew….

Swara live with his joint family.
Her bhabhi calling him for taking food .
Swara came and taking food with his family… After finishing food she went her room and open the book for read but suddenly her mobile is ringing …..

You Are My Pumpkin, Pumpkin,
Hello Honey Bunny..
I Am Your Dumpling, Dumpling, 
Hello Honey Bunny..
Feeling Something Something, 
Hello Honey Bunny..
Honey Bunny, Toko Toko…

You Are My Pumpkin, ..Pumpkin, 
Hello Honey Bunny…
I Am Your Dumpling, Dumpling, 
Hello Honey Bunny…
Feeling Something Something, 
Hello Honey Bunny…
Honey Bunny, Toko Tokooo…

She recieved the call and say hello Ragini
Ragini – Hiiiiii swara, how are u ? Are u all right ?
Swara – yes , I’m absolutely right, and u ???
Ragini – I’m also yarr ..What are u doing ??
Swara – Reading book yarr .
Ragini – How’s your mr. khadus ???
Swara – I don’t know .. And I didn’t think about him..
Ragini -Ooooooo …
Swara – What oooo ????
Ragini – I know everything ..
Swara – Are u on the f.b.??
Ragini – yes , and u ??
Swara – yeah ofcours .
Ragini – Tomorrow you’ll come na ??
Swara – Yeah baby…
Ragini – listen swara can u pick up me from my house ???
Swara – Why not..
Ragini -Ok I’m waiting ..
Swara – Ok bye …
Ragini – bye bye….
After disconnect the call ,swara close her book and open her facebook id , she search mr.khadus on fb, but she couldn’t find him….
After 2 hours she found him while searching..
She send him friend request ….and send messages hiiii… in his inbox…

@dusk time。。。。
A notification came on swara’s mob. Sanskar accepted your friend request ..
Swara open her mob and she was very very happy to see this notification …
When she saw that sanskar is online then she again send him sms …..


Swara – Hiiiii…..will u friendship with me ????
Sanskar – I’m bad boy.
Swara – I know u r honest and good .
Sanskar – I’m honest but not good.
Swara – Whattttttt !!!!
Sanskar – Yes…
Swara – Where are u ?
San (sanskar) – At my friend’s house.
Swa(swara) – which friend ???
San – Monu…
Swa – Monu ???
San – Yes ….he is my neighbor and best friend.
Swa – u mean to say that who came with petrol…
San – yeah..right….what are u doing ??
Swa – Chatting with u ..
San – U have no any work to do ??
Swa – hai na , I’m going to making chowmein will u eat ??
San – yeah ofcours .
Swa – Ok bye I’m giing to making.
San – ok gooo…

One hour later。。。

Swa- Where are u ??? I’m hear….helooooo
San – yessss ….What happen??
Swa – send him a image of chowmein .
San – Wow yummyyyyyyyy ..:-) 🙂
Monu – And me ???
(Monu take his mob and chat with swara )
Swa – Whoooo ???
Monu – Monuuuu…..i also want ….
Where is my chowmein ?????

Swa – send him another pic of chowmein..now happy monu ??
Monu – yeah …..hmmm yammy….sooooo delicious …
Swa- hahahaha…
Monu – Why are u laughing dear ???
Swa – ha ha ha …yummy , delicious ..hshaha. it’s only image not real..
Monu – hahaha ….we could feel dear…
Swa (Happily)- Ok bye ….
San n Monu (happily)- bye bye..

@Next day。。。。。。

Swara get ready for collage ..
She wore yellow /suit with matching dupatta ,light makeup kajal in her beautiful eyes and bracelet in her hand .
She told to driver Are u ready ???
Driver -Yes mam..
Swara sit in the car and see her watch again n again…(she watching time becoz she have to pickup Ragini.)
Ragini eagerly waiting her…
Soon her car came near Ragini ..she wore lemon yellow frocksuit with matching dupatta , matching earrings ….
swara told her driver stop bhaya …
Driver – Ok mam…
Now Swara and ragini both are in the car ..

They are talking about mr.khadus…
Swara told her that both are now friends.
Ragini – Both means ??
Swara – Mr.khadus and Monu…
Ragini pranks – Oooooo…
Ragini – Who is Monu ???
Swara – He is a best friend and neighbors of Mr.khadus.
Ragini – Achhhaaaa…
Driver – your college ..
Ragini and swara came out her car, and enter in her college ….
Swara n Raging together – may I coming sir ??
Sir – yess ..
Swara and ragini both sit on her regular seat.

Sanskar – may I coming sir ??
(today ,he wore red shirt with white blazer and black jeans , notebook in his hand …
Sir – yes ..)

A smart young man wearing white shirt with blue jeans, Stylish hair and goggles on his head and notebook in his hand …..
Man – may I coming sir ?????
Sir – Nooo ..u rgetting late ..
Man requested – plz …plz…plz..sir ..
Sir – ok come in , but next time no entry ….
Man – Ok …ok… Sir …thankyou sir ..
Sanskar smiling to see him .
Swara also smile .
Ragini – Why are u smiling swara ??do u know him ???
Swara – yeah , he is …….????????
Common guys guess who is he ?????

Bye bye I will return in next episode till then guess.. Come on fas fast comment.

Credit to: Asha(Hope)

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