Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-8)


Epi -8

I m coming with new episode and I hope u will enjoy it…tysm to all my fans and dear readers for lovely comment …

The story start with Sanskar ..
@Sanskar’s house

Sanskar was alone in his room and lay down on his bed . He think himself how he came here ????

****************flashback start ***************

In Balliparwa ***

D.P.R. Reading newspaper and he Decided to sent him (sanskar) kolkata for education. Because he have many problems, the case of bribery continue hearing , and Sanskar couldn’t read among these problems….
so his father decided to sent him kolkata for making a bright future……
Annapurna was upset bcoz his son about to go to kolkata .
D.P.R borrow some money from his friend for sanskar’s education…
Sanskar was teaching to students in the school and also a home tution to children ,only for help his dad, becoz financially , he was very weak…
But his father want that his son would study in a big college…Adarsh , lucky, Uttara have left his school and they didn’t want to read ahead.. So D.P.R. Was not forced them for their education more….but sanskar want to read more so his father decided to sent him another place…..

**************flashback end************

No..no..no..no..i couldn’t take rest more. My father sent me for the read not for the rest…
Though he is not feeling good still he think about his college.
Sanskar wake up fastly and get ready for his college . He reached his collage and enter his classroom , but unfortunately his english teacher is absent .
Sanskar – Good morning everyone.
Sawara (happily)- Good morning sanskar , why had u not come yesterday any problem??
Sanskar – yeah , suffering from feaver so I’m unable to attend the class…
Swara – Ok ..ok…now u r ok na ??
Sanskar – Hmmmm…
Ragini – Good morning sanskar , do u know someone miss u and waiting ur way eagerly .
Sanskar – What !!!!who ???
Ragini – Hai koi…
Sanskar (surprisingly) – tell me who was waiting me ??
Ragini – swaaaa….swara interrupted Ragini no no..aaaa .. sirrrrr …. sir …
Ragini (smirk smile)- Yes.. yes..sir missed u soo much , he was tense for u ….
Swara – yeah of cours she is right ..
Ranjeet – good morning sanskar and everyone .
Sanskar – good morning
Ranjeet – yaar …swara asked about u yesterday ???
Sanskar – whattttttt !!!why she asked about me I don’t know..
Ragini to swara – why r u interrupted in my conversation ????
Swara – Are u gone mad Ragini ????
Ragini – nooo..
Swara – so y was u telling about me ???
Ragini – I’m telling truth yaar ..
Swara – Noo….U would nothing told him ok ..
Ragini – Ok..
After some time : swara feel hungry and she want to eat somthing from the canteen .Ragini and swara both are going to canteen …

@Canteen 。。。。

Swara and sanskar togather say – O Bhai sahab give me one burger .
Man – Sorry madam here is only one piece is left ..
Sanskar – you take.
Swara – No…no..you take
Sanskar -you.
Swara – you
Sanskar – I told u na youuu..
Swara – Ok fine ..I would take , but you have to share with me 50- 50 done ???
Sanskar – done….
Ragini (smirk smile)- and me ????
Swasan – both are laughing… yeah of course u also share .
Ragini – no… no.. I’m just joking yaar I would eat pizza .
Swara – Ok ..as u wish.
Sanskar (hesitantly)- Eat with swara and both are talking about his school days and laughing …
After a few minutes mukesh ,Ranjeet, Pawan, monu they are also came in the canteen and seeing to swaara and sanskar they are also start laughing …;-) 😉 😉
Because both are eating togather …
(talking his friend himself I think )…first time both ate togather …..
they feel somthing for eachother, but not express their feeling..

Ranjeet – Akele akele..u forget me ??
Mukesh – Hmmm hum v h…
Pawan – This is not fair yar …
Sanskar – Try to understand yaar it’s only situation demands not planning .
Pawan (smirk smile)- We can understand ..
Pawan – He ordered to shopkeeper give me coffee yaar..he took his coffee and start to drink with sip…

All friends were talking about swara and sanskar…
Sanskar- Ok bye bye everyone I’m going at my house.
Swara – can u drop me at my house ??asked to sanskar.(swara’s driver absent today so he beg to lift from him)….
Sanskar (hesitantly)- Ok ..come ..
Ragini – stop..stoo..stop..i also come with u.
Sanskar – Ok ..
Sanskar start his bike and swara sit back of the sanskar and Ragini sit back of swara .when both sit on the sanskar’s bike all girls and boys were feeling jealousy ..

@Route ****

Sanskar driving his bike very fastly.
Swara fear too much and she twisted to sanskar. Both are very close on the bike , When she hold him she feel for him ….

Sanskar told to swara what are u doing yaar???
Swara – I’m fear yaar so what I do ???
But again he had not forbid her bcoz he also feeling good.

(actually sanskar also feel something for her because first time someone hold him.)

Ragini – I’m also fear yaar .!!!!!!plz slow drive yaar …
Sanskar – ok..ok..
Ragini – stop stop stop 。。。。。this is my house ,thnkyou so much sanskar…
Sanskar – it’s ok …..we are now friends and in friend circle no sorry and no thankyou ok bye bye …
Ragini – bye bye..
Swara and sanskar are alone on the bike .
Swara tightly hold his shirt of stomach….
Suddnely bike was stop with a jerk and swara became more close than previous ..her heart beat was fast..
Sanskar – O shiittt !!!
Swara – What happened ??
Sanskar – I think petrol has finished …
Swara – Whattttttt ???
Sanskar – Yes ..but don’t fear I’ve an idea .
Swara – which type of idea???
Sanskar – just wait yaar.
He called his friend with petrol ..
Swara and sanskar were talking about social networking .
Swara – Do u use fb ??
Sanskar – yes n u ??
Swara – I also..can u send me friend request ??
Sanskar – Noo..
Swara – why ? Any problem??
Sanskar – I don’t like to send friend request any girl.
Swara – Ohoooo….(blabbering herself khadus khi ka )
Sanskar – Are u saying something ??
Swara – No..no..
His friend came with petrol .
Sanskar – thnx yaar .
Monu – it’s ok yar …he gave and went from there.
Sanskar – Are u come with me or not ??
Swara – yeah .
That time swara sit near him but she is not hold him.
Though he want that she again hold me but….
After some time ..
Stop sanskar ..this is my house .will u come in my house ??
Sanskar – No…sorry for this time but another time I’ll certainly come .
Swara – ok bye bye..
Sanskar – bye bye

Bye bye bye readers…
Soon we’ll meet next epi..

Precap – swara search his name on face book .

Credit to: Asha(Hope)

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