Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-7)


Epi -7
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5 year leap****
In kolkata***

A handsome hunk young man wearing white shirt with gray blazer and blue jeans , a sonata golden watch shining in his hand , looks like prince enter in the college gate on his Avenger bike.. He parks his bike in parking area and enter in the college holding a notebook in his hand..

As soon as he inter in the college.A murmuring sound came from girls side.
Girl1- woww!!!!! What a handsome guy..yarr
Girl2- u r right yarr.. He is so handsome..
Girl3- I wish he could be my boyfrnd..
Girl1- u stand here and think only of making him ur bf.. I will go and talk with him.
And she goes to talk with him.. She comes in front of the boy and in flirting way says
Girl1- hii handsome…
He only stares him and says
Boy- why u come here..??? any work????
Girl1- haan woh actually…can I know ur name.
Boy- why..???
Girl1- I want to become ur gf..
Boy- oh!! So u want to become my gf but sorry miss …..I am not interested in all these activities..so excuse me I am getting late for my class…
And he goes from there..all the other girls laugh at that girl and she feels insult….


Boy – May I comming sir ???
Sir – yes , coming..What is your name ??
Boy – this is Sanskar Rao…
He came in the class and sit on the first bench of boys row ..
(here I told u that there are two row of bench 1st is boys row and 2nd is girls row..no one sit on the first bench bcoz all students were fear from english teacher )
After some time second voice came from outside of the class …..
Girl – May I coming sir ???
Sir- yes coming ..
A cute innocent girl, wear blue anarkali suit with open hair and light makeup on her face kajal in her attractive eye , nail paint in her nail , purse in her soft hand ..as she inter in class room , all boys and girls staring this girl …she sit on the first bench of girls row….
Do u know guys who is she ?????????????

Common guessss ..?????

Ok …ok …ok …wait….
Sir – what is your name ???(asked the question from that girl who sit on the first bench of girls row)

Girl (respectfully)- This is swara Rao from kolkata .
(yes guys she is Swara Rao from kolkata , she belong to upper middle class , live with her joint family .)
Sir (happily)- What a coincidence ??..both are Rao….
That the first time both saw eachother but only 4 to 5 second.

Sir – Lets start the poem Break Break Break by A.L.Tennyson.

*********Break Break Break*********

Break break break,
On thy cold gray stones, O see !
And I would that my tongue could utter
the thoughts that arise in me.
O well for the fisherman’s boy,
that he shouts with his sister at play!
O well for the sailor’s lad
That he sings in his boat on the bay !
And the stately ships go on
to their haven under the hill;
But O for the touch of a vanish’d hand,
And the sound of the voice that is still !
Break, break, break,
At the foot of thy crags, O sea !
But the tender grace of a day that is dead
Will never came back to me.

*****************The End*********************

Sir – He explained the poem and asked to student any problem ???
A hand high up for ask the question from boys sides .
Yes mr. Rao any problem ??
Sanskar – Can u explain last stenza again ??
Swara – See his face again bcoz all student are silent only sanskar raised his hand .
Sir -Why not .(he explained again ) .
Suddnely rang the bell .It is a sign of 45 minut over …
Hearing the sound of bell teacher told to student class over we’ll meet next day ok…
Student – Yes sir.
After over the class , all student were talking oneanother .
Sanskar and Swara both are busy in his book .they are not interested to talk any other student.
A voice came from back of swara hello swara I m Ragini can u friendship with me ???
Swara (with hesitated )- O Yee..es. Both are shakes their hands , and she came on first bench with her bag for sit near Swara.
Many girls and boys want to friendship with swara..
But Sanskara was not interested in swara , Swara also not interested him.
Swara reading her book in leisure .
A group of Ragini came and want to talk with swara. And they asked her can u friendship with me ???
Swara (innocently) – yaa…

(In her group many girls interested, named , Vini, Ranjana, Harshita, Shiba, Alankrita, shalu kiran.
Now, they are friend of swara…..)

On the other hand a boy named Mukesh hello sanskar can u friendship with me ?
Sanskar – yes .
Mukesh – meet my friends- Ranjeet, pawan, Sarvesh, monu, pankaj, Tapan..
Sanskar (happily)- hellooo…
Now they are friends..he shakes his hand individually .
Ragini – Mr . Rao is very handsome na ??
Swara – hmmm….but I think he is proudy .
Ragini – No yarr , see his face how innocent yaar !!!
Swara – ok …ok…
Rangeet – hiii….swara , I m Ranjeet . Have u book of english poem ??
Swara (hesitantly)- Yes .
Ranjeet – Can u give me your book only a few time ?
Swara – yes.., she gave him .
Ranjeet – took the book and see carefully .
Sanskar – give me your book Ranjeet ???he took the book from Ranjeet and read .
Swara is ready to go her house but…she waiting her book which was in hand of Sanskar .She calls to Ranjeet ….and beg her book plz give my book I have to go , sanskar see her face and return her book..

Next Day….

@Classroom . . .

Sanskar -good morning swara .
Swara – good morning.
Ragini – good morning sanskar and swara.
Swasan- good morning Ragini.
Sanskar have a important notes which he get from teacher.when swara hear that news , she told to sanskar can u give me your notes ???
Sanskar – yes , go in the shop and xerox it .
Swara with Reguest – can u go on the shop for xerox it ??
Sanskar ok, after a few minut he came with xerox .
Swara happily – thnx yaar and took the xerox .
Sanskar – ok, but it’s not sufficient , give me my 8 rs .
Swara angrily – ok ..ok ….she gave him 10 rs and went from there..

After a week ……

Swara came in the Classroom and say good morning to her friends….
Her attractive eyes searching to Sanskar but he is absent today ..Swara asked to Ranjeet, Where are Sanskar ???? why had he not come today ????
Ranjeet – I don’t know ???
Swara is upset and she was sit in her first bench with peacefull.
She don’t Know that why she upset ????
She think about Sanskar , how he beg his 8 rs angrily ,he is a big miser of this world……she himself saying – swara….. swara…swara…why are u thinking about him ???????? No…no…no…..it’s wrong….infact it’s Not only wrong completely wrong……now I’m not thinking about mr. khadus…
Sir – Where is Mr.Rao ???
Mukesh – Sir he was feeling sick, so he was not came…
Sir – ok , and he start to teach ..
Hearing this word swara flummoxed !!!!!
Swara himself – O God !!!!How would he feel now?? No..no…. I think, I’m thinking about more and more…..stop thinking and read properly ….
Ragini seeing all her activity and began to bit laughing ….
Swara – Are u crazy Ragini ??
Rag (Ragini) – Yes …seeing your behavior I would crazy …
Swara – Whatttt !!!!!!!!
Rag – hmmmmm…Why are u so care of mr khdus ?????
Swara – whattttttt !!!!are u astrologers ???
Ragini – when u murmuring urself then I heared smjhi…
Swara again murmuring -Is she listen everything????
Ragini – yessss…ha..ha..ha..ha..haaha…
Swara – ha..ha..ha…ha..but as u thinking. Nothing else..
Ragini – again start to laughing …
Swara – Stop Ragini…

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Precap – Swara feels for Sanskar….

Credit to: Asha(Hope)

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