Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-6)


Epi – 6
Helloooo friends I m coming with new episode and I hope u’ll enjoy it …
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@Rao’s family.

The story starts from the house of D.P.R.(Durga prasad Rao).
All members are present in hall. And Sanskar is also present there with his wounded hand ,his hand is badly injured by Sandhya’s nail .He feels himself in deep pain ..his family is caring him so much .
Suddnely D.P.R.mobile rings …triiin.. triiin…triiiin…triiin….triin…triin triiin… He picks the call and say…
D.P.R.- Hello….hellooo…..yes sir.. Ok. I’m comming immediately .(This call is comming from D.P.R. Office, and his senior inspector calling him immediately in his office )
He became ready for the office.
Annapurna – Any problem???
D.P.R- I don’t know ??


D.P.R.- Good morning sir.
Sir (smirk)- Good mrng..
D.P.R.(Respectfully) – Sir why are you call me so immediately ???? I mean any problem is there sir….
Sir – Yes Mr.Rao , I call u here bcoz , I heard that u are taking 18 lakhs from a person as a bribery !!!
D.P.R.(shocked)- Whattttttt !!!!!!!!
Sir -Yes …
D.P.R.- Noo sir….it’s completely wrong.I’m innocent plz believe me I never thinks about bribery in my dream , so how could I do this types of activity ???I think some one try to trap me.
Sir -I don’t know anything, If senior officers will come to know ur activity then they will definitely suspend u. If u want to safe yourself from suspention order , then I have an idea ..
D.P.R.- Which type of idea ??
Sir(smirk) – Shake hands with me ????
D.P.R.- Noooo…..I’m innocent and I hate those people who involved in corruption …
I’ll fight for justice . And I couldn’t believe that u also involved this type of work, shame on u sir !!!!!
Sir (angrily )- How dare u to accuse me????
I’ll see u ….
( Here I’ll inform u that all the situation created by his senior inspector, he thought that Mr.Rao will obey his proposal bt unluckily Mr.Rao refused his proposal , so he was too much angry and decided to spoil his career… )


D.P.R.Sitting in his chair and watching t.v.but he is not care on news bcoz he is lost in his own thoughts. Annapurna gave him black tea and she staring him, and asked him a question what happen with u ??? Have u any problem ???
D.P.R.(angrily)- No….go and do ur work .
He is continuously in tense…
Annapurna (staring him with teary eyes)…..
D.P.R. -Whole day he thinks about his problem ……


D.P.R. Reading newspaper like daily, he shocked to see the newspaper !!!!!!!!
A shocking news on its front page in bold heading with pictures …

“Revenue inspector Durga prasad Rao got accused in case of bribery”.

He throw the newspaper with angrily ….
Annapurna raised N.P.(news paper),and she also shocked to see the N.P.!!!!!!!
She asked to D.P.- What is this !!!!!
D.P.R (angrily) – He accused me , which was completely wrong .. I didn’t do that cheap activity????
He order to Annapurna – Open news channel ..
Annapurna opens the news channel …
As soon as she opens, all media were talking about his corruption .
D.P.R. Gets deep tense , but her wife pacifies him.
Annapurna – We’ll fight for justice .
But his upper senior inspector trap badly .
He circles of the court bt the case was continuously hearing and hearing but not take any decisions .He losses his money day by day …
After knowing the circumstances of his father sanskar was in deep sorrow …(all member passess their day in sad mood )…..

After 6 month***

@Sanskar’s house
Postman came in his house, and asked who is Durga prasad Rao ???
D.P.R – yes I m ..
Postman – A letter for u, and he gave letter .
D.P.R. Received letter from him, and read it.
After reading, he shocked completely .
Annapurna – What happened ????
She take the letter from his hand and read bit loudly .
All member were shocked to hearing this bad news !!!!!!!!!
(Transfer order came from gvt. Office with Rigidly warning that return 18 lakhs of bribery which you took away from a person.)

After some time mr. Rao and mrs. Rao get ready to meet his old friend for consult…… (because they didn’t want to leave this place and they have no more money for return )..

After 1 hour..
Sandhya calling him (sanskar) sanskar….sanskar …..Sanskaaaaaaar ….
Sanskar – yes ..
Sandhya (happy mood)- Where are u ?I’m comming……
Sanskar – ok , come in.
(he was in his room and (Uattara,lucky,kavita,adarsh also in the room. hearing her voice Sanskar came in the hall) .
Both are in the hall ,
They are talking about his school days and karate classes etc…..
Sanskar forgate all his problem in her company ..
He decided himself , to tell his feeling to sandhya by letter , before left this place.
So he told to sandhya plz wait I’m coming in 2 minute .
After 2 minute he came with a letter.
He gave her proposal letters, he wrote l like u sandhya under the letter..
Sandhya – what is this ????
Sanskar – surprise 4 u!!
Sandhya- When she open the letter nd read it.. she just get shocked and she told him I’m just ur best friend otherwise nothing…
She told him I didn’t expect to u..
She tore the letter and throw his face .
Sanskar teary eyes – feels himself alone in this world .
Sandhya (angrily) went from his house without turn back .
Sanskar say himself , plz tern back once more sandhya but she go ahead without turn ….
(she don’t know that she saw him last time .)
A sad music play from his side –

Chhan se jo tute koi sapna,
(jag soona soona laage – 2)
Koi rahe na jab apna,
jag soona soona laage Jag soona soona hai toh yeh kyun hota hai Jab yeh dil rota hai, roye sisak sisak ke hawaayein,

{{{Sanskar continue weeping with sob on his door .}}}

jag soona laage Chhan se jo tute koi sapna, (jag soona soona laage – 2)
Koi rahe na jab apna,
(jag soona soona laage – 2)
re Soona laage re Roothi roothi saari raatein, phike phike saare din Viraani si viraani hai, tanhaayi si tanhaayi hai Aur ik hum pyaar ke bin har pal

{{{He remembering his previous day which he spent togather..again weeping..:'( :'( }}}

Chhan se jo tute koi sapna,
(jag soona soona laage – 2)
Koi rahe na jab apna,
(jag soona soona laage – 2)
re Patthron ki iss nagari mein, pattha chehre, patthar dil Phirta hai maara maara kyun raahon mein tu aawaara

{{{He continuously weeping and think how she tore his letter with cruelty and throw on his face ..}}}

Yahaan na hoga kuchh haasil, mere dil Chhan se jo tute koi sapna,
(jag soona soona laage – 2)
Koi rahe na jab apna,
jag soona soona laage Jag soona soona hai toh yeh kyun hota hai Jab yeh dil rota hai, roye sisak sisak ke

{{{He thinks that how he lay down in the lap of her ,nok jhok , meeting on the roof and the sound of her anklets ….chummmm…chummm…. chummm….}}}

hawaayein, jag soona laage Chhan se jo tute koi sapna, (jag soona soona laage – 2)
Koi rahe na jab apna,
(jag soona soona laage – 2)
re Soona laage re mohe …

{{{He is silent and stand near his door without any sense .
He only think about her rude nature.}}}

@Next Day..

Rao’s family get ready for left their house for life time.
They decided to go in a villages named Balliparwa. ( because transfer ordered from Robertsganj to Balliparwa so he compelled )..
Mr.and Mrs. Rao think about his problem that how should we arrange 18 lakhs !!!!!!!!
Children also think about the problems …
In sad mood the started their journey by bus …
After 7 to 8 hours they reached in the village …
Fortunately this village is their birth place .So no any problem for adjustment…
But.Mr.Rao thinks his problem day and night that how could he solved his problem of money .One idea came in his mind ,he write a letter to govt. , Kindly check on my case again bcoz I’m innocent …
After receiving his letter govt. take action for recheck …
The case is again continue and hearing ..
Mr. Rao circles on court , but no any positive result came from there..
( Do you know guyssss our court is sooo lazy
it continue in processing bt can’t take any decisions fastly ….. like “Damini”movie Tarikh pe tarikh….Tarikh pe tarikh…..ha ha ha).
This incidence changed Sanskar’s life completely he is in deep pain and get serious .
He feels helpless himself bcoz he can’t help his father …..

Precap –
5 year leap*****

Sanskar is now grown up…..

Thnkyou guyzzz …bye bye buyyyyy….

Credit to: Asha(Hope)

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