Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-5)


@Early Morning….

In early morning , Sandhya and Sanskar going for karate claases ( both are admitted in karate school and her brother also )
In a way they tired and sit on a cemented bench ,Sanskar lay down in the lap of Sandhya but she is silent now…
After reaching on the ground they are astonished !!!!!
Bcz no one is present on the ground they are alone in this time .So they decide to practice for karate.
They are bent for touch the ground with their hand .
(actually before starting their karate classes they always touch the ground with their hand )

When Sanskar bent for touch the ground with his hand he touch and turned to Sandhya and calling her in slow motion ….sandhyaaa ..and gave her a fantastic Flying kiss ummmhhhaaaa……..

Sandhya (angrily) see the face of sanskar!!!!

Half an hours later …..

All students are present in this time .
Sandhya insisted to go to her home.
Her brother asked to Sanskar – What happened ????
Sanskar (smirk smile)- I don’t know …
Her brother – What happen Sandhya ??
Sandhya – Nothing, but i want to go home right now..
She had gone,without informing to any one..

@ Roof……

Sanskar – Sandhyaaaa…… Sandhya …..
Sandhyaaaaa…..what happened with u ?????
Sandhy (angrily)- Really u don’t know ???
Sanskar(smirk smile) – Nooooo !!!!!
Sandhya (angrily)-Really ??
Sanskar – yeah ..
Sandhya -I don’t want to talk with u…..
Sanskar Why ???
Sandhya (angrily) – See his face.
Sandhya angry with Sanskar for his activity ..
So she don’t. want to talk with him and went from there…..
Sanskar waiting her bt she……

Suddenly a loud voice came from the hall Sanskar……..sanskar……sanskar…..sanskar…..sanskar….
Sanskar – Yes Dad .
Sanskar -fastly goes in the hall ….
Dad – Where are u,and what are u doing ?
Sanskar – I was on the roof and talking with Sandhya.(He nvr tell a lie so he told about sandhya to his dad without any hesitation )

His father Calling sanskar bcz he bought samosa, pakodi and sweet for sanskar , he loves this things so much .
As he saw samosa, pakodi sweet his mouth watered .
Sanskar – Wowwwww,
She loves sweet so much .But as he saw the sweet box in sanskar’s hand he want to pounce on sweet box.
Sanskar, lucky , Uttara, Annapurna, D.P.R., Adarsh and kavita all are present in the hall and all are taking samosa…..
All are happy..


All member are present on dining table for taking break fast.
Sanskar is not feel better, he is suffering from fiver .
His father calling to Doctor .
Doctor came and check his heart beat by his cythoscop .
D.P.R. -Everything is fine doctor ??????
Doctor – yes ,he is all right.Take medicine time to time and bed rest 2-3 days.
D.P.R. – Ok.

Doctor went in his clinic.
Sandhya saw the doctor , she thinks that what happen ?????
Sandhya came to sanskar’s house and calling him,sanskar…sanskar….sanskar….than lucky came and told everything about Sanskar in her ear.So she want to meet him.
Sandhya – Asked to lucky can u help me ??
Lucky – yes.
Lucky and Sandhya go to Sanskar’s room.
Sandhya see his face which was red and heat by fiver .she can’t control and tear in her eyes.
She thinks that she is responsible for his conditions .
She told sorry to sanskar but he can’t listen bcz he is sleeping .
Sandhya went.


Sanskar is not well but he insisted to go to school.
(Actually he is punchual and dutifull like his father so he never miss his school, but..)
But his mom refused.(sanskar obey her mom’s order bcz he loves his mom so much.)
He goes in his room,
Sanskar is lay down on his bed with sad feeling , and think about Sandhya.

Next Morning*****

Sanskar is feeling better now….

He is happy ,bcz he got a chance to go for school.
He wore white shirt with blue half pant,
School bag hang on his shoulder ,
Water bottle hang on his neck,
Comb in his beautiful small hair,
He is looking so cute ……
Sandhya came in his house and calling scarely S.. s.. Sa..nskar….sanskar…..sanskaaaaaaar ……
After seeing to Sandhya he is very happy and blush ,his cheek is looking red like red cheery .

( common guys imaging how’s he looking with blush cheek )…

He want to talk with her, but he constrainted/obligate… Bcoz his Dad is present in this time .
After a minute school bus came and he went his school……


Both are on the roof …

Sandhya talking with him as innocent girl, but
Sanskar pranks with her ,he asked to her that how’s my kissssss sandhya ??????????
Sansdhya (cry)- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..
Sanskar – Sshhhhhhhh..why r u crying ???
Sandhya (angrily) – I don’t want to talk with u….
And she start to weeping with sob….
Sanskar – Oonoooo !!!!!!!!!!!
Sanskar – Keep silent yar..
Sandhya – continue weeping..
After seeing her tear, he can’t Control himself , he fastly jump with wall to her terrace and clean her tear with his hankey .
Sanskar – Soon he realised his mistake.He told her I’m sorry yar , I’m only prank with u .
But u take seriously, so plzzzz promise me that u nevr weep ,bcz I can’t see tear in ur beautiful eyes…
Then she silent ..
(Sanskar is very soft hearted boy like his mother and some time hard like his father.he is jst like coconut whose hard outerside but internal side is very soft…)
Sanskar -I’m really sorry ….
Sandhya – Silent, nd see his face normally…

@Next day ….

Sandhya – sanskar…… sanskarr……
Sanskar – yes , I m hear . (he is surprise ! Bcoz she behave again like innocent girl, it seemed to me that she formate all data of her memory.ha ha ha ha)
She offered him for the playing..
Sandhya -Do u play kabaddi with me ???
Sanskar – yeah why not.??

@Field ….

They start to play .The ground divided into two part by stone.One side is sanskar and the other side is sandhya.
They toss the coin , nd she is win toss.
Sandhya firstly came for touch him, but as she touch him ,he hold her tightly .But as we know she is very naughty so she scratchs his hand with her nail and after scratching he remove his hand and she free from sanskar’s hand.
Sanskar – Aaaaa ..
Sandhya – Run away from there.
Sanskar is in pain and he is go in his house .
As he came , his mom see his wound and she is vry tense.
She wash her wound with the Dettole.
And asked him who scratch ur hand ???
Sanskar – silent .(He don’t want to tell about sandhya bcoz he has love feeling for her.)
Mom -Take care my son …
Sanskar – Ok.

Precap – A great tragedy came in sanskar’s life who change his life completely ….

If u like my fiction than plzzzzz comment guys if u more comments on my fiction I’m energetic …..
Bye Bye to all lovely readers …

Credit to: Asha(Hope)

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  1. Wow yarr superb sandhya is very rud how can she screah sanskar’s hand but I m sooo excited which tragedy will come in sanskar life plzzzzzz write next episode fast I m waiting ok

    1. Thnx alic

  2. Jwala

    who is sandhya? where is swara? are you hope from kerala?

  3. No, I’m from mirzapur.and sandhya is neighbor of Sanskar …plzzz wait for swara…

  4. Awesome.. Sanskar is damn cute..

  5. I hate u sandhya how dare to touch my sanskar ??? I’m eagerly wait for swara,your story is heart touchable ,plz hope ji u don’t stop to write because I like your story soooo much and I’m your big fan …..
    I’m waiting new episode.

    1. Thnx shaurya..

  6. Wow,awesome story hope.your story memorised my childhood n I also like samosa pkodi .
    I’m agree with Alice.i hate u sandhya….your story is different from other story I really like so much .I’m also your fan.i love your story

  7. Awesone yar.I’m. Ur big fan plz publish new episode fastly I can’t wait .which tragedy come ???? I hate u sandhya ,keep distance from my sanskar.my sanskar is soooo sweet .

    1. Thnx twinkle

  8. Kasam se Bachpan ki yaad aa gayi …..
    I hate u sandhya…

  9. I love ur story soo much hope , Sanskar is so cute and sandhya is vry bad grl she scratch his hand with her nail….plz publish new epi.

    1. Thnx abhinav

  10. Thnx for lovely comment .

  11. Lovely and naina really u remember ur childhood ?????I also remember guyzzz….
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. If.u.wat that I’m write ahead then plzzzz comment more n more bcoz yr comment gave me energy …
    I’ll try my best for my lovely fans…tysm again …:-D 😀

  13. Very nyc,nice story,but I don’t like this sandhya ,can u tell this ff is of Sanskaar and sandhya or swasan.

    1. Thnx alia

  14. Swasan yar ..

  15. Wow Sanskar is giving her flying kiss What a Romantic moment .
    I think Sandhya has no feeling about his Love. But he Loves her so much.
    Superb Miss. Hope

    1. Thnx mno

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