Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-4)

Epi -4
@Rao’s house

Sanskar is alone in his house becz his family member gone to watching movie in cenema hall ..
Sanskar is too much hungry nd going on his roof and calling Sandhya …Sandhyaaaa ….. Sandhyaa ……plz come here ,i need ur help …….
Sandhya – What happened ???Why r u calling me ??
Sanskar – I’m hungry so much nd no anyone in my house ,what I do ??
Sandhya – Ok
Sanskar – What ok ??
Sandhya – I’ll do somthing .
Sanskar – what ??
Sandhya – I’m coming ..
Sandhya across the wall of roof and jump on the roof of Sanskar .(actually wall is not so high nd attached with sanskar’s wall so she jumped without fear)…During the jumping wall , her anklets is produced a melody sound like chummm…….chummm …….chummmm …….chummmmmm …..
Sanskar likes her anklet’s sound so much ….

Now she is on sanskar’s roof..
Sanskar -let’s go in kitchen …
Sandhya – Ok
Both are going in kitchen by stair ..
Sandhya is ahed of Sanskar nd when she descend stair , her anklet again produced the sound chum.. Chumm . chum….chumm…chum…chum…..
Sanskar (feeling happy)- continue smile to listen her anklet’s sound .


Both r in the kitchen now.

Sanskar – What will you make ??
Sandhya – let’s boil potato .(actually she has no any idea for cooking )
Sanskar. -Suddenly he saw her hand nd says what is this ????
Sandhya – Mehndhi and nailpaint .

Sanskar – Why r u decorate ur hand with mehndhi nd nailpaint ???

Sandhya – For marriage with u .

Sanskar -Whattttttt !!!!!

Sandhya – yes
Sanskar(emotionally) – He keeps her hand in his on hand for see carefully .
Sandhya (angrily)- pull her hand and says I’m jst joking ,nd run away her house .

Sanskar – Off the gas which was on by sandhya for boiling potato.( potato boiled now)
He is thinking about her behavior ,suddnely door bell is ringing ,
Sanskar goes for open the door ,his family return from cenema hall .
But he think about sandhya’s nature .
This day he is not eat food .


Sandhya is vry happy .She wore red frock with golden border ,anklet in her leg, bangles in her hand, maching earrings , kajal in her cute eyes nd open her long hair, she looks like fairy…

She is ready to bind Rakhi to her brothr nd neighbors .She take a golden plate .
Molli ,Rakhi ,sweet keep in her plate and she is bind the rakhi to Viplav & Bihan .
After it she is going to Sanskar’s house.

@Sanskar’s house

Now Sandhya is Sanskar’s house .
Sanskar is surprise to see her .
He want to run away from his house .
As soon as she come near him ,he felt himself , his heartbeat is faster than before.
Bt unfortunately her sweet is finished ,
Sanskar is now vry happy nd he tells her I’ll going to market for buying the sweet .
When he return from market She had gone her house ….
( Sanskar avoid to sandhya that day, bcoz he loves her , so he is now happy )….

Bye bye to all lovely readers …
Soon I’ll come back with new episode ..

Precap -Sanskar give flying kiss to Sandhya

Credit to: Asha(Hope)


  1. Asha(Hope)

    Sorry berry I’m Busy in My exam so I can’t publish new episode…….
    Soon I’ll come with new episode .and I hope u will like it nd enjoy more than before………sorry again frnds

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