Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-3)

The story is start with Sandhya……
She is vry naughty n lovely girl. She wore a pink frock with blue shade ,small earing,open straight long hair ,and wore anklets in her beautiful legs.
Sandhya – aplog kuch bhool rhe h jhasi ki rani ka ek or v nam tha Manuuu…..
Sanskar- yes u r right bt its wonder! to interrupted unknown prsn ….
She became angry to listen this word and go away from there (her face was looks like angry bird )….
Nd sanskar laugh more n more ..

But next day they are again meet on the roof and talk eachother normally and laugh together ..
The atmospphere is vry charming and when they laugh,her brother came and they also talk to sanskar as a friend …
sanskar feels happy with the beautiful moment.
All are happy to talk oneanother ..

**1 month later ***
@Rao’s family …
D.P.reading newspaper ,Annapurna is busy in her kitchen..
Adarsh,sanskar,lucky,uttara,Kavita they are reading their books in serious mood …
Suddnely a sweet voice coming from outside ,Sanskaaaarrr…… ….sanskaaaaar…sanskaaar …
D.P asked to Annapurna who is she ???nd why she loudly calling to Sanskar???
All family member r surprise ! to listen her voice..
When Annapurna going outside she saw a beautiful girl Sandhya ,wearing a lemon yellow frock ,Annapurna invite in her house and she (sandhya)talk all family member as a neighbor .
Bt she want to meet specially Sanskar bt sanskar is silent in the presence of our father.after some time sandhya went her house .
That day sanskar was unable to talk sandhya (actually he want to talk, bt he fears his Dad)…..

Sanskar and Sandhya meet on the roof(as they meet daily) and now they are best friends .(But they always fighting eachother)
Now Sanskar n Sandhya going daily morning walk ,market,playing togather …
They passes his time enjoyfull (some time happy some time angrily )…….

**2 year later**
Sanskar and Sandhya both are class 7 th(bt they are read in separate school)…..

Both are sitting on green grass in the the park .
Sanskar loves nature’s beauty like William Wordsworth,(so he liks park,hills,garden,trees,flower etc .)….the atmosphere are sooooo attractive, green grass ,colourful flowers, there r many plant coverd with beautiful flowers .
It gives a deep pleasing to Sanskar …
all r looking like a Heaven ….

Sanskar lay down in the lap of Sandhya with full emotion ,and sandhya sudden scattered her long hair on his face…
Sanskar(feeling surprise )-what are u doing!
Sandhya (enjoying )-my hair is like a shadow ,its safe u from sun rays …
Sanskar feels that beautiful moment with full emotion. And he feels something for Sandhya …( but sandhya has no any feeling for Sanskar )…..
Bye bye guyzz soon we meet with next episode
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Precap-(Sanskar is hungry and no one present in Rao’s family …..)

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