Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi” ki epi 27


Epi- 27

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Swara feels very sorry because she forget his birthday . She angry on herself how can I forget .. ..how ..how…howw …
when she talk to Sanskar by ? she talk him with dullness .
Sanskar – Don’t sad dear .
But soon she realized that why she spoiling that beautiful and important day….
She is happy now and try to celebrate, she asked to Sanskar ??? Which type of gift do u want from me ?
Sanskar -” Your love , your company for lifetime “….
Swara emotionally – O my baby …I’m always with u , I love u soo much …our love is not to only speak it is by soul ..
I’ll tell u in your language –
Our love is like a “software “, no one can separate us easily ..U dwell in my soul …….understand dear????
Sanskar – Heheheheh what a example swara …u r great ..
Swara – ???? ..hehehehe ..

After 2 month ….

@ temple. In May ..
it is a hot season ..too much hot ..???

Swasan , Mukesh, Ranjana all are met in a book shop who situated near their college …(they often met that book shop)
Swara requested to sanskar go for temple but he told her nooooo we would go next day .
Swara – Nooo …..today …
Sanskar – tomorrow .
Swara – Today ..
Sanskar – Tomorrow ..(this act is repeated 7-8 time)
Swara – plzzzz sanskar ????????
Sanskar looks his watch and told her – look swara time is over ..
Swara – No ..i wanna to go .
Sanskar – Ok . Done ???
Swara – thnx sanskar …
Ranjana also want to go there, but Mukesh forbid her ..??(Ranjana and Mukesh is a friend of swasan of M.A. Class)
Ranjana – Plzzzz yar man jao ..
Mukesh – Girls are very insistent n Sanskar .
Sanskar – Yes u are right .
Swara – Staring Sanskar and Mukesh ..
Ranjana also staring them .
Sanskar and Mukesh start laughing hahahahh …
All are laughing ..(Swasan Mukesh, Ranjana and shopkeeper and others who present in that time )
Swasan and his friends Mukesh , Ranjana both are going to Temple for worshipping …..
They are worshipping to God/goddess and their is a famous Agnikund ..
Swara asked to Sanskar – What is this yaar ???
Sanskar replied her that is the Agnikund …
Swara – chalo chalo …
Sanskar – noo noo noooo …waha jake kya karna hai ?? Nobody go there …
Swara – Why ???
Sanskar – look …no one present there ..
Swara – but I wanna to go there ..I’m eager to go there .
Sanskar – What will u doing there yaar ??
Swara – Chlo pahle questions bad me arise krna ..
Sanskar and Swara bolth went to near Agnikund .
(Mukesh and Ranjana are another side for enjoying .)
And swasan is now stand at exact place ..
Swara hold his hand start round and round , around the Agnikund.
Sanskar laughing more nd more and told her what a amusement yaar ..
Dekhte hi dekhte unhone 7round complete kr liye …
.. You know guyzz swasan ne khel khel me 7 fere le liye ….☺☺☺☺☺☺????
After it swasan is going ahead then a loud voice came from another side. Sanskar ….come here ….(Mukesh calling him )
Sanskar – I’m coming yaar ..
Swasan is now with them .
Ranjana – kaha rah gye the yaar tumdono ????
Swasan – silent ….they swara look sanskar and Sanskar look Swara they smile but silent ..

After it swasan and their friends sit on a rock for the rest . Because they are too much tired . Both couple sits separate rock.. (A big solid rock is middle on both couple one couple is inside other is other side , so they are enjoy with their partners..)
Sanskar a bit voice – Come here ..
Swara a bit loud – Nooo .
Sanskar – Aoooo na yar ..
Swara – Friends dekhenge to kya bolenge ..??
Sanskar – kuch nhi bolenge aoo .. He self come close to swara and try to kiss her soft lips , when sanskar kiss her swara looses consciousness .. she hold him tightly nd she also start kiss him , Sanskar try to leave but she capture his lips with her lips ..sudden a person come then they separate with a jurk nd Swara part now ..
Sanskar – ???? dekho usne dekh liya ab kya sochega hmare bare me ???
Swara – pooch k au kya ?
Sanskar – Bkkkk ..nd then , he sing a song loudly awara hu awara hu ..
then a voice came from another side of rock what happens yar ?? Why are u singing that song awara hu ..
Swasan – Nothing yaar ..
After Sometimes they want to go their home ..
Swara realized herself that she is half wife of Sanskar ….
On the other hand Sanskar also realize himself that he is her husband …

★★★★Next day ★★★★

She send him sms on fb ..?
Swara talking about previous day ….

She explains all feres see the below ↓????
⒈? In first round we share all good or bad conditions togather ..
⒉? In second round u protect me .
⒊? In third round we should prayer to God for success of life .??
⒋? In forth round I respect your parents and we respect eachother .
⒌? In fifth round we loyal and believe on eachother . .??
⒍? in sixth round I protect u from any problems and prayers to God for your live long…??
⒎? In seventh round we prayer? to God , a healthy baby …?


Sanskar – Ok dear I accept all round ..
Swara – I also ..
Sanskar – ye kya ho gya swara ???
Swara – I think , God bless with us ..
Swara – u are right .
Sanskar – I will try to complete all rounds with full honest ..
Swara – Ok …. I love u my husband .
Sanskar – I love u my dear wife ..

Both are very happy with their new relation. They feel a new feeling ..

Bye bye …?????

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