Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-2)


The story starts in a rao’s house on a dining table ……
D.P.R.(Durga prasad Rao)sitting in front of dining table ,all family member is also sit on dining table they are taking food in silent mood bcoz D.P.R. is very strict….
A cute little boy who is in a blue half pant and white shirt ,hanging the bag on his shoulder and water bottle on his neck ,coming down through stair and say good morning to all member in soft voice ……
I hope reader are thinking about Sanskar , am I right ??????
Hmmmmm he is Sanskar Rao..

He is sit on his chair n take the food ,after finishing his food he say bye mom bye dad bye everyone and go outside from his house and the school bus came for sanskar to drop him to school…
In bus , all child are crying bt sanskar is normally behave and smile in a cute style. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Sanskar is the student of class 5th nd he is thinking about his first day (bcoz before class 5th he is in other school bt after the transfer of his dad he is come in new school)and when he is going in his classroom some rowdy boys are teasing sanskar…
Sanskar keep his bag on the first bench and he is going to sit bt some rowdy boys came and throw his bag on ground nd keep his own bag (this process is repiting 2-3 time )after a few min sanskar suddenly stand and throw their bag nd sit on the first bench..
Teacher of english subject come in the classroom and orders everyone to read book individually…maximum student are reading book, sanskar perfectly read the book so english teacher impress with him ,but rowdy boys and two girls are unable to read so teacher told to sanskar that slap them. (who unable to read) he don’t want to slap bt scaredly he slap them.

Next day…
@play ground
Some people are searching sanskar (they are brother of those girls who was slaped by sanskar).
They ask to sansakar that do u know who is sanskar??? Sanskar reply yes I m .Then they angryily says y u beat my sister? He (sanskar)reply-noooo …..i don’t want to beat, its a order of my teacher .So they are silent and go from there.
@the roof of his house
Sanskar and his sister uttara was talking about rani laxmi bai ,suddnely a sweet voice come from besides roof ,you forget something ..her nick name was manu….(this is sandhya ) both are surprise to listen her voice .So friends …..first time she talk with Sanskar Rao ….

Bye …bye…..to all lovely readers …..

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Credit to: Asha

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  1. Awesome yarr my sanskar is soo cute…………..

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  3. sometimes the people that u don’t want to get hurt doesn’t care if they hurt you!

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