Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-17)


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Episode 16


As we read in previous epi swara and sanskar talking eachother .

Sanskar gave his Id and password to swara for read his conversation .Swara refused him but sanskar force her for read .Then she agreed…..
After disconnect the call she opens his FB Id.

Conversation ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆

Meenali- She wished to sanskar Happy kiss day . Sanskar – He became violent and he told to her that I don’t like that types of days , and how dare you to wish me that cheap day ??
Meenali – it’s not bad .
Sanskar (angrily)- Stop it now .
Meenali – Happy Rose day .
Sanskar – Are you gone mad ??
Meenali – I like your cheek .

Sanskar – this word is not suitable on you because you are a teacher .
Meenali – I like your activity .
Sanskar – but I don’t like your activity .
Meenali – I know you love me ..
Sanskar – I think you are totally mad .
Meenali – If you dont like me then why are u so care me and why are you obey my order ??????
Sanskar – First of all I would like to remember you that you are a teacher which had forgotten that fact , and I respect my all teacher not only you so I was care and obey their orders .
Meenali – You are a lier.
Sanskar (angrily)- Ohhh …God …
Meenali – I like your smile .

Sanskar – mam plzzzz …
Meenali – What plzzz … Tell me you love me ..
Sanskar – bye ..bye ..
Meenali – nooooooo
Sanskar – silent .
Meenali – Starts weeping and send him sms that now you are happy na I’m weeping …
Sanskar with immotional – Nooo mam …..I don’t want to weeping you plzzz mam don’t weep .
Meenali – Noooo .
Sanskar – Plzz mam keep smile on your face .(he is very immotional boy he dont see tear in any girl’s eyes )…

Meenali- firstly tell me you love me .
Sanskar – Sorry mam its your misunderstanding, I care you as a student , I obey your order as a student …and I never tell a lie …
Sanskar’s battery is dead …….

Meenali – tell me truth .,where are you , Sanskarrrrr …come on …., ok bye bye ….now happy na ab to aa jao …..

Next day ◆◆◆◆◆◆

Meenali- Hiii sanskar ….
How are you
Sanskar- I don’t want talk to you …
Meenali – why ??
Sanskar – mujhe apse koi v faltu baat nhi karni hai .
Meenali- you mean to say mai faltu baat krti hu ??
Sanskar- yes ..
Meenali -ok bye .. bye …
Sanskar- bye …bye ….
Etc …..

Swara shocked completely because Meenali’s sms shows about her feeling .It seemed to her that Meenali love him .
Further it swara calls to Sanskar and talk to him … She want to meet him again but Sanskar inform her about examination , listening this news swara surprised…omg how soo early exams came yaar .
Sanskar asked her about FB . Do you read ??
Swara – yes .
Sanskar – why are you sad ?
Swara – Nothing yaar ..
Sanskar – I know you are disturb after reading .
Swara (fake smile) – I’m ok yaar .then again She told him that Meenali mam loves u.
Sanskar – Shut up .
Swara sad – yes …. Ok bye
Sanskar – Stop … Stop … Stop . ..
Swara – silent , and disconnect the call …

After One week ◆◆●●●◆

Meenali talk with swara by phone …
Meenali- Hiii swara …
Swara – Good afternoon mam .
Meenali- Good afternoon beta .
Swara – How are you ??
Meenali – Fine ….and you ???
Swara – I’m also ..
Meenali – I’ve a good news .
Swara — Tell me mam …
Meenali – Sanskar engaged with a girl ..
Swara – Confused??? Who ???
Meenali – Hai koi girl jisko tum janti ho ..
Swara (confused)- I know ??
Meenali – yes .

Swara – tell me mam her name ??
Meenali – Mini .
Swara – I don’t know her ..
Meenali – you can ask your friends.
Swara Ok bye …

She calls to Sanskar ….
Sanskar- hiii swara how are you ??
Swara – Are you engaged someone ?
Sanskara – yar wo .wo ..it’s only by mistake .
Swara – who is mini ???
Sanskar- who tell you ??
Swara – who is mini ??
Sanskar- mini is a girl .
Swara – tell me or not ?
Sanskar – Meenali mam hi hai ..
Swara (Shocked)- Whatttttt !!!!
Swara smirk smile -Congratulations sanskar …she disconnect the call ..
Sanskar again call her ..
Swara disconnect his call without receive .
Sanskar again call her …

She received his call and say angrily kyaaa hai ??
Sanskar smile and tell her what happened yaar why are you angry with me ??
Swara – I’m ok .
Sanskar – mujhe to nhi lgta .
Swara – to mai kya kru ?
Sanskar – Don’t angry yaar ..actually its a mistake I was busy to writing then she secretly put off her ring and put in my finger but I throw immediately ….
Swara – What !!!!
Sanskar – yes ..
Swara – you are not a child .
Sanskar- Why are you angry yaar cool down ..

After 1 month ◆◆◆◆◆

Sanskar accept her proposal …
Sanskar calls to swara and tell everything about his life .Sanskar tells her that he accept her proposal .
Swara teary eyes – you joking with me na ?? :'( :'(
Sanskar – No yar ..it’s true ..
Swara – how is that possible ??

Flashback Start ★★★★★
Before one month ..

Meenali in department ◆◆◆◆◆

After over the class when all students went from there. Then she hold my hand and proposed me ..
She told me that I love you soo much ….then my heart beat faster then before , I couldn’t understand that what did I do ???
She told me that don’t break my heart I can’t live without you .
Then I memoried my past …How had sandhya broken my heart , that’s so painful I can’t forgate till today .
Meenali told me that don’t break any girls heart it’s sinful act . But I was not accepting her proposal.
That day I was not sleep in whole night ..
Next day she force me, say you love me Sanskar .
She force me 2 week and all student thought that she really love me then they also force me .
But I was not accepting her proposal .
One day she call me and talk to me that I’m manglik na so , that the reason you not accept me ???
To listen this word I was shocked !!!
Then I told her that was not reason .
She told me that true love not come daily in our life .
That word change my views . And I accepted her proposal ….

Flashback End ★★★★★

Sanskar – this is the reason for accepting her proposal. I didn’t want that , I broke any girl’s heart , because someone break my heart and I know its very painful .
That pain I never forgate .so I accepted her …..
Swara with teary eyes – Bahut achha jao khush raho …. Mai tumdono ki shakal tak nhi dekhna chahti ..
Sanskar – I can’t understand why are youuu weeping yaar ….. Why are you behave like sautan …
Kahi tum bhi to mujhse pyar nhi karti ??

Swara – Shut up ..
Sanskar – So why are your eyes teary???
Swara – Aise hi .
Sanskar seriously – See …if you told me earlier that u love me then I accepted..
Swara – Nooooo …
Sanskar – Your body language is not with you .
Swara – aaj k bad mujhe call mt karna dooor rahna tum dono.
Sanskar – dono means ?
Swara – you and your Madam .
Sanskar – laughing ….why yaarrr ???
Swara disconnect his call and start crying ..

Swara → Do ghadi ki mulakat mein
Umar bhar ke sitam de gaye hai
→【She bitterly crying on her bed and think about her previous life which was passed in the company of sanskar….】

Do ghadi ki mulakat mein
Umar bhar ke sitam de gaye hai

Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein

【 She think about her class and bike episode when she closed with him and she hold his shirt . :'( :'(】

Pyar mangna ghoom de gaye hai
Do ghadi ki mulakat mein
Umar bhar ke sitam de gaye hai

Hoke tumse juda hum to rote rahe
Tum gaye to zamane ki khushiya gayi

【 She think that sanskar is gone faraway .Now he is not my friend …now he would forgate me. :'( :'(】

Aasuo ki barasti ghataye
Aasuo ki barasti ghataye

【She melancholy says herself that why you do this sanskar and again crying to hide her face in pillow. :'( :'( :'( :'( 】

Aap hamko sanam de gaye hai
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Pyar manga tha ghoom de gaye hai
Do ghadi ki mulakat mein
Umar bhar ke sitam de gaye hai

【 She think about her freshers party’s dance which was a sweet memories …she lost in his innocent eyes..she was so close that time how he forget everything .. :'( :'( :'( 】

Hum tumhari wafa
Pe bharosha kiye
Bhool baithe
Mohabbat mein dono jaha
Haa haa
Todna chahe ab to na tute
Todna chahe ab to na tute
Aap aise bharam de gaye hai

【she says herself that why did you accept her proposal I can’t bear it …she again crying. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( 】

Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Pyar mangna ghoom de gaye hai

【Swara crying n crying n crying continues crying . :'( :'( :'( 】

Do ghadi ki mulakat mein
Umar bhar ke sitam de gaye hai
Kya mila hai sila ishq mein
Pyar mangna ghoom de gaye hai
Pyar mangna ghoom de gaye hai

【 She is now bitterly crying and there is swelling in her beautiful /attractive eyes .. :'(: :'( :'( 】

Pyar mangna ghoom de gaye hai
Pyar mangna ghoom de gaye hai.

Swara is unable to accept their relationship , it’s unbearable to her ….. ★★★★ End★★★★

@Next day ★★★★

Sanskar calling her but she didn’t pick up his call .
He again calling her she received the call and sadly says hello ..
Sanskar – kya hua yaar ??
Swara – nothing yaar …bolo kya kaam h ??
Sanskar – ohooo …
Swara – bolo
Sanskar – how are you ?
Swara – maru ya jiyu tumse kya mtlb h .???
Sanskar – aisa q bol rhi ho ???
Swara – tum khush ho n ..
Sanskar – tum dukhi rhogi to mai kaise khush rah skta hu ??
Swara – apna dialogue bnd kro kaam ki bat btao ..
Sanskar – I know you hate me na ?
Swara – yes I hate you ….

Bye bye guyzz …… :'( :'( …

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