Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-16)


Epi – 16

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@ Department …

As we read in previous episode that Swara splashed /drenched in rain , and only swasan had come in the college…..

After teach , their teacher asked them about their goals. Firstly she asked swara ..
Then Swara reply that my aim of life is become teacher …
Meenali – Very good ..If you should become a teacher then why are you not apply in B.Ed and B.T.C. ??
Swara – I’ve done it .
Meenali – So , What the results ??
Swara – I think the result will come soon ..
Meenali – Ok , She asked to Sanskar’s goals?
Sanskar also same reply ….
Meenali – smile and say wow same goal ….Very good.
Tell me one thing , why should you become a teacher ??
Swara – Because I love children , and children is a future of our country.And i want a brite future of my country .
Menali – It’s a very nice thought. And u Sanskar ???
Sanskar – Same here mam .
Meenali – What a similarity !!!!!! Good … I think your views are same .
Sanskar – smile n smile. No mam it’s only a co – incidence.
Swara smile and says yes mam he is right .

@Next week ..

The B.Ed result had came .
Swara ans Sanskar’s results are positive .
They are very happy for their reault .


All students are present in classroom …
They attend their class as regular , but swasan are lost in our dream..
then meenali asked them , what happened beta ??
Swasan – Nothing mam …
Meenali – Really ??
Swasan – Wo ..wo … aaaa …ammm ..yeah nothing mam ..
Meenali – What!!! aaa….ammm ..wo .. Wo .. Kya h ???
Swasan – no mam .
Meenali – I know you better than you , so tell me what happened ??
Swasan – Actually our result has came .
Meenali – wowwwwww congratulations ..
Swasan – Thanks mam , but one problem mam .
Meenali- Which type of problems beta??
Swasan – Our rank is very low .
Meenali – No problem ..you can apply in private college.
Swasan – Ok mam .

Meenali – Now let’s start the next poem.
The west Land..by T.S.Eliot .

This poem is divide into 5 section
1- The Birial of Dead
2-The game of chess
3- The Fire Sermon
4- Death by Water
5-what the thunder said

She teach them all section of the West land . ..
It is very long poem , so she finish this poem in 2 -3 week .
After three week …..
Swara calls to sanskar ..
Sanskar receives her call and say how are you ?
Swara – I’m fine and she inform him that she would go for counseling can u help me ??
Sanskar – yes , Why not .
Swara – And you ??
Sanskar – Meenali mam says to me that don’t go for counceling because if you would go, then you missed your M.A.class so, after completing your M.A. Class you can do .
Swara (surprisingly)- What !!!! Dimag kharab h kya (are u crazy)??
Sanskar – No …i think she is right .
Swara – What right ?? You are going for counceling ok.
Sanskar – Nooo …
Swara – Ok as you wish .
Sanskar- I am ready for your help about counseling .

(actually sanskar is very kind hearted boy and he always ready for help any person .He care her so much and he care meenali mam too as student)….

Sanskar helps swara for D.D. (demand draft).
And she is going for counceling..
After completing her process she select a college which was sooo far but near sanskar’s house .
Swara came in her college … No …No … Nooo ..she didn’t come for study she came only for meet sanskar and other friends , Mukesh , Ranjana , Ragini , shiba, Pavan , Ranjeet , Satyam Etc ….
So in this way swara left the college for one year .But she connect with sanskar by call and social network ..

@Next day ..
@Sanskar’s college ..

All friends are sooo sad for Swara specially Sanskar .
Meenali – kitna suna suna lag rha h n sanskar ???
Sanskar – Yes mam ..
Meenali – I miss her so much..
Then sudden Swara calls to Sanskar’s mobile ..
He cuts her call because he is in classroom and he never attend the call during class ..
Swara continue calling him and he cuts her call . .
Meenali – What happened sanskar ??
Sanskar – Nothing mam .
Meenali – I think someone calling you ?
Sanskar – yes mam ….
Meenali – Who ? Can I guess ???
Sanskar – yes .
Meenali – Is this Swara ?
Sanskar (surprisingly) – Omg !!!! How you know mam ??
Meenali – right ??
Sanskar – yes mam, but how u know ???
Meenali – I know that you are a good friend and I think she need your help ……meenali order him for receive her call ..
Sanskar receive her call and say helloo swara .. How are you ??
Swara – I’m fine and you ?
Sanskar – I’m also fine .
Swara – I need your help sanskar, can you help me ?
Sanskar – why not ? I’m always ready for your help , so why are you asking me again n again ?
Swara – college demands is the medical certificate and I’ve no any certificate .So if you are free then plzz come with me for making it .
Sanskar – Ok I’ll come tomorrow ..
Swara – Ok by and thnx ..she cut the call ..
Meenali – she need your help na ?
Sanskar – Yes mam .
Meenali – Ok goooo …
Sanskar – Ok .

@Next Day
They succeed to making her certificate
Swara admitted in the college which had she selected. She was very happy ..
She was going her college daily , but she talk to Sanskar about her college and friends …
Sanskar – All student miss u .
Swara – Ooooo …and you ??
Sanskar – I also yaar .
Swara – If you miss me then why should you not come in my collage ?
Sanskar – Nooo yar .. After M.A. ..
Swara – Why are you spoiling your career yaar .
Sanskar – Ho gya tumhara baat ..???
Swara – Ok fine ..kuch nhi bolungi .
Sanskar – tell me one thing if you would not read in my college then how we contact with meenali mam for information ????
Swara – I don’t know .
Sanskar – who would know?
Swara – meenali mam .
Sanskar – Ok . .

@Next Day..

Sanskar open his facebook for talking with swara but swara is offline . One friend request came in his fb .
he shocked to see the friend request because he was not expect for this person .
you know guyzzz who send him friend request ??
This request was send by his teacher Meenali mam .
Sanskar shocked because she don’t like to talk any boy .
Sanskar chat with him …

Sanskar – Kya app meri mam h ?? Yadi app unke name ka use kr thi h to thik nhi hoga .
Meenali – Tumhari mam bahut achhi h kya ??
Sanskar – yes she is very good teacher .
Meenali – ok ok …I’m your teacher and tomorrow you will come with a poem named A Prayer for my daughter..
Sanskar – He believes her and say ok mam .
And it’s good idea for information because swara is busy in her college , and nobody knows your contact number so how we know that we will come with which books ??? I like this idea .. But mam if you don’t mind that I want to tell you one thing ??
Meenali – ok tell ..
Sanskar- Fb is very bad thing .
Meenali – Who told you ?
Sanskar – I know mam .
Meenali – we would use fb id for study not misuse…
Sanskar (happily) -Ok ..

@Next Day ..

Sanskar calling to swara and saying about his chat with meenali mam .swara also shocked to listen this news .
Swara – Whatttttt !!! Are you true ??
Sanskar – Yes , and now we are not depended on you . She give me all information by fb .
Swara (sad )- Ok .now you are happy na ??
Sanskar – Yes , ofcours .
Swara – Ok bye …(swara don’t like this act of meenali mam ).
Sanskar – Ok bye ..
Swara busy in her college and sanskar busy in his college . Both are busy in their college .
But they talking eachother daily by phone .
Meenali connect with swara by Watsapp and call . She also tells her everything about college and sanskar .

@After One month….

Swara came in a book shop for meet her friends and teacher . This shop is near sanskar’s college so she can meet her friends easily…but only Sanskar and Meenali mam came …after a long time she meet with him so swara is very happy ….
Suddenly Meenali asked her a question ??
Meenali – Do you love Sanskar ??
Swara (surprised)- Whatttt !!!!
Meenali – tell me yes or not ??
Swara – Smile and think about sanskar .
Meenali to Sanskar – Do you love Swara ?
Don’t tell me that she is not special for you ??
Sanskar (angrily)- Noooo …. We are only a good friend nothing else .And she is special for me because she is my best friend .
Meenali – ok .
Sanskar – Why are you ask me this type of question??
Meenali to Swara – Dont believe more on him .
Swara – Why ??
Sanskar- Whatttt!!!!
Meenali – Don’t believe any boy .
Swara – I believes on him ..
Meenali – finally , you are only a friend ??
Swasan – say togather Yes mam .
Meenali – Ok . .
Swara – ok I’m going now bye Mam bye Sanskar..
Sanskar – bye .
Swara went from there ..then Meenali again asked him the previous question ?
Sanskar is alone in this time and he again says we are jst a friend . And tell me one thing why are you interested in our relationship??
Meenali reply him that you care her soo much then I doubt that both are lover .
Sanskar – Whatttttt !!!!!! Hosh me to h n app ???
Meenali – Yes ..ok I’m going to my home .
Sanskar – Ok Good afternoon.
Meenali – Bye .
Sanskar – Good afternoon .
Meenali – Bye
Sanskar – Good afternoon
Meenali – why are you not say bye ?
Sanskar – You are my teacher not my friend ok ..I’m always clear with my relations .. So again don’t try to say bye I m your student …
Meenali (angrily)- ok Good afternoon …
Sanskar is busy in his study .
Swara also busy ..they are not talk daily because of their college …

After 3 month ….

Sanskar talk to swara by call and he tells about Meenali mam and her chat …
Sanskar told her that take my fb id and password and read all conversation..
Swara – Why should I read ??
Sanskar – Read yar ..
Swara – Ok .. Tell me one thing who miss me more in your college ?
Sanskar – All .
Swara – Jhooth…nobody miss me na .
Sanskar – krte h yar ….
But as the passess of time they start to forgate you.
Swara – One day you shall also forgate me ..
Sanskar – Noo yar .. This is not possible .
Swara – Hmmm …

Precap — Meenali fallen in love with Sanskar …Sanskar refused her ..

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