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Epi – 15

The story starts with new session …
@ English Department…..

Students are very happy for new session .They have eagerly waiting their favorite teacher (Meenali mam)…
After 10 minutes she enters in department ..
Students – Good morning mam .
Meenali – Very good morning Beta …
Congrats to all of you and Welcom to first semester of M . A . …
I think somthing is missing in this class ???
( she feels missing someone because she sit in the center of table and Sanskar sits in her right side and Swara sits in her left side and all student sit in around of table )…..
Students – Noo mam .
Meenali – Missing ??
Student – Noo mam ..all are present .
Meenali – Nooo , where is Swara ??
Students – I don’t know mam ..
Meenali ask to Sanskar – where is Swara ??
Sanskar (sadness) – Mujhe kaise pta hoga mam ..
Meenali (winks high) – Achhaaaa !!!!! You really don’t know …
Sanskar – Noo ..
Meenali – I heard that she is your best friend ..
Sanskar – Yes , you are right but this time I really don’t know why did she not come ?
She asked to all student – No one knows about Swara ???
Students – Noooooo mam ..
Meenali – Ok .. Abhi pta krti hu, she calling her ..
Swara received her calls and say hello mam , good morning ..
Meenali – Good morning beta . .Why are u not came today ??
Swara – I’m suffering from fiver mam so I’m unable to come ..
Meenali – Take care beta .
Listening this word Sanskar is in deep anxiety .

Meenali – Let’s start the fiction. Tess Of D’Urbervilles by Thomas hardy …

She starts to explain this fiction . During explaination she looks to Sanskar , and continue explains she again looks sanskar ….she looks him again and again because he didn’t take interest in study …
Meenali- What happend beta ??? Any problem with you ??
Sanskar – He continue seeing in his book ..
Meenali (loudly) – Sanskaaaar ….
Sanskar surprised – Yes mam !!!!!! What happens ??
Meenali – This is my question beta ??
Sanskar – Nothing mam ..
Meenali – So why are you sad ??
Sanskar (fumbles )- wo …woo ..
Meenali – ye wo . Wooo kya lga rkhaa h ??
Sanskar – Nothing mam .. You continue mam …
Meenali – she again explain about fiction .. After it , she explains summary of this novel .

********Summary *******

As we study the novel “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” we find that it is the story of a simple girl named Tess Durbeyfield , she was 16 year girl with her innocent nature .She was living with her parents in the village , Marlott . Her father , John who was a pedlar was a great drunkard . The parents of Tess asked her to go to the rich lady D’urbervilles to get a job as well as for some financial help . After some hesitation Tess went there . Before meeting that lady , Tess met her son , Alec , a youngman of bad character. Inspite of her resistence, Alec loved her , kissed her , and raped her ….
After a fixed period of time she gave birth to a female baby whom she nemed ‘sorrow’ . Its reason was that she had already become pregnant after Alec had raped her .she had to face many difficulties and deep humiliation because of her illegal pregnancy and the consequent birth of a female baby . After some days the little child died and Tess became far more unhappy at her death ….

She was engaged as a dairymaid at the talbothays farm which was situated in the valley with some other great dairies in south wess*x ..here she met Angel Clare who was the son of clergyman .He loved her and courted her and Tess also started loving him . When Angel put his marriage – proposal before Tess , she did not accept it forthwith ….

She thought about her previous sin from the point of view of society . She didn’t like to deceived her lover .
So she wrote a letter to her lover explaining her tragic incident in the past . She didn’t hide anything and placed that letter into the room of clare .but he didn’t receive her letter because it had slipped under the carpet of his room . Both of them were married togather …

On the first night Angel told Tess that he had a relationship with a woman for about 24 hours in the past . Tess also told about Alec’s sinful act with her any concern. She forgive him for his lapse but Angle didn’t forgive her ….

He gave her some money and run away . After a long time he had not came ..she face many problems .
One day she met Alec at a place where he was preaching the crowd of people that they should live holy and moral life …
Alec started paying his attention to Tess and her family . He offered some money to help her family but she refused to accept it ..he told her that her husband, Angel would never return to her and she should marry him . She has no any place for live because her father died recently . So they were compelled to take shelter in a church . Alec again offered to help them with money and with loving accommodation . Tess agreed to return to Alec who had helped her family in difficult day . .
One day Angel return from Brazil and search his wife Tess . When he saw she live with Alec , he angry too much from Tess . Tess saw Angel who return his home . Tess was so angry with Alec and she kill him . And she follow Angel . When she met with him she told everything about Alec . Then both decided to go in jangle . Tess caught by police in the crime of murder and the punishment is hanging . Before hanging she promised her husband to marry with her small sister .
He promised her and she died in the front of her husband and sister …
*********The end ***********

This is the summary of the novel . .
Sanskar feels very sorry for Tess , because of her tragic death ..
Meenali – Time is over . Now , I have to go ..
Students – Ok mam ..

@ Sanskar’s house. ****

He feels very sad , and think about Swara . Suddenly Monu came in his house and asked him Whatsup Sanskar ???
Sanskar – Nothing yaar ..
Monu – then why are u sad ???
Sanskar (fake smile)- Nhi to ..
Monu – I can read your eyes ok ..
Sanskar – Yes u are right . I am feeling sad yar ..
Monu – give me your mobile plzzz ..
Sanskar – Why ?
Monu. Give me yaar .
Sanskar gave his mobile to monu , and he calling Swara ….
she received his call and say hello (in slow voice )
Monu – hello swara ..how are you dear ???
Swara – feeling well .
Monu – Sanskar want to talk to you .
Swara – Whatttt !!! Sansksr talk to me ????
Monu – yeah baby ..
Swara – I can’t believe yaar !!!!!
Monu – believe me yaar .
Swara – Ok .
Monu gave mobile in sanskar’s hand .
Sanskar (emotionally)- Hello dear .
Swara – listening this lovely word she feel so happy , and say wow sanskar ..
Sanskar – how are you ??
Swara – After listening your voice I’m feeling better now .
Sanskar – Really ??
Swara – Yeah ..
Sanskar is also very happy to listen her voice …
He tells to Swara that your classmates are missing you specially meenali mam ..
Swara – Really ?
Sanskar – yes yaar .
Swara – And you ???
Sanskar – Nooo ….Why would I miss u ???
Swara – Ok soon I’ll try to return .
Sanskar – Ok ..bye …..bye …

After one week ****
@Morning *****

Swara open her facebook id for chat with sanskar ..
She send him sms in inbox . Hiiiiiii …. Where are you ???….. Today ,there is college open or not ???????
Sanskar – hiiiiii …. Bolo ..?? College is open yaar ..why are you asking ???
Swara – I wanna to attend the class ..
Sanskar – Jane do yaar ..Atmosphere is not good ,
sky is very cloudy , i think its raining today ..
Swara – No problem .. I’m coming yaar
Sanskar – Ok take care .
Swara – Ok .
After some time she asked to Ragini by sms , are you coming ??
Ragini – Noo ..its raining yaar .
Swara asked to Monu by call ?? But he also refused ..

After 10 minutes , it starts rain drop , but Swara get ready for college because she told to sanskar by facebook that she would come …..
So she try to come in any situation…..
She don’t understand what she do ??
She waiting for stop the raining and continue see the sky .
Suddenly Meenali calling her …
She received her call ..
Swara – Hellooo ..
Meenali – Helloooo ,
Swara – Good morning mam ..
Meenali – Good morning beta ..are you coming or not ???
Swara – Coming mam .how many student are came in this time ??
Meenali – I’m alone in department beta come soon ..
Swara – Ok ..
She get ready for go …
As she entered the college gate , she surprised !!!! because nobody seen there ..
she scarely go ahead then sudden she saw sanskar who stand in shadow of balcony ….
she is soo happy to see him , and she takes a deep breath …… thank god koi to dikha !!!!
Swara fastly goes in department side and she asked to mam…
Swara – May I coming ??
Meenali – Yes coming beta ..she tells to swara no one came today ..
Swara – Noo mam , Sanskar is also present , infact he is present here before me ..
Meenali – Whatttt !!!! He is present ????
Swara – Yes mam .
Meenali ordered to Swara for call him ….
So Swara calling him in loudly Sanskaaaarr…..Sanskaaaarr ….sanskaaaarrrrrr ….
Sanskar – I am coming yaar, Why are you crying soo loudly ??
Swara – Mam ordered to me for calling you so I’m calling …
then he came in classroom ..
Meenali – When you are present before swara then Why are you not came in classroom ???
Sanskar – I’m not came because nobody had came that time so I was standing in outside of classroom ..
Meenali similes – Ok .. She gave her hanky to Swara for wiping her body because she splash (trench) in heavy rain…
Swara wipes her face and hair and she get ready for study …
Meenali – Only two student are present !!!!!!
Swara – yes mam .
Meenali continue smiling to see them ..
Sanskar asked to Swara – why are you come in heavy rain ????
Swara silent with a bit smiles ….
Sanskar – without waste any time plzzz teach us …
Meenali teach them a poem. ..

The Rime of the Ancient Mariners…

Meenali sit in the center of table and sanskar sits in her right side and Swara sits in her left side so no doubt both (swasan) are sit in front of each other..
Swara pass a sweet smile to sanskar and Sanskar also pass …..
because when they uplifting their head , both are see each other …this act is continue repeated .. Meenali see everything whatever they happen ..and she smile and smile .. When Sanskar asked to mam that why are you smiling continue ???
then she replied that – too see both of you ..
Sanskar – We are not cartoon .
Meenali – Smiles …i know you are not cartoon …
Sanskar – Sooo ????

Bye bye friends …

Precap – not decided ….

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