Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-12)

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Epi -12

@college hall ..

Ragini – congratulations swara!!
Swara – thnx yaar .
Monu – congrats swara !!
Swara – thnx monu .
Ragini (pranks)- swara…You told me that u are not interested in dance but u are lost in dream with mr. Khadus haaa ……tell tell but really both are looks fantastic pair ..
Swara – aaa uummm aa wo kya h n ….i don’t know yaar what happened with me , i can’t explain dear ..
Ragini – ok ok ok I can understand without any wasted of time lets go eat something yaar I’m so hungry..
Sanskar with blushing – came near Swara and try to talk her but swara also blush to see him .He told to swara congratulations .
Swara (blush) – Same to u she again blushes.
Monu – let’s go eat somthing yaar ….I’m hungryyyyyy .
All are laughing and tell together let’s goooooo ..
Swara ragini sanskar monu all are going near golgappe .after seeing it swara and ragini both are began to crying woooowww golgappeeeee ….
Swara ragini – sanskar stop stop stop ….
Sanskar – what happened yaar why are u crying so loudly ???? Are u gone mad ???
Ragini – noooo yar we want to eat golgappeeee…
Sanskar – noooo …
Swara – yessss
Sanskar – I say noooooo
Ragini – plz sanskar
Sanskar -Ok ok ..
Swara and Ragini both are enjoying to eat golgappe..
Sanskar smile and looking to swara very carefully because when swara eating golgappe she looks like small girl ….
Swara ask to sanskar – hunnn hunnmmm with winks .
She can’t speak during eating .
Sanskar fake smile – No thnx .
Monu also eating with her and ask him kha lo yaar .
Sanskar – Noooo yaar .if your programs are over , can we go ahead ???
Swara (fumbles)- khadus khi k …n khud khata h n mujhe khane deta h huuhhhh .
Ragingi – she listening everything and say to swara stop yarrr ..
Swara – Ok
They are going to near food and start to eating. Swara search her favourite paneer chilli , but can’t find. Sanskar also search but he got paneer chilli .
Swara to ragini with sad – where is paneer chilli yaar???
Ragini – In mr. Khadus’s plate .
Swara happily – wowwww …
Swara share her food with sanskar and sanskar also.
(Swara want paneer chilli from sanskar so she share her food)
They all are eating on a table and enjoying with friend circle .
sudden mukesh, pawan, Ranjeet came near sanskar and said akele akele …..hme bhool gye ???
Sanskar smile – Nooo yaar …..come ..come …
Friends – it’s ok yaar we’re just joking ..be continue …
Further it swara sanskar ragini monu finished their food …
Sanskar – Ok fine let’s go to home ???
Ragini – yeah …i think u are right ….
Swara get ready for go but sudden a boy came near swara and proposed her . Swara shocked to see this nonsense .
Swara – what the hell u doing man ???
Man try to touch her hand but sanskar gave him a tight slap and the man fell on the ground (actually man take too much drink so he did that type of nonsense..)
After some time they are ready for go their home. swara called her driver and go with him Ragini also go with her .
Monu and sanskar also go their home …

@Swara’s house……

After reaching her house Swara share everything with her bhabhi Tanu and Radhika, both are laughing together to listen her story …..
Swara – bhabhi..the man who proposed me , fell down only one slap …hahahaha … I’m going to my room .
Bhabhi – Ok… .
Swara want to chat with mr.Khadus , she open her fb id and send text his inbox ..
Swara – helloooo sanskar ..where are u????? Come on fb yaarrrr …
But sanskar is offline ..
Ragini – Hiiiiii swara ..
Swara – Hiiii Ragini ..
Ragini – What’s up ?
Swara Nothing yaar ..
Ragini – Any problem?
Swara – Noo yaar .
Ragini – So why are you sad ?
Swara – Wo kya h na mr.khadus is offline .
Ragini – Ooooo ..ye baat h …
Swara – hummmmm..
Sanskar – Hiii Swara .
Swara happily – Hiiii ..Where are u busy ??
Swara to Ragini – Mr. Khadus came online yaarr I’m sooo happyyy ..ok bye Ragini ….
Ragini – Ok bye , be continue….
Sanskar – kahi nhi yaar .. How are u ??
Swara – fine .how slow typing yaar ???
Sanskar – Yeah I know .
Swara – Why are u offline all time ???
Sanskar – I’ve no more time for fb .
Swara – Can you give me your phone no .
Sanskar – Why ???
Swara (fumbles)- (smjhta kya h apne app ko khadus khi ka no. hi to mangi hu)……Give me or not ????
Sanskar – Kaam btaoo ???
Swara (Angrily) – Ok fine don’t give ..bye…bye ….
Sanskar – listen… where are u going ??????
Swara – Offline.
Sanskar – XXXXXXXXXX this is my number…. swaraaaaa ….. Swaraaaa……. Ok bye….. bye ….
Both are offline …..
@Evening time…
Swara open her fb if and as she open her inbox she was surprised to see his no ..
She calling him….

You’re my honeybunch, sugar plum
You’re my sweetie pie
You’re my cuppycake, gumdrop
Snoogums, boogums, you’re
The apple of my eye

And I love you so
And I want you to know
That I’m always be right here
And I want to sing
Sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear…

It’s a ring tones of Sanskar …

He pickup the call and say helloo
Swara – hello
Sanskar – Who are u ???
Swara – Recognised my voice ???
Sanskar – I don’t know …tell me who are you in proper way otherwise I disconnect your call ????????
Swara – listen listen ..I’m Swara …
Sanskar – I knew.
Swara – whatttttt !!!!!!
Sanskar – yeah ..hahahahaha….
Swara and sanskar both are talking eachother and enjoying …
Only a few time they became best friend …
With the passes of time they came close as a friend …
Swara feels happy with his company and sanskar also feel happy with her company…
Soon exam date had came . And they preparing their examination . They talk to eachother and solved their problems easily .

After exams …
Swara fear – omg !!!kya hoga ??
Sanskar – All is well yaar don’t fear ..
Monu – I think sanskar is right .
Ragini – what would be ???
Sanskar – If u have done well , Don’t fear yaar .
Ragini – Ok .

Holidays of 2 month…..
After exam the college became closed for 2 month .
In two months swara and Sanskar talking from cell phone and chating on fb ……
Swara feel very happy with him .
One day swara waiting his call but sanskar didn’t call her because he has no more balence ..
After 3day he calling swara. …

You are my pumpkin, pumpkin
Hello honey bunny..
I am your dumpling, dumpling,
Hello honey bunny..
Feeling something something
Hello honey bunny Honey bunny,
toko toko Toko toko toko toko
You are my pumpkin, pumpkin
Hello honey bunny..
La la la I am your dumpling, dumpling,
Hello honey bunny..
La la la Feeling something something
Hello honey bunny Honey bunny,
toko toko
Toko toko
toko toko

She is not receive his call because of angry .
Sanskar calls her again and again but she not received .
Monu – Can I try ??
Sanskar – Sure .
Monu calling to swara from his number .
Swara receive his call bcoz of new number , swara don’t know about monu’s number. Sooo…
Swara – hello .
Monu – hello ..
Swara – who are u ??
Monu – recognised my voice???
Swara – I don’t know ??
Monu – I’m monu and don’t disconnect my call ..Why are u not talking with sanskar ??? tell me why ??
Swara – Why he did’t call me till three days ???
Monu – ooo teri kiii …..itni choti si baat ???? He had no balence yaar so he couldn’t call u …
Sanskar took the cell phone and talk to Swara.
Sanskar – Hello ..why are u not receive my call are you gone mad ???
Swara – yeah I’m mad …
Sanskar – what’s problem with you ???
Swara – nothing .
Sanskar – Soo ..so why are you not receive..????
Swara – Why was you not calling me ??? I was waiting your call eagerly ??
Sanskar – I had no balence yaar …try to understand yaarr .
Swara – Mujhe tumse koi baat nhi krni h …
Sanskar. Pakkaaa ..
Swara – haaa pakkaa .
Sanskar – mujhe v koi shouk nhi h tumse baat krne ka .jao jao dhero h mere pas baat krne ko ..
Swara (angrily) – jate kyo nhi kon roka h jaoooo …don’t call me again ..smjhe khadus kahi ke ….
Sanskar — O helloooo …are u calling me khadus ???
Swara – haaa tooo ??? Kya kr loge ??
Sanskar – tumne mujhe khadus bola ?? U mean Sanskar Rao ko tumne khadus bola ?? U chipkali .
Swara (angrily)- How dare you to call me chipkali ??
Sanskar – As u told me khadus !!
Monu – I say stop ….stop ….stopppp it now …
Sanskar – keep down the phone chipkali .
Swara – huhhhh ….pta nhi apne ko kya samjhte ho ??
Sanskar – look ..i don’t like Notankibaaz ???
Swara – aeeeeee ….notankibaaz kise bola ??
Sanskar – you ….
Swara (angrily) – bye ..and she disconnect the call ..
Swara (fumbles )- himmat to dekho mr. Khadus ki .!!!mujhe chipkali notankibaaz bola !!!!!!
Sanskar (angrily) to monu – how dare her call me mr.khadus …..

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