Kahani hamari “Dil Dosti Diwangi ki” (Epi-11)


Hellooooo guyzzz I m coming with new episode and I hope u like it ….tysm to all my daily commenters and my silent readers …I’m nothing without ur support so plz guys be continue…sorry for late ……..
Here is a link of previous episode if u like my story u can read it .


@ Early morning…

Ragini came at swara’s house……
She knock the door, and calls her in bit loud Swaraaaa ….. swaraaaa….. Swaraaaaaaa….. Swaraaaaa…. Swaraaaaaa…….swaraaaaa……..
Radhika open the door and ask to Ragini what happen ??????any problem????
Ragini – No bhabhi …Swara called me at early morning yesterday, by the way where is Swara ????
Radhika smiles – She is still sleeping..
Ragini – Swara ki bachhiiiii ……
Radhika – hahahaha

@Swara’s room …..

Ragini enters her room and loudly crying in her ear Swaraaaaaaaaaaaa……….
To listen her loud voice Swara awoke suddenly and she also crying with Ragini aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..
Both are crying together aaaaaaaaaaaaaa……
Radhika and Tanu both came in her (swara) room and say stop it now why are crying so loud ???
Ragini – sorry bhabhi ….
Swara – sorry bhabhi ……
Bhabhi – Ok ok. now get up don’t sleep more n more , Ragini has been waiting fou u since morning .
Swara – yeah bhabhi .
Bhabhi went from her room .
Swara and Ragini talking about party how she would ready?????
Swara – You think about party Ragini and I’m going to take bath .
Ragini – Achha bachhu …She beat to swara with pillow, and swara ran away to bathroom ..
Afte some time ..With the help of her bhabhi ,they get ready for party in red saree , and go to her college with driver .
On the other hand sanskar and monu both are ready for party in black dress ..

@college …..

As sanskar enter the college all are staring him , sanskar wore black shirt with black blazer and black goggles and golden titian watch in his hand and black shoes. He looks like prince ….
Girls are talking about sanskar what ! a handsome man yaar!!!!!!!!!
Second girl – So cute !!!
Third girl – O my god !!!So dashing????
But sanskar don’t care about them ….
His eyes are seeking only for Swara .
Monu also wear black shirt with black blazer and black goggles ..he is smarty boy .
All are in black dress because dress code is black .
They are waiting for Swara and Ragini , because they are feeling bore in the party. .
After some time swara and Ragini both reach at college gate , both are coming in college hall together, but suddenly Ragini tell her omg !!! I forgate my mobile in the car, u will go ahead I’m just coming after a minute..
As she enter at the hall all boys were staring and talking about her beauty wowwww she is so beautiful !!!!!!
Swara looks gorgeous in red plated saree with open curly hair, lite make up on her face and kajal in her attractive eyes , dark red lipstick on her beautiful lips ,bangles in her soft hand matching earrings in her ear looking soo nice …
Sanskar talk to monu he not look to swara. Suddenly monu eyes become big to see Swara and saying wow what a beautiful girl !!! But sanskar not turned back becoz he don’t know that girl is swara ..
Monu – see yar sooo cute ???
Sanskar – soo what ???
Monu – swara looking so sweet yaarrrr in red saree .
Sanskar – What !!! Swaraaa ?????He turn back to see swara and his eyes are also turn big like monu and his mouth are open aaaahhh …he say a bit voice wow she is soo sweet and gorgeous she looks like fairy my dream girl …..
monu looks his face and say to sanskar control yaar. plz close your mouth all person are staring to you only …
Sanskar – What !!!! Where is my mouth open yaar???He touched his mouth with his hand and close it .
Monu (teasingly)- I know ???
Sanskar – What ? What u know ??
Monu – all about your feeling .
Sanskar – its nothing yaar she is only my friend….
Ragini also came in red saree , she looks beautiful …
Swara and Ragini both are talking eachother ..
Monu – hellooo swara and Ragini .
Swara – hellooo..
Ragingi – hellooo ..
Monu – both are looking patakha ..
Swara (angrily) – what ????
Monu – I’m just joking yaar …it means beautiful yaar ..
Swara and Ragini – thnx monu ..
Sanskar want to talk with swara but he can’t…because she is busy with her friends …

Host announced…..
Attention please …….
A couple dance organized for u with your favorite partner . U have half an hour to choose your partner for the couple dance …after half an hour the dance program will start ….
Listening this news sanskar feels happy because he decided that he talk to swara about her beauty indirectly ..(he praise her beauty through song )
Swara to Ragini – Dance !!! I’m not interested …
A girl came near sanskar and she ask to him can I dance with u ???
Sanskar – Nooo ..
Second girl asked can I dance with u plzzz ??
Sanskar – I’m sorry ..
Third girl – can I dance with u????
Sanskar angrily- Nooo yar …I’m not interested to dance with u ok so don’t ask me again ..
After rejection of sanskar all girls are going near Monu can I dance with u ??
Monu – yeah sure ,
Ragini – swara ..are u sure u are not interested in couple dance ????
Swara – ofcourse yaar ..
Suddenly Sanskar came near Swara and ask to her, can u dance with me ??
Swara -why not ??? Sure ..
Ragini – see her face Swaraaaaa …u said to me that u r not interessss swara interrupted her have u selected ur partner Ragini ??
Ragini – No yaar . I’m also not interested ….

Have you Attention plzzzzz….
Time over of selection
Now lets start couple dance ..
Sanskar think himself how I talk about her beauty ???
Swara – what happened Sanskar ??
Sanskar – I want to say something about u .
Swara – about me ?? What ??
Sanskar – wooo wo woo .
Swara – what woo woo woo Sanskar ?? Tell me na fast ??
Sanskar – actually I want to sayyy ….

Attention plzzz …
Your time starts now …….
Come on everyone come on the stage..

{{{{{{Sanskar hold swara’s hand and take her to the stage they are at the centre..Light wents off everything becomes dark..then light focuses at the centre of the stage and song plays.. In all this swasan are just staring at eachother….

Sanskar holds swara’s waist and drags her closer…swara feel butterflies in her stomach by his touch and she closes her eyes..he holds swara’s hand and keep it on his shoulder and start dancing….}}}}}

(Sanskar)Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon
Kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahoon
Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon
Kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahoon

Kisi zabaan mein bhi woh lafz hi nahi
Ki jin mein tum ho kya tumhein mein bata sakun

Main aagar kahoon tumsa haseen
Kaynaat mein nai hai kahin
Tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi
Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon

{{{Everyone stares them and girls and boys both are feeling jealous..But our couple swasan are lost in their own dreamland.Sanskar back hugs swara and hold her hands tightly and lifts her in the air.. A electric current passes through her spine and she shivers..They dance intensely….}}}}

(Sanskar) Shokhiyon mein dooobi yeh aadayein
Chehre se jhalki hui hain
Zulf ki ghani ghani ghatayein
Shaan se dhalki hui hain
Lehrata aachal hai jaise badal
Bhaahon mein bhari hai jaise chandani
Roop ki chandani

Main agar kahoon yeh dilkashi
Hai nahi kahin na hogi kabhi
Tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi
Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon

{{{{Both swasan are just staring at eachother lovingly..Then swara breaks the eyelock and starts going away but her saree’s pallu got struck in sanskar’s handwatch.. She closes her eyes due to shyness becoz she thinks that sanskar is holding her pallu..}}}}

(Swara)Tum hue meherbaan
To hai yeh dastan
Abb tumhara mera ek hai karwaan
Tum jahan mein wahan

{{Swara turns and sees that it got stuck in his watch Sanskar come closer to swara and remove her pallu from his hands..}}

(Sanskar)Main agar kahoon humsafar meri
Apsara ho tum ya koi pari
Tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi

{{{Swara turns to go but her legs twist and she falls down but at the nick of time sanskar holds her and they have intense plus romantic eyelock..}}}

(Sanskar)Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon
Kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahoon
Kisi zabaan mein bhi woh lafz hi nahi
Ki jin mein tum ho kya tumhein mein bata sakun

Main aagar kahoon tumsa haseen
Kaynaat mein nai hai kahin
Tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi
Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon

The song gets over and both are in center with cute eyelock everyone is staring them but they are lost in dreamland ..
Monu to Ragini – How soo sweet couple na ??
Ragtini – hmmmmm… They looks like a prince and princess …
Monu – yeah baby .
Ragini – don’t u call me baby ok …
Monu – ok baby ..
Ragini (Angrily)- Monuuuuuu ..
Monu – hahahhaha …
All student and organizers were present and staring him but both are stand in a center with eyelock …
they can’t care any person ….
Monu – Sanskarrrrr …..
Ragini – she picks a balloons and burst it with her hair pin a loud voice came from balloon , hearing the sound both break their cute eyelock and see here and there where people staring them. …. All are starts to claping together ..
Attention plzz ….
Swasan is the best romantic couple of the year …. Host announces….

Bye bye guys if u like my story plzzz pplzzz comment …

Credit to: ashahope

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